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How Edge vs Mick Foley WM22 Brought me back to WWE

How Edge vs Mick Foley WM22 Brought me back to WWE

I have been thinking recently about what drew me back into wrestling from 2002-2005 I went on a hiatus from wrestling, as a huge fan all my life I’m not sure why maybe the product didn’t capture me, I was off doing other things (chasing girls and clubbing!) and I really fell out of love with the genre.

Maybe it was because at that time I was trying to be something that I wasn’t and trying to be socially acceptable to people that actually I shouldn’t have been trying to pander too, either way I didn’t have my eyes on product, important point to remember is  you live and you learn J

So it comes to May 2006 My friend Matt brought me for my birthday Wrestlemania 22 DVD and I hadn’t seen wrestling or any Wrestlemania’s in some time and wasn’t sure what it would be like watching wrestling again. It had been so long who was in wrestling now, had it all passed me by?

Had what I had known for so many years changed? Would I even like it anymore it was time to find out…..

I put the DVD in Sat back and relaxed and really enjoyed the Wrestlemania as a whole looking back now I think it was one of the most complete wrestlemaina's in history.
However I saw a match that grabbed and attention that brought me back into the genre and made me feel excited and have that feeling of disbelief from when I was a child, I could feel that emotion and that love for wrestling back in my veins the bug had bitten once again, the and the match I was watching

Edge vs Mick Foley

This was such a unique and special match to me and made me fall in love with wrestling , it wasn't a 40 min wrestling classic it was hardcore extreme wrestling match. Wrestling purists believe that this form of a match cannot be entertaining or tell a story I totally disagree.

Mick and Edge were and are so good that through this extreme hardcore match they were able to captivate me amaze me and make me believe in Wrestling again

Edge and Mick had all the elements in that match that we all love about wrestling suspense, drama, shock, despair, amazement,not knowing what they were going to do next and that feeling after a match of really seeing something special.

Mick and Edge really told a great story alongside the Match promo (before the match began) which WWE always does well. Edge and Mick Foley took me away and told a story that I didn’t know where it was going to end, I wasn’t in my mind sat there saying “I know what will happen next” I was transfixed by what I was seeing.

It was the little things that Mick did that made that match feel different me came out in black check top not his usual wanted dead shirt and red flannel, later on in the match Mick takes the top off and revels Barbed Wire underneath his shirt! The barbed wire baseball bad with Edge screaming as its raked across his face, then there was the flaming table.

Edge and Mick going through that table is a moment to me that was bigger than hell in a cell everyone believes that Hell in a cell defines Mick Foley, and to a certain degree it does it shows Mick guts and insane commitment to wrestling and what he loves but this moment fro Mick must of been great on a personal level to have the Wrestlemania highlight moment that is going to live forever, it was something that I never saw coming nor something I thought WWE would do, it was very unique in that era and I believe this match help propel Edge to being a top level talent.

. Edge is one the premier competitors in WWE he is a WWE Hall Of Famer and a character I truly miss in WWE and unfortunately had to retire.

 Edge who had developed and changed so much since I had last seen him into this egotistical, Rated R superstar with Lita I really dug the character and gravitated towards it, so much so that my first WWE T shirt  purchase after in 2006 return  
was an Edge Wrestlemania 22 Rated R Superstar T shirt and I wore it to a WWE live Event in Cardiff!

 Edge as much as Mick has to be given so much credit, how many people do you know would dive face first into a flaming table To entertain millions of fans across the world?

Edge and Mick at the end of their match hooked me back in to this great sport we call wrestling and iv been in ever since got involved even more created this blog even to share my thoughts with the world on the wrestling world.

Nearly 10 years on and I’m still as absorbed as ever. Without seeing Mick and Edge maybe I wouldn't of come back, things would of been very different. So to Edge and Mick Foley I have to thank you both because without you I may never have come back.

Thanks for Reading
Jonathan Orchard

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