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Pro Wrestling Pride 18th Jan Exeter with Former WWE star Eugene

Pro Wrestling Pride - Exeter with Former WWE star Eugene
Sunday January 18th 2014

This is my first show at Exeter Lemongrove at Exeter University the place was totally packed this was a sellout show and with standing areas also over 250 people in attendance.  I wasn't feeling great at all last night recovery from my flu virus so everything as always is from memory plus I couldn't get as many photos as I wanted to as I left my charger at home! (I blame the illness for my forgetfulness!!)

I got into my  seat in the 2nd row ready for the show and to kick us off........

6 man tag contest

Team C2 vs Team Pride 

Joshua Knott, Calum Cain and; Catch Champion Tyler Hawke
former NXT star Joel Redman, Darren Saviour and Eddie Ryan

C2 Agenda came out 1st Callum, Tyler and Josh make there way to the ring with their ring song playing revolution. Tyler Hawke has a great cocky persona and think its great Tyler reminds me of the cocky intensity of Tully Blanchard mixed with Rick Martel arrogance - he was really giving it to fans, Josh Knott and Callum Cain doing the same thing themselves too. 

Out next is Darren Saviour followed by Eddie Ryan and Joel Redman. they have a cracking 6 man tag team match this was such a great match to kick off the show and really set the tone for the evening this was tremendous an what I write wont do this justice. The fans around me were really into this and loved the good guys and hated the bad guys and thats how it should be.

Team PWP Joel, Darren and Eddie worked on the left arms of all C2 competitors they really take it to team C2 with Darren Saviour and Tyler Hawke having a great series of moves between each other with Darren Hitting Tyler with a Enziguri kick.

A fantastic spot was Darren Saviour getting Callum Cain legs which has the ring post in between them and Darren first called up David (who was sat int he front row) to come and pull Cains legs so he went balls first in the ring post. After this Darren then called up Kids to do the same thing, nice moment and great for the kid to get involved.

C2 ending up coming back and taking control of the match again until all 6 competitors end up in the ring and we end up in a 6 person brawl all over the ring and to the outside as well too.

C2 Agenda really work over Joel Redman and C2 Agenda manage to pick up the win in this match when Tyler and Josh put Callum over Joel Redman for the 3 count.

Catch Division Dream match

 Ultimo Tiger vs Antonia de Luca

Up next is Antiono de luca makes his entrance ,and out next is ultimo tiger and they get into the ring and start fighting with each other. De luca has a good presence about him he looks in great shape and Tiger looked great too very athletic and he is able to change a pace of a match well and in the latter stages of the match was able to change that pace and brings the fans with him into the match draws them in with his moves and his timing of them.

Antiono and Tiger have a back and forth match and tiger hits a fantastic dive over the top rope onto de luca. De luca gets some close pinfalls and starts to get frustrated but Tiger manages to comes back in to the match and is able to gain back the advantage and gets the pinfall victory and defeat De Luca.

Winner - Ultimo Tiger

Keizer comes to the ring dressed in a suit as Duncan Bugg (ring Announcer) is talking to the fans Keizier is told by Bugg that he is banned from tonight's show Keizer takes the mic and says that he understands that he was banned from the building and then goes on to apologise to all the fans for his recent actions on social media regarding things he said regarding Koji Kanemoto and Dick Riley.

Keizer then gets angry and starts telling Bugg that he should have a match tonight and Bugg should apologise to him for not letting him on the show, Keixer then pushes over Bugg which then brings out Darren Saviour to calm down the situation and Darren Apologises on Keizer behalf as Darren stated "my friend Keizer is a dick he is still my friend and he apologises for pushing you over" when Darren back is turned Keizer hits Darren from behind and Saviour and Keizer start brawling in the middle of the ring. which eventually breaks up, this looks interesting and could set Saviour on a series of singles match with Keizer.

Tag titles

 Rocker John Harding and former WWE star Eugene vs  tag team champions, Pretty Marvellous.(Danny and Mark Walsh)

Mark and Danny Walsh pro wrestling pride tag team champs make their entrance with two lovely blonde ladies Dannny Walsh has a Scooby doo soft toy in his hands as he walks to the ring (more on that later), Rocker John Harding is out next and he gets the crowd ready for Eugene, Eugene music hits and he walks to the ring and goes and picks up a fire extinguisher. Eugene then gets towards the ring and starts going after the girls that are with the Walsh brothers. Eugene gets a walking stick from a fan in the front row and goes after the girls again.

I really enjoyed this match and both these teams really worked well  on a great match. key to this I thought was that everyone in the match played to the strength of Eugene character and were all playing off his character which really made a lot of sense and were able to put together a logical match. At the beginning of the match Danny Walsh offers Scooby doo to Eugene and Eugene takes Scooby as his "new friend"

John Harding I felt was great in this match and was constantly trying to get the crowd into the match and was putting all the focus on his tag team partner, but John was great in the ring with both Walsh Brothers and John was cut off from Eugene for awhile in this match, then John managed to get the tag and Eugene Deliver a Rock Bottom and then a Stunner to both Walsh Brother Respectively.

Danny Walsh grabs hold of Scooby doo and throws it across the ring and then grabs Eugene and steals the pinfall to retain the tag team titles.

This was a great entertaining match and crowd loved it. Watch below to see what happened after the match and what John Harding and Eugene made the referee do!! Then all the kids comes into the ring to celebrate with Harding and Eugene.

International no.1 contender's match

The following week in Newton Abbot the winner of this match will get themselves a catch division title shot.

Dick Riley vs Living Legend Koji Kanemoto.

Dick Riley and Koji Kanamoto go head to head in a match to see how will face Tyler Hawke next week at Newton Abbott in Devon.

Koji and Riley start off in the ring and Koji hits a series of kicks to his thigh and back for his leg. Riley doesn't isn't happy about these at all, Koji continues and hits Riley with a series of punches and kicks and Riley goes down,Riley comes back briefly and Koji manages to take control again. Koji goes and works on the lg and ankle of Riley and gets him in the ankle lock on 3 separate occasions but Riley manages to get to the ropes, on each occasion.

Koji then goes up to the top rope after positioning Riley and hits him him a moonsault to win the match

Winner- Koji Kanemoto

Tyler Hawke comes out after the match and tells Koji that he will be facing him next week and that there is no way that Koji will be beating him the catch division trophy will be staying with Tyler Hawke and Staying with the C2 Agenda.

Main event - Lumberjack Match

Chris Andrews vs UK Dominator for the Pride heavyweight championship

The main event of the evening  UK dominator comes out to the ring 1st and he gets in to the ring and asks  all the lumberjack to join him in thering. All the lumberjacks including Walsh Brothers, Tyler Hawke, Josh Knott.

Chris Andrews comes out to the ring and gets into the face of the lumberjacks and Dominator.

Dominator tries to lock up with Andrews several times but Andrews get the better of him every time and Dominator gets out of the ring and is having a conversation with his lumberjacks. Dominator gets back into the ring and Andres throws dominator down at this point Dominator gets a "lumberjack massage" from this point on the Lumberjacks are distracting Andrews and making life hard for him in order to help Dominator.

Andrews gets thrown outside and all the lumberjacks are punching and kicking Andrews and taking Andrews out as much as possible. Andrews comes back after being grabbed hold of by all the lumberjacks on the outside in front of me and Dominator goes to hit him and Andrews moves and all the lumberjacks go down.

Following this the lumberjacks get involved again once both men are back in the ring and Andrews goes to hit a spear Mark Walsh dives into the ring and pushes Dominator out of the way and takes a huge spear from Andrews!

Andrews manages to hit Dominator with the TKO and we have a brand new PWP champion Chris Andrews!!!!

I thought this show was well put together the 1st match really did come off with bang and set the tone for the evening, we had high flying of tiger to follow, with a fantastic tag team match with Walsh Brothers vs Eugene and Harding and then hard hitting Koji Kanemoto with Dick Riley to a new champion Chris Andrews. The show was leading towards the Andrews win and this to end the evening brought it all together nicely and send all the fans home happy.

If your thinking of going to a pride show next week in Newton abbott is Free but you must get in contact with Pro Wrestling Pride 1st as tickets have to be issued please see the post below on how you can do this 


Japanese Legend, Strong style master Koji Kanemoto will be making his final appearance of his UK tour on this show!

Making our debut in Newton Abbot with our unique brand of high flying, hard hitting action, and what a way to do it!

The main event will be a huge catch division championship battle - The tag team championships will also be on the line earlier in the evening! all this and so much more! 

"Please inbox Pro Wrestling Pride on Facebook to reserve tickets"

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