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WCPW Loaded Review - True Destiny Fallout Feb 2017

WCPW Loaded Review - True Destiny Fallout

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I have been watching WCPW Loaded videos over the past few months and find them really enjoyable.

WCPW air WCPW Loaded in YouTube and I usually see it as a live broadcast on YouTube on 8pm on Monday Nights.

WCPW loaded a compilation of latest matches interviews and news from WCPW.

In this week episode it is the fallout from the latest WCPW show True Destiny which featured, Alberto El Patron, Kurt Angle, Joe Hendry, Drew Galloway and more.

So for the first time on tis blog I thought I would review the show.

Shows starts off with Joe Hendry turning on Kurt Angle at True Destiny.

We are they introduced to our commentary team for the
evening Matt Striker and Good Old J.R Jim Ross!

Striker and Ross talk again about the actions of Joe Hendry only to be interrupted by his music.

Joe Hendry makes his way to the ring and cuts an in ring promo blaming WCPW fans for his actions.

That brings out Alberto El Patron who berates Joe Hendry and Alberto goes round the crowd getting them to chant "local Wanker" at Joe Hendry and get Hendry even more frustrated. This leads to Joe saying he will fight week Joe walks out of the ring

You can see Alberto El patron and Joe Hendry Confrontation by clicking the video below


Next is a promo from Newly Debuting Bad Bones
he says that all he cares about is money, and if you've got the money he can take people out.

The Matches

Drago and Dos Caras vs El Ligero and Gabriel Kidd

You can watch the match below

Click the Video Below

El Ligero and Drago start off in the ring both men runs off the ropes at each other but no one is making contact with each other so far, then Ligero armdrags Drago and then Drago Armdrags Ligero right back, both men go for a dropkick and miss each other.

Ligero and Drago then both face off. Drago then tags in Dos Caras and Ligero points to Kidd on the apron Ligero tags in Kidd.

Dos Caras and Kidd Lock up and Kidd gets Dos Caras in a side headlock, Dos Caras makes it to his feet Kidd and Dos Caras then have a shoulder block contest and no one is knocking other over, until Dos Caras takes Kidd down with a leg takedown.

Dos Caras comes off the ropes and gets armdragged by Kidd but Dos Caras is able to hit a kick to the head to Kidd while he was in the armdrag!

Kidd comes back and hits Dos Caras with a pump kick but Dos Caras hits a tilt a whirl backbreaker and gets a 2 count.

Drago gets tagged in and was dominating Kidd until Kidd hits a European uppercut while Drago was in the air.

Kidd tags in El Ligero and Ligero has Drago in a reverse chinlock, Drago fights his way back up and both men then hit back and forth forearms to each other and then collide when they hit each other with a double cross body.

Kidd gets Tagged in the same time as Dos Caras gets tagged in. Dos Caras comes off the top with a cross body onto Kidd and then a reverse elbow, Dos Caras then spears Kidd for a 2 count,

Drago then tags back in and Dos Caras and Drago hit a DDT off the shoulders of Dos Caras to Kidd they get a 2 count, thanks to Ligero breaking it up.

Prince Ameen gets involved and dives off the top rope onto the the competitors in the match Ameen then throws Dos Caras into the barricade.

Drago gets thrown back in the ring and Kidd hits Firearms carry slam followed by a splash from El Ligero then followed by a springboard moonsault from Kidd but they only get a 2 count, the crowd cant believe it.

Drago tags in Dos Caras, Drago has hold of Kidd and sets him up perfectly for Dos Caras spinning forearm.

Drago and Dos Caras beat El Ligero and Kidd when Dos Caras pins Kidd.

Bad Bones vs Rampage

You can watch the match click the video below

Bad Bones and Rampage start off with a lock up with the crowd really getting on Bad Bones back. Rampage hits a shoulder block but you can he is in pain as he winches as he makes contact.

Bad bones misses a dropkick and Rampage comes back at Bad Bones with a  huge chop and many forearms in the corner. Rampage back body drops Bad Bones from the corner,

Rampage hits a bodyslam but is visibly in pain, Rampage lays an elbow drop into Bad Bones and gets a two count.

Bad Bones knows Rampage is injured following his match at True Destiny, and Bad Bones focuses his attack on the ribs of Rampage.

Bad Bones evens pulls the shirt off of Rampage and attacks him even more, trying to cause more damage to Rampage.

Rampage Defeats Bad Bones when Bad Bones uses a steel chain on Rampage for DQ.

After the match Bad Bones goes up the ramp and shakes hands with manager James R Kennedy.

Following the match we get a promo from WCPW Woman's champion Nixon Newell saying she is back and she has seen what Bea Priestley has done in her absence,

Ricochet vs Travis Banks

You can watch the match below

Ricochet wins a tremendous contest with Travis Banks winning via pinfall. Although throughout the match Banks was going for the leg of Ricochet trying to ground him and his amazing and effective high flying offence.

Banks is really growing on me and not sure his he is a heel or a face, some of the crowd were cheering him here, to me I think he was a great aggressive heel and hope he continues forward as one be interesting to see where Banks goes next in WCPW
As for Ricochet every time I see him he has an incredible match, the wins are raking up for Ricochet in WCPW does this put him in WCPW World Title Contention soon?

Alex Gracie vs Drake - Winners Go to Orlando

You can see the match below

After True Destiny and what Drake did to Prospect (Lucas Archer & Alex Gracie) Kennedy says that he is going to sort this out and have Gracie take on Drake on and one. 

As a punishment to Drake tickets to Orlando will be on the line.

Archer is sent to the back

Gracie had the match won, however Kennedy pulled the referee out this allowed Drake to gain advantage and get pinfall victory.

Kennedy say after the match that he put Prospect together and it should be all about him, Drake beats down Gracie and Archer and then leave the ring.

Scott Wainwright and Will Ospreay vs Martin Kirby and Drew Galloway

Watch the match below

Swords of Essex are out first and Ospreay gets the mic and kicks the ring announcer directly in the chest.

Swords of Essex are cutting a promo about how great they are as Tag Champions and Ospreay says he has unfinished business with Galloway. This brings out Martin Kirby and Jack the Jobber.

Kirby says he has had enough of Will and Scott thinking they can do what they want. Ospreay replies "you are saying we cant do what we want?" Osprey then out of nowhere superkicks Jobber jack who is taken to the back,

Wainwright and Ospreay then go for Kirby this brings out WCPW World Champion Drew Galloway!

Our tag team match is on!

Ospreay and Wainwright run into the ring and Wainwright is thrown to the outside while Galloway throws Ospreay to the ground. Galloway picks up Ospreay grabs him by the throat and Beale throws him all the way across the ring!

Ospreay is able to answer back with a couple of forearmas but these don't register on Galloway, Galloway chops Ospreay and Ospreay hits the canvas.

Galloway Tags in Kirby, Kirby lifts Ospreay in a vertical suplex for a long time but Ospreay gets out from it but Kirby then pokes Ospreay in the eyes.

Kirby throws Ospreay into the ropes but Wainwright makes the blind tag Osprey throws Kirby into Wainright who hots a kick to Kirby head, Ospreay hits a spinning backbreaker on Kirby and Wainwright follows up with a scissors kick to Kirby!

As the match continues Wainwright misses a springboard moonsault and Kirby hits Scott in the back of the head but only gets a 2 count.

Kirby goes for a Powerbomb but gets an enziguri kick from Ospreay and as Galloway rushes towards him Ospreay pulls the rope down and Galloway goes to the outside. Ospreay then runs towards the ropes and hits Galloway with a suicide dive!

Wainwright and Kirby are left in the ring Wainwright gets Kirby on his shoulders and Ospreay comes off the top rope hits Kirby with a double stomp then Wainwright hits Death Valley Driver for the pinfall victory!!

After the match Galloway attacks Wainwright and Ospreay and Galloway is about to DDT Wainwright but Ospreay comes in and hits Galloway with a low blow and then a springboard cutter.

Ospreay looks like a huge threat to Drew Galloway and his reign as WCPW Champion.

Thanks for Reading

Jonathan Orchard

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