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Pro Wreslting Pride - Show review w/ Robbie E 21st August 2015

Pro Wrestling Pride

Newton Abbott 21st August 2015 with TNA Impact Wrestling star Robbie E!!

Hello everyone and Welcome to Jons Wrestling Blog

This is now my 2nd show in a week! After the fantastic 3 day Too Legit To Quit Tour Pro Wrestling Pride Announced on Monday 17th August 2015 that they were going to do a special free show for the fans on Friday 21st August at the Courtaney Centre in Newton Abbot. 

I managed to book the day off work and got myself there to see the show! 

I hadn’t been back to Courtaney Centre since I had last been there for Pro Wrestling Pride with Too Cool unfortunately the show after with Bram I missed out on. 

I like the Courtaney Centre everything is in close quarters and fans are close to the ring and close to the action too which makes for a fantastic night of wrestling.

This was a very different show for me personally as I got an insight what it is like to be on the other side of the show I was given an opportunity to work behind the scenes help put up the ring, work merchandise table and more - a blog will be coming soon talking about the experience and how fascinating the experience was.

All the pictures om the blog are my own sorry for the quality of some and everything written is from memory as usual and is all my perspective and my own opinion:) 

now onto the show!!! :)

Brother vs Brother

John Harding vs Simon Harding

John Harding and Simon Harding

This is an interesting match to me as this is the first time I have been able to see both these brothers face each other in a match. Since John turned his back on the fans and everyone in Pro Wrestling Pride and Joining C2 and calling himself the Revolution and the artist formally known as The Rocker John Harding - the fans have  wanted to see nothing more than John get his ass kicked!!

John Harding comes out and the crowd really really hate him they are in good voice tonight and telling John exactly what they think of hm. John is then followed out by Simon.

Simon comes out to big cheers from the crowd they are really behind Simon and want to see Simon kick John Ass. John gets out of the ring and stays out while he assess the situation

John Goes to get back in the ring but again falls to the apron and is shouting at the referee to get Simon back into his corner. Eventually John decides to comes into the ring and Simon runs at John but John ducks under Simon as he goes to tie up and John slides to the outside yet again. At this point the crowd are shouting at John "chicken, chicken" and chanting "Simon, Simon, Simon" and really getting behind him.

John Jumps back in the ring but is met with a big bodyslam from Simon. Simon then throws John into the corner and hits a big splash.

Simon goes to Irish whip Simon into the corner,and John reverses it and Simon goes to the corner, John goes to run in but gets hit with an elbow from Simon, Simon then hits John with an Excellent fallaway slam. The fans are loving seeing John getting thrown around like this.

However as the match continues John turns the match in his favour by going for a chop block onto Simon and immediately starts going for the leg of Simon, attacking, kicking and bringing Simon to the canvas, John poses to the crowd and tells them to shut up and respect him as he throws Simon back into a corner grabs his leg and drapes it over the 2nd rope and continues the assault on the leg.

Simon comes out of the corner and then Simon manages to get John up on his shoulders in a torture rack position John manages to get out and then he hits Simon with a superkick and gets the win

Winner - John Harding

2 on 1 Handicap Match - Keizer Open Challenge

Chris Andrews vs Keizer and Matthew Burns

Keizer is out first wearing his mask and trademark long trench coat.

out next comes Chris Andrews and Keizer says that Chris coming out to have a match with him is not fair and is not right and Keizer suggests that due to the weight deficit involved that he should have a partner in this match Keizer brings out one of the Newer talents to Pro Wrestling Pride Matthews Burns

Matthew Burns 

Keizer and Burns run into the ring and start attacking Andrews. Burns elbows and kicks Andrews which sends Andrews down to the canvas. Keizer and Burns are then putting the boots to Andrews on the floor, Keizer tells Burns to pick Andrews up Burns grabs Andrews and holds him by the arms, As Keizer grabs hold of the face of Andrews and hits Andrews with some punishing body shots. Andrews then manages to break free and kicks Andrews in the stomach and Elbows Burns several times to break his hold, Andrews then hits Keizer with a massive loud chop which reverberates throughout the building, Chris goes and punches Keizer and Burns he turns back to Keizer but gets caught with an eye rake from Keizer.

Burns takes Andrews to the corner and hits some hard shoulder blocks in the corner to Andrews, Burns is looking angry is Keizer comes In and grabs Andrews and signals towards Burns and they look like they are going for a double suplex they try to get Chris up but they are unsuccessful, Keizer and Burns try again but are unsuccessful Andrews then hits a double suplex onto both of them instead!!!

Keizer and Burns get hit with a series of Clotheslines then Andrews gets burns and lifts him up for a vertical delayed suplex and holds him there for what seems like an eternity then brings him down to the canvas!!

 Andrews then puts Keizer on the top rope and is looking like he is going to suplex him off,

but burns comes across and pulls Andrews off the ropes, Chris hits a big clothesline on Burns and he goes from the ring to the floor over the top rope. Keizer then gets slammed off the turnbuckle and the pin attempt is broken up by Burns.

Chris Andrews hits a TKO on Keizer and then gets Matt onto his shoulder and hits another TKO on him but Matt lands directly on Keizer and Chris pins them for the win.

Winner - Chris Andrews

Pro Wrestling Pride Tag Team Championship
Robbie E and Danny Walsh vs The Bristol Boys

Robbie E and Danny Walsh

The Bristol Boys are out 1st and this is the 1st time I have seen them for a little while both are dressed in Bristol Boys T shirts and have new black Wrestling tights on. The Bristol Boys are in the ring and shouting Bristol at every opportunity and this Devon Crowd does not like it all.

Danny Walsh and Robbie E are out next the pro wrestling pride tag team champions get onto the ring and the Bristol Boys take exception to Robbie and Danny and say that they want a pose off!

The Bristol Boys demand that music is started and they start posing in the ring and then take their shirts off and poses even more to the crowd and the crowd are boo-ing them throughout. Robbie E then tells them to get out of the way and he and Danny Walsh pose to the crowd to massive cheers. 

Danny Walsh and Robbie E

The fans then decide that Robbie E and Danny Walsh are the winners, but The Bristol Boys cannot take the result and they are demanding that there be a 2nd round so ~The Bristol Boys start posing again!

Robbie E grabs the mic and says they have already beaten them once so why would they want to take them on again. Robbie E then says they could get someone from the crowd and they could beat The Bristol Boys.

So Robbie E and Danny Walsh go to the outside of the ring and they pick out a 9 year old boy from the audience they bring him into the ring and the music starts again and the little boy poses in the ring and the crowd cheer.

The Bristol Boys get on the microphone again and they say that this is not fair and that the little boy isn't involved in the match therefore it does not count they say it has to be someone involved in the match....then all eyes turn to senior referee Ed Dyer.

Robbie E says Ed Dyer is involved in the match so......the music hits again and the referee starts posing in the ring that gets massive cheers from the audience and The Bristol Boys are beyond livid at this point and attack Danny and Robbie E when their back is turned and our match is on!

Danny starts off in the ring with Bristol boy and they fight over to a corner and Bristol boy  Mark goes to the outside and Danny is still in the ring and Danny decides to grab the top rope and fly over tot he floor onto Mark.

Both men then come back into the ring and Danny tags in Robbie and Mark tags in Alan and Robbie takes Alan to both corners hitting his head on the turnbuckle and Robbie then tags Danny back into the match. At this point the Bristol boys mange to get back into the match using every trick in the book, they are cutting Danny 'off from making the tag to Robbie E in the corner and the crowd are willing Danny on but as the match is progressing Robbie E is trying to get in the ring to help Danny but Unfortunately the referee keeps pushing Robbie back to his corner but while referee back is turned Bristol Boys are Double teaming Danny and Alan has an abdominal stretch on Danny and is using Mark on the outside to help him by putting his arm and hand back and having Mark pull to increase the pressure on the submission hold.

Robbie E  tries to get back in the ring again but referee pushes him back again into his corner the Bristol boys are both in the ring and try to double suplex Danny, Danny goes up into the air but Bristol Boys cannot suplex him, Danny gets his feet back on the ground and manages to suplex both Bristol Boys this is Danny chance to get to the corner and pushes himself along the canvas and then makes the final push and manages to tag in Danny.

Robbie E comes into the ring and takes down both Bristol boys Danny then gets up and Bristol boys go to a corner each and are both being punched By Danny and Robbie. Then Both Danny and Robbie go to the middle rope in the corner and starting punching both Bristol Boys in the corner the Bristol boys push them off and Robbie and Danny run into the corner but get hit by the Bristol boys both Danny and Robbie are down then Bristol Boys start pushing Senior referee Ed Dyer and Ed has finally had enough.

referee Ed Dyer gives a double stunner to Bristol Boys

Ed takes his shirt off and gives a Double Stunner to both Bristol Boys Robbie and Danny cover them and get the win!!

Winners - Robbie E and Danny Walsh


4 Way Catch Division Match
John Harding vs Gideon vs Eddie Ryan vs (c) Ultimo Tiger

This was tremendous 4 way match for the catch division title this was my favourite match of the night. Out first comes John Harding again and he is advising that he deserves a match against Ultimo Tiger, the crowd definitely don't agree with John and are boo-ing him throughout his promo - but then comes Gideon who tells John that he has had a hard night already and Gideon states that he deserves the title shot he tells John to take a back seat and it is his night tonight, then Eddie Ryan Appears and says that he wants a shot himself against Ultimo Tiger he says that The English Lion Eddie Ryan wants a match!

Out comes The champion himself who says that he will take on all 3 men in the ring!

We have ourselves a 4 way match for Catch Division Championship!

The bell rings and all 4 men go to tie up with each other, John Harding is hesitant but eventually all 4 men have their fingers locked with Ultimo Tiger and Eddie Ryan getting the better of Gideon and John Harding in the opening exchanges the 4 way tie up breaks off with Ultimo Tiger and Gideon and Eddie Ryan and John Harding facing each other.

John gets thrown to the outside and then Gideon, Ultimo Tiger and Eddie Ryan are in the ring Tiger gets hot by Gideon but Ryan manages to hit a powerslam on Gideon, Eddie Ryan then gets Gideon on the corner and goes to run in but Gideon moves out of the way and Eddie hits the turnbuckle hard. Gideon can now see that this is his opportunity   and starts hammering the back of Eddie Ryan, Eddie is then getting his eyes raked by Gideon in the centre of the ring.

John Harding then runs into the ring and goes to help Gideon and they go for a double suplex on Eddie Ryan but behind them Ultimo Tiger is in the ring and Tiger helps Ryan avoid double Suplex and then Ryan and Tiger go after Harding and Gideon with Ryan clotheslining Harding and Tiger hitting a dropkick onto Gideon.

Gideon and Harding are on the outside and Gideon throws Harding back in to Ryan and Tiger! John then realises what has happened turns around and gets throws out of the ring again, and then Eddie Ryan dives out onto Gideon and Harding. Then with 3 men outside of the ring Ultimo Tiger does an amazing corkscrew plancha over the top rope and incredible move to see - the crowd went crazy for that!!

Gideon and Ryan are fighting on the outside and Ultimo Tiger and Harding are over the other side.

Eddie Ryan and Gideon are in front of me and Eddie Ryan grabs Gideon and sits him on a chair then knocks him off the chair and Gideon is on the floor Gideon gets picked up and Gideon hits Eddie and then goes back into the ring where Harding has knocked Ultimo Tiger off from the top rope and now Gideon and Harding are attacking Ultimo Tiger together they take Tiger to the corner and take turns each stomping on Tiger - Gideon then picks up Tiger and hits a modified Fisherman Suplex but before Gideon can go for the pin John Harding Cleverly crawls between the standing legs of Giideon and goes for the cover on a prone Tiger, Gideon breaks up the count. 

Gideon and Harding are then arguing as Eddie Ryan comes round the outside of the ring, meanwhile Tiger gets put on the top turnbuckle and Gideon goes to the corner to suplex but Tiger blocks this then John Harding goes up to the corner as well to help Gideon but before they can suplex tiger Eddie Ryan gets between all of them in a powerbomb position and everyone in the match comes crashing to the ground.

Tiger then manages to go to the top rope and hits a flying tiger splash on Gideon to get the win and retain his Catch Division Championship.

Winner - Ultimo Tiger

All the men in this match had a great showing and this had to be the best 4 way match I have seen live - it was really well done and really entertaining too well done to all involved.

Pro Wrestling Pride Rumble

Below are some of the highlights of the Rumble as there was so much happening it was hard to write about everything that happened. This was an excellent rumble and the first PWP rumble match I have seen.

Ultimo Tiger is told to stay in the ring as he is the number one Wrestler in the rumble out comes Alan of the Bristol boys and our rumble match starts!

Tiger goes to shake Alan hand but he refuses, they begin fighting each other and Tiger tries to eliminate Alan from Bristol Boys but before he can the 3rd participant comes in the ring and its the 2nd member Mark. They both beat down on Tiger and try to eliminate him and are posing in the ring shouting "Bristol" again.

Then 4th Participant comes out and its Danny Walsh! Danny comes in and he takes Mark over to the corner and gives Tiger some respite from the 2 on it beat down he was receiving at this point in the rumble no one has been eliminated.

Out next 5th person into  the rumble is Mathew Burns! he looks extremely unhappy after his loss tonight Matt gits the ring and goes to punch and kick Ultimo Tiger but as the match continues Danny nearly throws Mathew Burns over the top rope but Matt manages to just stay into the match by coming back in from the apron.

Ultimo Tiger then also nearly goes over the top rope himself but manages to get himself back in also then our next rumble entrant comes in at number 6 its John Harding followed at number 7 by Simon Harding both Harding brothers are fighting each other again and the crowd are again loving John getting it taken to him again by Simon.

Ultimo Tiger neatly gets eliminated - he goes over the top rope but me manages to balance his legs on a crowd member and he has his hands on the apron Tiger manages to move the chair forward and gets to stay in the match! a great spot in the match and the crowd loved it.

Gideon then enters the match at number 8 and Eddie Ryan Number 9 and  Chris Andrews enters at number 10. However as the rumble match continues the eliminations start and Matthew Barnes get eliminated Gideon gets eliminated then followed by Eddie Ryan.

Danny Walsh is the next to be eliminated followed by Simon and John Harding, Ultimo Tiger then gets Eliminated by the Bristol Boys and we are down to Chris Andrews and the Bristol Boys Chris manages to eliminate boy Bristol Boys by Backdropping one on them to the floor and then Backdrops the 2nd Bristol Boy to the other one on the floor for the win!

PWP Rumble Winner - Chris Andrews

In my opinion the fans tonight in Newton Abbott were given an amazing show. Pro Wrestling Pride put on this show as a free admission show and fans got a real treat seeing some great talent and some great matches too. it really was a privilege to see. Everyone put n 110% into their match to make it the best they could possibly be.

From John Harding working  3 matches this night to Chris Andrews having a great showing and showing why he is one of the best in the UK to Ultimo Tiger who really did have a top notch match of the night in his 4 way match for the Catch Division Championship and the way he stayed in the rumble match was pure genius - nice to see so much innovation.

I was also impressed with Keizer who was excellent on the mic yet again he is very good at riling a crowd up along with new comer Matthew Barnes who looks like he has a tonne of potential going forward. This show showed the diversity of the PWP roster and the excellent skill level of the wrestlers involved too.

The next show is in Truro Cornwall headlined by Impact Wrestling Mr Anderson vs Big Grizzly for the PWP World Championship in Sunday 30th August this is going to be a great show in Burrell Theatre - you can get tickets at and clicking on shop and following the links from there.

Thanks for Reading

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