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CSF Wreslting Devizes 11 Feb 2017 Review

CSF Wrestling
Devizes Sat 11th Feb
Saturday Night Slam

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Welcome to CSF wrestling Devizes

Devizes Corn Exchange is always a tremendous venue and I'm looking forward to the show jammed packed with excellent UK talent.  

Ring Announcer Theo comes out with Referee Mark Rowell and welcomes us to CSF wrestling and Theo Announces our first match is coming up now!

Here are some notes from the matches at the show, (everything is written from memory!)

Tiger Ali defeated Jack Starz

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This match I saw was announced before the show and was one of the matches I was really looking forward too. Both Tiger Ali and Jack Starz were selected for WWE UK Championship Tournament, but unfortunately did not make the final tournament, however that meant we got to see both men take out their aggression on each other here in Devizes.

If you've read any of my previous blogs you know of my appreciation for Tiger Ali, great wrestler and a super talent that I believe has a massive future in wrestling.

Jack Starz is someone who I have seen a few times since 2016 and think that this match with Tiger Ali was one of his best, Jack Straz is impressive every time I see him.  

Ali and Starz really set the tone for the evening with their opening match,Tiger Ali doing everything he can to begin with to get away from Starz and not have to start the match, Ali gets out of the ring on more than 3 occasions before he eventually locked up.

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 Both men went at each other hit hard and didn't take long for the crowd to get into the match, lots of boo's for Ali. Starz took control initially with an arm lock backing Ali in to the corner and chopping him hard.

Ali turns the natch into his favour (by cheating) and then takes control and is choking Starz on the ropes , raking his eyes and using every tactic possible,

Ali was able to lock in he camel clutch and obtain the victory.

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With this impressive Victory Tiger Ali has earned himself a shot at Former WWE star Mr Anderson at CSF next show in Weston Super Mare.

White Tiger and Owen Wall defeated Odyssey and Nathan Bane

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Odyssey and Nathan Bane were out first both physically imposing men, both wanted to have a fight tonight. Odyssey gets on the microphone and says that he wants competition and will take on anyone, he even invites the crowd in the ring to fight them before Owen Wall music hits and he makes his way to the ring followed by White Tiger.

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Owen and Tiger use a great combination of lots of double team moves initially to take advantage and get the better of Odyssey and Bane.

Owen and Tiger tag in and out and look like they are in Control but Odyssey and Bane use their physical power to get back into the match at one point Odyssey tries to pull the mask off from Tiger as he is in the ropes.

Bane tries to Dominate the match and they stop Owen from making the tag but eventually Owen is able to make it to  corner and tag in Tiger,

Owen Wall and White Tiger are win the match with a great victory over Odyssey and Bane.

Saime Sahin defeated Lomaxx in a Last Man Standing Match

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This was a tremendous last man standing match. Lomax attacked Samie as soon as the bell rang and hit him in the face and then hit a fireman carry slam and asked the referee to count straight away Samie was able to get up at a 7 count.

Lomax was super aggressive in his approach and was doing anything he could to make Samie stay down.

Lomax goes to the outside of the ring and I can hear fans saying "he is getting a chair" there was a massive gasp from the crowd when he pulled out a ladder and pushed into the ring the ladder was set up in the corner, Lomax goes to whip Samie into it however Samie reversed it and Lomax goes back first into the ladder!

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Samie then hits Lomax with a huge slam, but Lomax manages to get up before the 10 count.

A table then gets put into the ring and Saime starts to set it up but Lomax cuts him off, then the table gets set up in the ring.

As the match continues Lomax goes back under the ring and finds a chair this time and hits Saime with the chair on the back and on the head too.

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Saime is able to come back from this grabs hold of Lomax and hits him with a spine buster through the table!

Lomax is unable to answer the 10 count and Samie Sahin wins

Gilligan Gordon Defeated Kian Enderby

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Gilligan Gordon comes out first to Star Wars theme and he draws the ire of the fans in attendance as he grabs hold of the microphone calling himself the best wrestler in the world and doesn't know why he has to be in Devizes in front of all this scum.

Gordon says the Kian Enderby is as bad as all of us and he is going to show he is the best wrestler.

The crowds erupts as Kian makes his entrance and Kian heard what Gilligan said and is ready for a fight. Kian wants Gordon in the ring but Gordon is taking his time then out from nowehere Gordon throws his robe at Kian and our match is on!

Gordon worked a lot on Kian leg throughout the match, every attack from Gordon was aimed towards Kian left leg and trying to do as much as he could he injure Kian.

Kian answered back and was taking it to Gordon until Kian got caught on the top rope following going for a kick Gordon then went back to working on Kian leg until Gordon went to the top rope.

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Kian cuts off Gordon and went to superplex him but Kian gets pushed off the turnbuckle, Gordon jumps down but gets caught in a goozle and Kian hits a chokeslam on Gordon the fans are counting along with the referee but Gordon kicks out at 2!

The referee then gets hit in the eyes, while the referee was looking away Gordon hits a low blow on Kian and then Gordon gets the 3 count victory.

Kian then chases Gordon tot he back on one leg following his controversial win.

Main Event
Eddie Ryan defeated Charlie Sterling

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This was another match that I was really looking forward too. Both Eddie and Charlie are top UK talents and have so much experience. I have seen Eddie & Charlie  all over the south West and more recently seen Charlie in ICW in Scotland this should be a  cracking main event,

Charlie and Eddie start off the match and shake each others hand. The fans seem to like both men and are cheering for the both

They have a series of lock ups but no one man can take advantage, again both men shake hands, they both go back and forward until Charlie gets annoyed and shouted something at Eddie Ryan and then Spit in his face and now the temperature of this match has risen.

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Sterling is the aggressor with more emphasis, sped and aggression in his attack as his temper is boiling over, he tells the fans to shut up as he gets Eddie in a chin lock.

Eddie fights back from the chinlock and Eddie spits back at Charlie! Charlie is unhappy about this and he complains to the referee!

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Eddie calls for a superkick but Charlie blocks it, Eddie and Charlie fight back and forth Eddie is a superkick and Charlie hits an RKO neither man get a pinfall after both of their own signature moves.

Eddie then hits an RKO and x2 Superkicks and pins Charlie for the win.

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Eddie and Charlie shake hands after the match. I really hope to see this match again at some point in CSF I think they could really build on this in the future and if this match involved CSF World Title as well would add another extra element to it.

That concludes our evening of wrestling in Devizes. This show really went together so well and it had a great flow in it from beginning to end. Saturday Night Slam was packed full of amazing UK talent a CSF trademark. Its great seeing all this talent doing so well in a vibrant UK Wrestling scene right now.

 Tiger Ali and Jack Starz both went and had a great match which really set the tone for the evening followed out by a great tag team match with Odyssey and Bane vs Owen Wall and White Tiger. Lomax and Samie Sahin brought something different to Devizes with their last standing match that was the first time I can remember Last Man Standing taking place in Devizes and the crowd loved it and what they put together.

Kian and Gordon match had a lot of story to it and Gordon attacking the leg of the hometown hero Kian and not being able to beat him until Gordon had to cheat to win.

Eddie and Charlie Sterling capped off a tremendous show with an excellent main event that gave the fans a different perspective of Charlie throughout the match and gave showed off the wrestling skills of Eddie Ryan in  an entertaining match.

CSF Wrestling Next show is in Weston super mare on 25 Feb  2017 with Former WWE star Mr Anderson

you can buy tickets here

CSF will return to Devizes on September 30th

Thanks For Reading

Jonathan Orchard

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