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A full year of Pro Wrestling Pride

A full year of Pro Wrestling Pride
2nd August 2014 - 2nd August 2015


Wow I cant believe it, it has been one full year 2nd August 2015 (just about) since I started attending Pro Wrestling Pride shows. I had 1st gone to Torquay in Summer of 2014 my 1st time back there since a was a small child – I really hadn’t been to Devon much over the years and going back was a real eye opener, I was really enjoying the Devon Coast with towns like Brixham, Paignton and Toquay.
It was while walking round Torquay that a poster caught my eye, it was for a Wrestling show. Being a huge wrestling fan anything with that word in caught my eye! I It  looked like a good show unfortunately I was 5 days too late and show had already taken place.

So putting it to the back of my mind and coming home I was on Facebook and was sending a status update to PJ Polaco (ECW Justin Credible) as well as me being a huge fan of his as a kid I was writing on his wall about a band called 30 Seconds to Mars which thanks to him posting videos I got into and really appreciate their music  and we would talk sometimes about them and wrestling too anyway I digress……

PJ had been doing his web series Pro Wrestling 101 which I found very interesting and engaging where he gives advice on Wrestling both in and out of the ring

PJ Polaco (Justin Credible)
On PJ Polaco pro wrestling 101 wall I noticed a post and it was from the same company that I had seen in Devon and it was promoting their August 2nd Show Pro Wrestling Pride with ECW legend Raven. I had been thinking about going further afield to shows as my friends didn’t seem to interested in going I would be going on my own but thanks to PJ Polaco Pro Wrestling 101 wall I was going to see British Wrestling for 1st time in a long time

In the end I thought screw it! So I’ll be on my own at least I can see some British Wrestling and meet and ECW star, so I took the plunge went to and brought myself a ticket for the show and also brought myself a ticket for Q and A with Raven in the afternoon before the show.
I arrived in Torquay on 2nd August I remember it being super hot I walked into town and immediately went and got some food then went to my hotel and had a shower and got ready for Raven Q and A.
I walked into Raven Q and A and I go and find a seat on the 2nd row the set up is pretty dam good, ring is set up and there is a table set up with Raven and all these Pro Wrestling Pride Wrestlers (Ultimo Tiger, Raven , Darren Saviour, Danny Walsh, Mark Walsh, Tyler Hawke) and John Harding is the MC. it was presented professionally and it went really well I was really impressed and great way to start off the day.

As I wrote about in my Blog at the time first thing that really struck me as a brand new fan to PWP was attitude of their champion Danny Walsh. I didn’t know anyone in that row of wrestlers apart from Raven at the time but Danny really stood out, he wouldn’t answer questions and instead would get the MC to speak for him instead, once the Q and A was over he got up pushed his chair to the floor and arrogantly walked away. I thought that was so clever as someone that didn’t know him he had established himself as the bad, arrogant champ that had an attitude and didn’t care about anyone but himself, he made himself memorable. The Q and A was probably the best iv been too, Raven has so much knowledge and listening to him speak on WWE,ECW,WCW and so much more was amazing, I even got to ask a few questions myself and really felt like I got value for money.

Danny Walsh
The Q and A finished and I went and got some more food and then came back for the show that evening the queue was long and so many people waiting to get in. I got into my seat and was waiting for the show to start and a couple walked up and sat next to me, we started talking wrestling and have been friends  since it was at this show I met Zahra,Sean Leah! that was one of the coolest things about Pro Wrestling Pride the amount of fans I have met and continue to meet its great talking to people.

Also the amazing staff at Pro Wrestling Pride it has been awesome to meet you all Naomi, Ronnie,Darren Glen, Leanne, Fran, Ed, Adam,Aaron, Martin, Simon and many more. they all work so tirelessly to make sure that shows run as well as they can do.

The Staff

The Ladies

The Fans

Sean and Zahra

The Show started and by the end of it I was really entertained and happy (you can read the original blog and my thoughts here

Another wrestler that stood out to me that night was UK Dominator, as I’ve said in blogs since August 2014 (and will say again now) he is a different character . He has the ability to be able to make you hate him straight away a hard hitting Scotsman, who will get up in your face and smash it in!! A wrestler you love to hate.
He had a good night winning Money in the Bag Match and then cashing in on the same night and Becoming PWP World Heavyweight Champion. That was a key element of Pro Wrestling Pride and it told me what they were all about story, from UK Dominator winning the bag, picking his opportunity and winning the title they told a story in one night and that was the show that really got me hooked.

UK Dominator
Afterwards there was the meet and greet with all the wrestlers it was great to meet people after the show and I didn't have poster to get signed, however what was funny was when I went to the first wrestler in the line and hold out my hand and he said "where's your poster?" I said "I Don't have one" and he replied well I need to sign something so he grabbed by arm and signed his signature in massive writing on my right forearm in felt pen - that ladies and gentleman was my 1st interaction with C2 Tyler Hawke!!! :)

Tyler Hawke

It was great to see a variety of Wrestlers at the meet and greet and seeing all the good guys Darren Saviour,Ultimo Tiger and more taking pictures with kids etc really took me back to when I was a kid - I would of loved that was great to them putting so many smiles of faces.

Ultimo Tiger (left) Darren Saviour (right)

My Arm signed by Tyler Hawke
Then I got to the end of the line and Raven Signed my ECW book and I asked if I could take a picture with him too which be obliged.

Me and Raven

During the last year I have missed a handful of shows (due to work mostly!!) but I have seen the product evolve and get bigger, more shows taking place and more and more talent coming in the awesome British Talent like Darren Savior,Ultimo Tiger Robbie Caine, Big Grizzly, Titan,Tyler Hawke Keizer Eddie Ryan, Jason Larusso, John Harding, Tiger Ali to established former WWE and TNA Superstars  Doug Williams, Joel Redmond, Sabu, Mason Ryan, Chris Sabin, The Wolves, Eugene, Too Cool,Chris Masters, Hawksaw Jim Duggan, Mr Anderson and Many More besides it shows what a huge year 2015 has been for the promotion and how they are expanding in bigger areas and doing more shows across Devon and now into Cornwall and Somerset too.
Its fantastic to see and I'm really pleased to see a positive forward thinking company doing well for themselves and doing well for the business in southwest of England.

 Pro Wrestling Pride have raised their game and are getting better and better week on week month on month. its also great news for British Wrestling as a whole having another company for Wrestlers to work at experience different crowds and Venues.
I would like to personally congratulate everyone in Pro Wrestling Pride the owners, management and Wrestlers for the quality of shows, attention to detail, and above all the effort, entertainment, fun and great story telling that you have all provided  - this last year for me has been amazing and I hope for many more to come.
Thanks for Reading
Jonathan Orchard


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