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4FW New Years Wrestleution 2017 Review w/ Kenny Omega

4FW - New Years Wrestleution 2017 Review w/ Kenny Omega vs Tiger Ali

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Welcome everyone to my first blog since coming back from Japan.

I have been back 2 weeks and just getting back into the
swing of life back home in England and getting over the jet lag that accompanied it!

I wasn't planning on going to much wrestling over the next few weeks then everything changed very quickly.

4FW Unfortunately had to announce that former WWE star Cody Rhodes would not be available for shows this past weekend due to Cody attending a memorial for a little boy Elijah Mainville (Drax the Shadow) who Cody met in WWE and very sadly passed Elijah passed away on Jan 8th Aged just 9 years old.

Cody is now rescheduled to return in June 2017 for 4FW

So 4FW management reached out for a replacement talent for Saturday 21st Jan 2017 show in MECA in Swindon and none other than New Japan Pro Wrestling star and the man that had an incredible Main Event Match at Wrestlekingdom 11 Kenny Omega answered the call!!

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Kenny Omega

4FW management deserve huge credit for being able to pull this off and turning what could of been a very difficult situation into an even bigger show.

I got to the venue a little early and was outside with the other fans waiting to go into the show. I met some great fans outside (Sorry Cant remember everyone names) and we had some great conversation about wrestling, WWE and more, a great way to start off what would be a brilliant evening.

This was my first time at MECA in Swindon and I really like the venue.

The set up for the venue was great the entrance way looked amazing with all the light, smoke and Video Screen, also there were cameras placed around the building and even a camera that someone was operating on an extended arm (cant wait to see the event on Demand at ( )

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Before the start of the show at Swindon Meca

I'm sat in my seat and the show is ready to begin!

Here are the results of the show and some notes on the matches below

Adam "Flex" Maxted defeated Saul Adams (w/Nadia Sapphire)

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Saul adams takes the microphone before his match with Adam Maxted

I enjoyed Saul Adams and enjoyed his character I think Nadia compliments him well and they both work well together to create a team you want to dislike.

Adam Maxted is getting better and better every time I see him and he is going to be one to look out for in the future.

Saul looked to be in control of this match even getting the ring bell at one point until Nadia got into the ring and Adam Maxted was able to roll up Adams for the win.

Saul did not look happy after the match and could not believe he lost.

Handicap Match
JD Knight defeated RJ Singh and Rishi Gosh (JD now has now obtained a 4FW title match vs Tiger Ali)

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JD Knight (centre) taking it to Rishi (left) and RJ (right)

Rishi Gosh and RJ singh came out next and challenged "Swindon Savior" JD Knight to a match if he won he would get a 4FW World Title shot at Tiger Ali however JD would have to defeat both Rishi and RJ in a handicap match.

I loved Rishi and RJ in the mic here they really tore into the fans and kept going and it really helped with the feel of the match. They had no fear and I thought they were great,

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Rishi and RJ cheating to win

4FW fans did not let up on them at all and were cheering JD all the way to win this match and luckily that what JD did after a lot of beating down from RJ and Rishi, JD was able to come back and hit JD DDT on Rishi for the Win.

Dick Justice Defeated Crusher Lomax

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Lomax (left) Dick Justice (right)

Next up was Crusher Lomax vs Dick Justice this was my first time seeing Dick Justice I hadn't seen him before and Lomax I have seen many times over the past few years. Lomax is an incredibly talented big man who is very athletic and moves very fast for a man of his size.

This was a totally different style of match and it was great! Dick Justice and Lomax did some great stuff here, whether it was running the ropes and criss-crossing each other until they both got tied, lent on each other and then feel to the canvas, or Dick Justice point his "finger gun" at Lomax only for Lomax to take it and then the referee to take it, it was pure fun and entertainment.

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Dick Justice posing

I loved it and the crowd loved it too, its what's great about pro wrestling they put smiles on peoples faces.

Dick Justice was able to obtained the victory with a big clothesline out of the corner.

Bubblegum Defeated Mega Pegasus to become new 4FW Junior Heavyweight Champion

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Bubblegum (left) Mega Pegasus (right)

Following on from that our championship match for the vacant 4FW Junior Heavyweight Championship.

Bubblegum came out n Man City, shirt flags and Bubble Hat and was followed by Mega Pegasus who did a very cool entrance with huge wings before he came to the ring.

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Mega Pegasus

In this match I really enjoyed the aggression show by Bubblegum and he is all round attitude. Mega Pegasus was very athletic  and he pushed Bubblegum as far as he could go nearly getting Bubblegum to submit at one point and coming very close with near fall too but it was Bubblegum who came out victorious and is new 4FW junior Heavyweight champion

The Saint W/Lord Gideon Gray defeated Samie Sahin

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Saime hitting Springboard Moonsault

Lord Gideon Gray is out first Lord Gideon Says that Sir Doug Williams is not here tonight and the reason he isn't is that he is too good to appear in Swindon in front of these fans. Lord Gideon went on to say that he would like to call out Saime Sahin, Saime comes to the ring and Gideon states that he has a replacement for Doug Williams and Samie should take a long hard look at the video screen.

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While Saime is looking at the screen The Saint comes out from the crowd and attacks Saime and our next match is on.

This is the first time I have seen The Saint as a bad guy and thinks that it really suits him, Saint is very methodical and is systematically trying to take Saime apart.

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As the match looks like it is turning Lord Gideon gets on the apron and hits Saime with what looks like is a cane and then Saint locks in a crossface submission and Saime has no choice but to submit.

Kenny Omega Defeated Tiger Ali in a non title match

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Ali and Omega face off

You can see the full match below Courtesy of 4FW

Tiger Ali is out first with RJ singh and Rishi Gosh again. These 3 are a tremendous bad guy group, the crowd are hating all 3 of them.

Tiger Ali is a tremendous talent and he is 4FW World Champion right now and standard bearer for the company.

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Tiger Ali with 4FW World Title
WWE should of used Tiger Ali in WWE UK Championship tournament there is no question in my mind about that, I hope WWE see sense because after his match with Kenny Omega tonight it makes me believe even more that Ali should have the WWE spotlight on him.

Even before the match began the fans in attendance were Serenading Kenny Omega with the chant "Best in the World, Best in the Worlddddd, Kenny Omega The best in the world" it went on for a long time and got a smile from Kenny.

Omega and Ali had a tremendous match and it built nicely with both men feeling each other out to begin with and the match ebbed and followed with RJ Singh and Rishi Gosh of course getting involved on multiple occasions.

In a great moment Tiger Ali brought his flag into the ring and referee took it away Kenny then got hold of it and said to Tiger "you think your better than everyone? Ali said yes and Omega said "no we are all created equal" that was clever and smart and really stood out to me.

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Kenny went to dive onto Ali on the outside of the ring but was stopped by 3 kings Kenny was thrown into a rail on the outside and then Tiger Ali decided he would fly and he dived onto Omega from the outside of the ring.

Tiger came close on many occasions to pinning Omega and procured a very near pinfall, but Omega kicked out at 2 (some fans around me though it was 3)

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Fans at this point in the match were chanting "This is Awesome"

Kenny hit Ali with some tremendous knee strikes and the sound echoed through the MECA centre in Swindon.  

The referee then got hit down in the match and again Rishi Gosh and Rj Singh enter trying to help Ali. 

 Tiger Ali was able to take advantage but there was no referee to make the 3 count for him.

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Tiger Ali at this point is getting frustrated and he goes to get his flag (for the 2nd time in the match)  and he hits Omega in the face with the base of the pole however Omega is able to lift up Ali and hit the One Winged Angel for the pinfall victory!

What a tremendous match I applaud everyone involved.

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Following the end of the show I went to 4FW meet and greet, I was able to meet Kenny and got him to sign my Wrestlekingdom 11 program that I recently obtained in Toyko.

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Kenny was top class as always a really nice person and we had a nice conversation about Wrestlekingdom 11 and about Toyko.

Unfortunately I was unable to stay for the Q and A part of this as I had to get my lift home.

You can see the full Kenny Omega Q&A Below

Overall I thought this was a brilliant show really top class and considering all the circumstances and difficulties that 4FW have faced over the past week this show was a tremendous success.

4FW had a bit of everything here, and credit must go to 4FW talent, management and everyone who works with them.

The Next 4FW show coming to Swindon MECA is on May 6th 2017 and I'll be there I hope you are too :)

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Thanks For Reading

Jonathan Orchard


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