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Ultimo Tiger – Ultimate Catch Division Champion

Ultimo Tiger – Ultimate Catch Division Champion

Photo courtesy Hawkeye Photography

Pro Wrestling Pride is a wrestling Promotion that is based in Devon and they have 3 titles  which are competed for PWP Tag Team Titles, PWP World Heavyweight Title and the PWP Catch title.

 what I want to talk about today and the man the current holds Catch Division Champion Ultimo Tiger.

Ultimo Tiger comes from the mysterious Tigers Den and made his Debut in Pro Wrestling Pride in April 2013 and since then has gone on to win Tag Team Titles and is currently now Catch Division Champion for the 2nd Time.
During this 2nd reign Ultimo Tiger has been the pro wrestling pride catch division champion for the last 141 days as of this writing and (will be 154 days at the next event) he first won the title in a main event match at Newton Abbott where he faced then champion Tyler Hawke in a fantastic match which Tiger was able to get the pinfall and become new Catch Division Champion.
This is Ultimo Tiger 2nd Catch Division title reign and he has faced many stars in his 1st title defense at Pro Wrestling Pride April 2015 show  he defeated John Harding, Josh Knott and Former TNA Heavyweight Champion Chris Sabin in a 4 way match to retain his title.

Ultimo Tiger and Chris Sabin
At the Pro Wrestling Pride 2nd Anniversary show Ultimo Tiger took on Global Force Wrestling Jigsaw in what was an incredible match between the two, fantastic chain wrestling, reversals, counter reversals and just fantastic wrestling that match really was a tremendous bout.

Jigsaw and Ultimo Tiger being interviewed by Naomi before their match
Ultimo Tiger making his entrance at PWP 2nd Anniversary show - photo Courtesy Hawkeye Photography 
You can see full match of Jigsaw vs Ultimo Tiger  by clicking on the video below
In between all of this and in a non title match Ultimo Tiger Teamed with Juventud Guerrera to face off against C2 Josh Knott and Tyler Hawke you can see the highlights by clicking link below

Ultimo Tiger and Juventud Guerrera
On 19th June 2915 at Pro Wrestling Pride – Adrenaline Rush – feat TNA Superstar Bram, Ultimo Tiger took on Keizer for the Catch Division championship. Keizer earned a shot at the title by defeating Darren Saviour and John Harding in a 3 way match a few weeks before then Keizer took on Ultimo Tiger but came up short and Tiger retained his Catch Division Championship.
check out the promo heading into the match here

Ultimo Tiger has had some top matches over the past few months and some match of the year contenders too. Ultimo Tiger has really showed what he is all about, he has a unique style which I think opponents find hard to find a weakness in and I feel he is on his way to being a top star in 2015 and beyond.

Ultimo Tiger is willing to take it to the extreme if he needs too. An example of this was his match in November 2014 vs Dick Riley Ultimo Tiger did a balcony Dive onto Riley in an effort to win his match,take a look at this truly insane (Tiger can fly!!!)
Now coming up on 19th July at Pro Wrestling Pride – Heroes and legends  the biggest event of the year Ultimo Tiger is facing his biggest challenge yet he will be against impact wrestling star Rockstar Spud and Keizer in a huge 3 way battle for the PWP catch Division title
Tiger has overcome the odds so often and has managed to defy the odds too, this is undoubtedly the biggest threat to Tiger catch title so far can he overcome the odds or will there be a new catch champion crowned?
Come and find out!
  Photo courtesy Hawkeye photography

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