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The Unstoppable C2 – Pro Wrestling Pride

The Unstoppable C2 – Pro Wrestling Pride

Calum Cain (top left) Tyler Hawke (top right) Josh Knott (bottom left) Big Grizzly (bottom middle) Mark Walsh (Bottom Right)

The C2 Agenda are a Wrestling Stable in Pro Wrestling Pride with the following members Calum Cain (Manager/Wrestler), Tyler Hawke (Wrestler) Josh Knott (wrestler) Big Grizzly Steve Griffiths (Wrestler) and Mark Walsh (Wrestler).

 The photos below from Nige Barrett - Hawkeye Photography check out his amazing incredible photos of latest PWP event here at this link and like him on facebook search Hawkeye Photography

I 1st saw C2 in August 2014 when they were in the main event vs Raven, Darren Saviour and Ultimo Tiger. C2 Group at that time consisted of Tyler Hawke, Mark Walsh and Calum Cain and the group was defeated and we all thought that the C2 were gone but The Mastermind Calum Cain had a plan.
Fast Forward to a Pro Wrestling Pride show in November 2014 with then Catch Division Champion Joel Redman was facing off against Tyler Hawke in what was an amazing 2 out of 3 falls match, Just as Joel was going to win and beat Tyler Hawke Josh Knott came out and turned on his former friend and pushed Joel Redman off the ladder leading to Tyler Hawke and C2 regaining Catch Division title.
Josh Knott setting up the ladder before he pushed Joel Redman off it
Then as we went into 2015 Calum Cain added yet another member to his group, In Teignmouth and after a match with Josh Knott Calum Cain convinced Big Grizzly Steve Griffiths to join his group. He did this by telling Big Grizzly that he had a contract for a title match and that he believed that Grizzly was the man to take C2 to the Pro Wrestling Pride World Championship.
In Exeter in on 3rd May at PWP with Sabu. Big Grizzly had his title shot against current Champion Chris Andrews and with help from C2 and a illegal shot to the head to Andrews with the world championship belt, Big Grizzly became World Champion, C2 Champion.

Big Grizzly has been a dominant figure ever since defeating Samie Sahin and Titan in one night in Torquay, then also defeating TNA superstar Bram and Chris Andrews in a rematch in Newton Abbott - Big Grizzly is looking incredible as champion. Grizzly went to any lengths necessary to keep his title even fighting with Bram and Chris Andrews in Car park!!

Grizzly fighting outside picture courtesy Hawkeye photography

Calum Cain could not be more pleased because this gave him the control he craves over Pro Wrestling Pride, C2 are back and stronger than ever and with the World Championship in his possession Calum stated in an after match promo that his plan was complete and that he has got everything he needs to control Pro Wrestling Pride for a long long time. Following this Calum added Mark Walsh to the group to round off a group that now look like they cant be beaten.
Big Grizzly wins PWP World Championship

There is a team of men who believe that they can stop C2 and put and end to their rise in Pro Wrestling Pride

Now C2 head into their biggest challenge yet a showdown at Pro Wrestling Pride heroes and legends as C2 (Calum Cain Tyler Hawke, Roderick Strong, Mark Walsh) v Hawksaw Jim Duggan, Darren Saviour, Danny Walsh and John Harding and in addition World Champion faces his biggest test to date a one on one match for PWP World Championship vs Impact Wrestling own Mr Ken Anderson….Anderson.

This is a huge night on Sunday 19th July can C2 Dominate further Win both matches and cement themselves as “the Force” in Pro Wrestling Pride?

There is only one way to find out come and see Pro Wrestling Pride Live – Heroes and Legends in Paignton, Devon on Sunday 19th July 5:45 doors open Bell time 6:30pm get your tickets now at

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