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Pro Wrestling Pride Mr Anderson Truro August 30th 2015

Pro Wrestling Pride Mr Anderson Truro August 30th 2015


Hello Everyone and welcome back!

Today show is coming to you from Truro Cornwall. the first show from pro wrestling pride from Truro and from the Burrell Theatre.

It was an interesting journey for me as
there was a train strike on over the weekend which I thought may cause me difficulty coming to the show but I must admit although I had to get a train change everything went smoothly and managed to get to Truro in plenty of time.

I got to the venue and was really impressed with it, it is a nice modern theatre and as I walked into the venue it has a great section of tiered seating with 2 balconies above with a row of seating on each of these as well. I love 2 tiered venues for wrestling it makes for a tremendous atmosphere and a great vibe for the show.

I was right all the fans came into the show and the atmosphere was incredible show is ready to start!

Aaron Noble Mackie welcomes us to the show and introduces to us our referees for the evening Martin Longley and Senior Referee Ed Dyer

Behnam Ali Vs Chris Andrews

Ali comes out 1st and comes into the ring with his flag waving in the ring. and out next is his opponent to a massive ovation Chris Andrews!!!!

Chris Andrews signals to the crowd and he and Ali tie up and Andrews gets pushed back into the corner and Ali slaps Andrews hard in the face. Andrews goes after Ali but Ali dives out of the ring to the safety on the floor. Ali is circling the ring and signalling to the crowd He looks like he is coming back into the ring but ducks out again, Then Ali comes into the ring.

Andrews and Ali tie up again and Ali manages to take the advantage and gets a Side Headlock on Andrews, Andrews pushes Ali off onto the ropes and Andrews hits a big shoulder block onto Ali and Ali goes to the outside of the ring again.

Ali comes back into the ring and this time as he goes to tie up he kicks Andrews low in the stomach and then hits a couple of punches and then Irish whips Andrews, Ali drops down and then as Andrews comes off the other ropes Ali leapfrogs and then Andrews hits Ali with another shoulder block and Andrews pick up Ali in a gorilla press as the crows is cheering loudly as Andrews holds him above his head for a long time and then drops Ali down to the canvas.

Ali goes to the ring Apron but isn't there long as Andrews catapults Ali back over the top rope and Ali lands on his back in the ring!

Ali is begging off as Andrews goes towards Ali he grabs a hold of Andrews trucks and throws him into the corner, Ali then drapes Andrews over the 2nd rope and is using the 2nd rope to choke him, he brings Andrews to his feet and punches him and Andrews goes back into the corner rAli applies a headlock and scrapes Andrews face along the top rope, Ali then goes and grabs with flag and is waving it in the ring.

Ali turns his attention back to Andrews but gets caught with a kick from Andrews, Andrews then throws Ali head into 2 different turnbuckle pads, Andrews Ali into the ropes but Ali runs back and hits #Andrews with a knee right in the mid section Andrew is in trouble again now as Ali goes on the attack and throws Andres into 2 Turnbuckles himself replying to what Andrews did to him earlier in the match.

Ali then hits a running clothes in the corner and then goes for an hits a suplex for a 2 count.

Ali then gets a rear chinlock on a prone Andrews and Andrews now looks in big trouble as Ali has the momentum and has been taking control of proceedings as the fans are clapping and encouraging Andrews he gets to his feet and hits elbows to the midsection of Ali and Ali runs at Andrews but Andrews is able to hit him with a small package for a 2 count.

Ali then hits a clothesline, as the match continues Chris hits some hard chops in the corner but Ali evades on of them and them rakes the face of Andrews, Andrews tries to come back into the match and goes for a vertical suplex but Ali escapes and gets a sleeper hold onto Andrews in the centre of the ring.

Ali gets Andrews down to his knees then eventually down to the canvas as it looks like Andrews is fading the referee is checking Andrews arm it falls once and then for a second time and Andrews rallies and hits a reverse jawbreaker to break the hold.

Andrews then hits a series of clothesline then hits his impressive signature dropkick, Andrews then lifts up for a vertical suplex and holds him there for what feels like forever the strength of Andrews is incredible, Ali is still hanging in the air, Andrews is then using one of his hands to wave to the crowd as he then finally brings Ali to the canvas!!

Andrews goes for the cover and Ali barley gets out at a two count, Andrews signals to the crowd for the TKO, Andres picks up Ali and Ali manages to get off the Shoulders of Andrews, Ali quickly chop blocks the legs of Andrews then applies his finishing hold the camel clutch but Andrews quickly gets himself to the ropes, Ali is forced to break the hold, Ali then goes for a DDT, but cant get it Andrews then goes for a Tko again but Ali escapes again and then applies the camel clutch again this time Andrews is in the centre of the ring with no where to go, but Andrews uses his power and lifts up Ali, Ali is now sat on the shoulders of Andrew, Andrews throws Ali into the air and catches him in the firearms carry position and Andrews then hits an fantastic TKO for the win!

Winner - Chris Andrews

Six Man Tag Team match
Eddie Ryan, Saime Sahin and Nixon Newell Vs Tommy Dean, Scotty Essex and Keizer w/ Vaughan Jackson

This 6 person tag team match I'm really looking forward too, Eddie Ryan and Samie Sahin I have seen both before and they are excellent talents Saime is so unique and has a great in ring personality.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the lady in this match Nixon Newell. Nixon in this match was honestly brilliant. Nixon has so much ability and did some great things throughout the match I hope we get to see more of her as she really stood out.

The Team of Tommy Dean, Scotty Essex and Keizer go to the ring first and Keizer introduces us to his new protégé Vaughan Jackson who will be with them on the outside during this match out next are Samie Sahin, Eddie Ryan and Nixon Newell.

The match begins with Tommy Dean and Eddie Ryan tying up in the ring with Dean getting a side headlock, Ryan manges to push Dean to the ropes and push him off towards the ropes Dena comes off the ropes and hits Ryan down with a big shoulder block - Dean is posing in the ring happy with his work so far.

Dean then suplexs Ryan in the ring and goes for a pinfall and referee Ed Dyer counts to 2 and Ryan manages to kick out! Ryan manages to come back and hit Dean with a number of punches but Dean comes back with a big punch of his own and Ryan falls against the ropes and Dean makes the tag to Keizer.

Keizer comes in and slaps Eddie Ryan while Dean holds him by the arms, Keizer twice does this and is very disrespectful but he and his new protégé Vaughan Jackson seem happy about this with Vaughan Clapping at ringside.

Ryan comes back at Keizer with 3 big chops and a shoulder block but Keizer gets Ryan in a headlock takeover and delivers a knee to the back, Keizer tags in Tommy Dean who then immediately tags in Scotty Essex Ryan is now back on his feet and then Scotty tags Tommy Dean back in, Dean sizes up the situation and tags Scotty in again Eddie then tells Scotty to come into the ring and Scotty is pointing to Nixon Newell and saying he wants her in the ring the Crowd are chanting for Ryan to tag and Nixon Newell and he does! Newell comes in and runs at Scotty who drops down to the canvas twice as Newell jumps and runs over him, Scotty hits a leapfrog but ~Newell comes back off the ropes and hits a series of armdrags on Scotty, Newell then comes off the ropes and hits a hurricanna to Scotty Newell goes for the cover and gets a two count.  Newell then clubs Scotty on the back of the neck and drags him to the corner and tags in Eddie Ryan.

Ryan and Scotty Exchange punches with each other and Scotty reserves and irish whip and Ryan heads towards the ropes but Keizer knees Ryan in the back but Ryan turns round and punches Keizer and Tommy Dean off the apron. Ryan hots a big kick to the face of Ryan but Scotty comes back with a clothesline to Ryan and Ryan is on the canvas, Scotty tags on Tommy Dean and Dean Chokes Ryan on the Ropes, Vaughan Jackson runs round the outside of the ring and is choking Ryan on the ropes on the outside.

Scotty Essex is then tagged back in he delivers a massive shot to the back of Ryan,
Scotty Delivers a series of punches and chops to Ryan in the corner and then puts his foot in the corner and is choking Ryan. Scotty hits a massive European uppercut to Ryan which sends him to the canvas, Scotty hits a suplex of his own and gets a 2 count, Scotty grabs the nose of Ryan and Tommy Dean is tagged back in.

Tommy continues his assault with another slam and getting a 2 count while Samie and Nixon on the apron are cheering Ryan to get to their corner.

Tommy tags back in Keizer and Keizer goes to work on Ryan but Keizer and Ryan both get knocked down and now it is the opportunity Ryan needs to Keizer to his corner and he does and he tags in Nixon Newell, Newell hits Keizer with an Enzguri kick and then Scotty Essex comes in and springboards off the ropes but is caught by a german suplex from Newell, Tommy Dean runs in and plants a kick in on Newell.

As Scotty is on one knee in the ring Newell Runs at him and hits an incredible running knee!! Newell is eventually able to tag Samie Sahin. Sahin dropkicks Dean off the apron, Dean and all of his team mates are on the outside and Newell runs up to the top turnbuckle and jumps off the top rope and takes out all the men below! Newell is having a great match!

Dean and Newell end up back in the ring and Dean hits Newell with a few shots until Sahin hits Dean with a big clothesline! Sahin then goes to the corner and hits a massive springboard moonsault off the 2nd rope for a 2 count on Dean!

Keizer runs in but is hit with a big superkick from ~Eddie Ryan Scotty runs in a gets Ryan on his shoulders and Delivers a Death Valley Driver as Scotty Gets up Newell runs towards Scotty uses her own momentum and she hits a totally incredible Canadian Destroyer!!!!! it was tremendous Newell has been fantastic in this match a great Pro Wrestling Pride Debut for her.

Tommy Dean Runs into the ring and rolls up Newell to get the win!

Winners -  Keizer, Tommy Dean and Scotty Essex

PWP Catch Division Championship match
Champion, Ultimo Tiger Vs J.D. Knight

This should be a great match I'm a big fan of Ultimo Tiger and I have seen JD Knight previously at other shows but this is my 1st time seeing him in Pro Wrestling Pride. Both these men are highly entertaining so I'm expecting a great match.

JD Knight makes his way to the ring and s he gets into the ring he looks at the crowd and shouts JD Rocks! to0 which the crowd boo and start chanting 'JD Sucks JD sucks' JD is not happy with this Cornish crowd!!

Ultimo Tiger is next to come out with his catch Division trophy and the crowd are loud and happy to see Tiger!

Tiger gets into the ring and the bell rings and we are underway in our catch division match. Tiger hist a fantastic spinning headsissors on JD Knight a very impressive move from Tiger which the whole crowd loved to see. JD goes over to the corner and Tiger runs at him but JD gets his boot up  JD then runs at Tiger but Tiger evades it and JD gets hit and ends up on the outside of the ring.

Tiger sees JD on the outside and runs towards the ropes and goes to jump over the top onto JD but lands on the apron Tiger runs along the apron and goes to kick JD but JD grabs the foot and swings Tiger leg and he falls back 1st onto the apron.

JD then throws Tiger into the ring and starts his methodical approach to grounding the Tiger JD is hitting Tiger with a series of punches and kicks and throws Tiger hard into the corner then is putting the boots to tiger on the canvas, JD then hits a suplex for a two count.

JD then gets thrown to the outside and Tiger goes for another dive through the 2nd rope but is cut off by JD again, JD comes into the ring and is going everything he can to keep Tiger down and stop him from using his quickness.

JD then locks in a sleeper hold in the centre of the ring and Tiger is battling to get out from it, Tiger arm drops twice but at the 3rd attempt Tiger manages to get up and he hits JD a number of times and then brings his foot up and hits JD with the loudest enzurguri I have heard in ages JD falls to the mat.

Tiger throws JD towards the ropes but JD ducks to avoid contact the hits a massive Double handed chokebomb for a 2 count. JD tries to get Tiger onto his shoulders and Tigers manages to escaped and Tiger goes to Superkick JD but JD catches his leg Tiger then hits a wonderful flying kick as JD swang Tiger leg around ( a difficult move to explain but great over to see!!)

Tiger goes to the top rope and goes to hit a flying splash but JD moves out of the way, Tiger is then able to hit JD with a number of slaps to the chest, Tiger runs at JD and JD catches him in a bodyslam position but Tiger turns this around and gets a sunset flip on JD  for a 2 count.

JD gets up and goes to whip Tiger but brings him back in and JD gets a sleeper hold on but Tiger gets over to the corner turnbuckle and gets his feet on it he gets his feet to the top turnbuckle as JD still has the sleeper on, Tiger manages to flips backwards and JD still has sleeper applied and Tiger now has his feet on the canvas and JD has his shoulder to the mat 1-2-3 and the match is over Ultimo Tiger Retains his Catch Division Championship.

Winner - Still Catch Division Champion Ultimo Tiger

After the match as Tiger is celebrating and walking out of the ring Scotty Essex walks down the steps as Tiger goes back in the ring Scotty Essex gets into the ring as well and says that Tiger has something that he wants Scotty says he wants the Catch Division Trophy so the match is made Essex vs Tiger for Catch Division Championship in September at the next event with Shane Helms.


At intermission Mr Anderson comes to the ring along with Nixon Newell and Ultimo Tiger, Mr Anderson sings his own edition of Happy Birthday to a little girl in the crowd and little girl is given a birthday cake too!

I get my photo in the ring :)

PWP Heavyweight Championship match
Champion, Mr Anderson Vs “Big Grizzly” Steve Griffiths

Let me just say 1st off that this match was incredible both Big Grizzly and Mr Anderson put on a brilliant world title match for the crowd in Truro the natch was so good the fans were chanting "this is awesome" This could well be a 2015 PWP Match of the Year contender.

Big Grizzly comes out 1st and he looks pissed off. It looks to me as if Big Grizzly has not forgotten about his title loss to Anderson back at PWP Heroes and Legends in Paignton. Grizzy is in the ring and he is pacing awaiting the entrance of Mr Anderson.

Mr Anderson comes down into the ring and Grizzly is ushered to the apron, Mr Anderson then gets the ring Announcer Aaron to bring a chair into the ring and Aaron stands on the chair with the microphone ready to drop it in Front of Anderson but before he can Anderson elbows Aaron right in the groin! it got a massive laugh from the crowd!

Aaron (after a moment!!) then goes to put the microphone in front of Anderson and Anderson takes the microphone this time and starts his in ring introduction from Green Bay Wisconsin, weighing 19.33333333333 stone (beautiful touch from Anderson) Mr Anderson........but before he can say Anderson again Big Grizzly is in the ring and attacks Anderson from behind and the match begins.

Grizzly attacks Anderson with a series of punches and pushes Anderson to the corner, but Anderson comes back out and Grizzly gets hot with a backdrop with leads to Grizzly going to the Outside, Anderson goes outside with Grizzly and they fight into the crowd and up the tiered seating!

Both men then come back down and are fighting on the floor by the ring and Grizzly hits big chops to Anderson and gets Anderson in position for a powerbomb on the floor but Grizzly gets backdropped hard onto the floor the sound of Grizzly body hitting the floor echoes all throughout the arena, Anderson gets Grizzly into the ring but as Anderson goes to come in Grizzly grabs Anderson head and pulls him through the 1st and 2nd rope and Anderson feet are hanging off the 2nd rope and Grizzly hits a big 2nd rope DDT!!!

AS the match continues Grizzly is becoming more dominant in his attack he has Anderson in a front face lock and then brings Anderson to the canvas and Grizzly then transitions onto a rear chinlock, Anderson manages to battle up from this position and it looks like the tide of this match is changing but it is not be  as Grizzly whips Anderson into the corner and hits him with a running clothesline. They then comes out of the corner and Anderson falls to the canvas Grizzly decides to go up to the 2nd turnbuckle  but he is taking a long time and Anderson manages to get up and get on the 2nd Turnbuckle with him both men now are jostling for position and Anderson goes to lift up Grizzly for the Green Bay Plunge but Grizzly cuts off Anderson and pushes him off the 2nd rope to the canvas.

Grizzly then jumps off the 2nd rope and hits a massive 2nd rope senton bomb Grizzly and Anderson hit each other and are both on the canvas both men are on their knees in the ring punching each other Crowd Cheering for every Hit Anderson lands and boo-ing for every hit Grizzly lands!!!

Both men are now back on their feet and Anderson goes for his Mic check finisher but Grizzly finds his way out of it, Grizzly then gets hit into the corner and Grizzly comes out and Anderson picks him up in the firearms carry in an amazing feat of strength gives Grizzly the Green Bay Plunge!!!

Grizzly is slowly getting to his feet and Anderson again goes for the mic check but Grizzly blocks this again and then grabs Anderson by the Throat and hits the Big Griz Chokeslam he covers Mr Anderson 1....2.....and kickout from Mr Anderson!!!

Grizzly brings up Anderson and goes to Irish whip him into the corner but senior referee Ed Dyer is stood there and he gets squashed and is out on the canvas. Anderson hits the mic check and covers Grizzly but there is no referee! Grizzly is out and the crowd are counting along Anderson tries to revive the referee but out of no where JD Knight enters the ring with the PWP world title and he goes to hit Anderson but JD gets caught with a Mic Check but the belt falls to the feet of Grizzly, Grizzly runs at Anderson who is now stood up and hits him in the head with the title Grizzly goes for the cover but Anderson kicks out again!!

Grizzly cant believe it, Grizzly gets ahold of Anderson and goes to bring him up but Anderson gets a small package but gets a 2 count! JD is up on the apron and Anderson knocks him off Grizzly is then able to hit a DDT and now revived Referee Ed Dyer Counts to 3 and we have a brand new PWP World Heavyweight Champion Big Grizzly!

Winner and New Pro Wrestling Pride Champion - Big Grizzly

PWP Rumble match

Referees make their way to ringside and Aaron Noble-Mackie announces that we are now to have a Rumble match and the winner will be the number one contender for the Pro Wrestling Pride Heavyweight Championship just won by Big Grizzly.

Our 1st entrant into the rumble is - Mean Tommy Dean and 2nd Entrant is Chris Andrews. Mean Tommy Dean goes on the attack and its Andrews into the corner and continues to hit Andrews with a number of punches and kicks, Andrews comes back to Tommy Dean and hits him with punches of his own and then hits Dean with a massive drop kick and a body slam!!

Andrews comes of the ropes and drops a massive leg drop onto Dean both men get up to a vertical base and Andrews goes to throw Dean over, Dean goes over the ropes but Dean lands on the apron as Number 3 Entrant Scotty Essex comes into the ring and Attacks Andrews from behind.

Scotty then takes Andrews to the corner and signals over to Dean who is now back in the ring now Dean and Scotty are trying to pushes Andrews over the top rope. Andrews then battles then both off and momentum is changing but only for a second as Entrant number 4 comes out Keizer!

Now all 3 men are battling against Andrews it is a 3 on 1 attack on and Andrews is doing his best but the numbers game is too much for him that is until entrant number 5 Ultimo Tiger runs into ring and the crowd cheers as Tiger goes after Scotty, Dean and Keizer.

Now Andrews and Keizer are even things up. Andrews puts Scotty crotch first on the top rope and shakes the rope and Scotty falls back into the ring on the opposite side Tiger is trying to Eliminate Keizer but Tommy Dean comes across and stops the elimination.

Entrant number 6 comes into the match Eddie Ryan! Eddie is straight into the ring and is attacking Scotty Essex and is doing as much as he can to eliminate Scotty meanwhile Andrews is on the canvas and Keizer has Ultimo Tiger on the top rope and he is close to going over.

Eddie Ryan mounts Essex in the corner and hits him with 10 punches to the head, on the other side of the ring Tiger has gone over the top rope but he is holding on to top rope with his feet dangling but they aren't touching the floor! Tiger manages to get his feet on a chair from the crowd and is still in the match, Tiger gets back up onto the apron as Benham Ali enters the match as Entrant number 7, Unfortunately Keizer knocks Tiger off the apron and we have our 1st Elimination of the rumble!

Tiger Ali is throwing Eddie Ryan into the Corner, and while this is going on Andrews throws Keizer over the top rope, Keizer is livid and the next entrant number 8 is announced Keizer protégé Vaughan Jackson. Jackson Enters the ring and goes straight after Chris Andrews, Dean joins him and they try to eliminate Andrews but to no avail.

The next entrant at number 9 into the match to Saime Sahin! Sahin goes straight in after Benham Ali.

At this point in the match there is Tommy Dean, Eddie Ryan, Benham Ali, Saime Sahin, Scotty Essex, Vaughan Jackson and Chris Andrews.

Number 10 entrant into the match is Nixon Newell
, Newell comes in and hits Scotty Essex with a number of punches, As this is happening Samie Sahin gets eliminated, and then Nixon Newell pushes Tommy Dean over the top rope and he is eliminated, Scotty Essex runs from behind and throws Nixon Newell out of the ring. The Next rumble Entrant is JD Knight!

JD Knight has Eddie Ryan and he and Scotty are attacking him while Chris Andrews Backdrops Vaughan Jackson over the top rope and to the floor Vaughan Jackson mission for Vengeance for Eliminating his mentor Keizer ends in failure - Vaughan looks very unhappy as he walks to the back.

JD runs at Eddie Ryan who has his arm draped over the top rope but Eddie moves out of the way and JD own momentum carries him over the top rope and JD is out!!

We are now down to final 4 Scotty Essex, Benham Ali, Eddie Ryan and Chris Andrews.

Ryan gets Eliminated by Scotty 'Essex and now we are down to 3 and its not looking good for Andrews as Essex and Ali are trying to double team him Ali holds Andrews arms behind his head and signals at Essex to hit Andrews but Andrews is bale to get out of the way and Scotty hits Ali, Andrews then manages to eliminated Scotty and now we are down to Ali and Andrews, Andrews manages to eliminate Ali and has won the Rumble and is your new number one contender for the Pro Wrestling Pride World Heavyweight Championship

Winner - Chris Andrews

After the match PWP World Champion Big Grizzly and JD Knight come walking down to the ring Grizzly on one side and JD on the other Grizzly goes up to the apron and Andrews goes over and punches him but as he does this JD enters the ring and Attacks Andrews. Grizzly then Enters the ring and Carries on the attack, They hit Andres until he is down on the canvas, Grizzly is on the mic and is talking about how Andrews will not win his title, however he does not see Mr Anderson Enter the ring behind him, Anderson Taps them on the shoulders and grabs both men head and hits them together Anderson then hits a mic check on JD and throws Grizzly Towards Andrews who picks up Grizzly and hits a massive Suplex on Grizzly as Andrews and Anderson celebrate in the ring to end the show!!

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