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What is Global Force Wrestling?

What is Global Force Wrestling?
Hello everyone and welcome to another new blog since I have been off this week I thought that I would write a new blog talking one of the newest wrestling companies Global Force Wrestling.
Global Force Wrestling was founded by Former TNA Impact Wrestling Owner Jeff Jarrett. Jeff decided to leave TNA and in April 7th 2014 announced that he would be starting a new promotion Global Force Wrestling along with his stunning wife Karen Jarrett.
See video below of Jeff and Karen Talking about How Global Force Wrestling
Over the last year Jeff and Karen have been making links with wrestlers and promotions all over the world and have partnered with many different wrestling companies across the world. that is the difference with Jeff and Karen that they are willing to work with other Wrestling companies and work together for the better of GFW and the companies they partner with.
Its a unique approach its fresh and its interesting and opens up the possibilities of what can happen - in 2015 in Wrestling that's a really nice sentence to be able to say.
In January 2015 Global Force Wrestling brought New Japan Pro Wrestling Wrestlekingdom 9 to a worldwide audience for the 1st time, with the excellent Jim Ross and Matt Striker on commentary we were able to see the nest talent New Japan Pro Wrestling had to offer.
My Brother and I watched the show live as we live in UK we were up in the morning and my brother ordered it on the Flipps Tv app and we sat on the sofa around the Ipad watching this great show. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was great to see these different characters and different style of wrestlers like Okada and Nakaruma who really stuck in my mind after that show.
Following the huge success of Wrestle Kingdom 9, it was then announced that Global Force Roster announcements would be coming and event and taping information to follow.
Global force have announced a fantastic roster of wrestlers including Bobby Roode, Nick Aldis (Magnus) Chris Mordetzky (chris masters) Colt Cabana, Bullet Club,Mickie James and many many more.

The ring GFW Superstars will be wrestling in (from Kevin Sullivan twitter page)
I have managed to meet many GFW talents over the past few months including Amazing Jigsaw, Chris Mordetzky, Hacksaw Jim Duggan. I'm looking forward to see how all these great talents do in GFW and what their paths will be.
me and GFW Chris Mordetzky
Me and GFW Hacksaw Jim Duggan
me and Ultmo Tiger (right) Sabu (centre) GFW jigsaw (right)
The Roster
Below is the current Roster for Global Force Wrestling expect many surprises and more additions too.  Its a great solid roster of wrestlers that are very entertaining and know their craft so well. From Legends like Jim Cornette to high flyers PJ Black, and Sonjay Dutt to Heavyweights Doc Gallows to great tag team like The Young Bucks this roster has depth. Also Jeff Jarrett has stated that there will be a strong emphasis on young new talent and we can expect to see a lot of brand new rising stars coming to GFW.
The Championships
Global Force Wrestling have announced that they are going to have 4 different titles and Divisions GFW World Championship, GFW Tag Team Championship, GFW Woman's Championship and GFW Next Gen Championship. There are title tournaments being held at Global Force Wrestling 1st TV tapings - with the roster competing for the different titles.
Below is a video from Global Force Wrestling detailed their 4 Championships
Global Force Wrestling TV show
As I mentioned above Global Force Wrestling started Taping their TV shows on Friday 24th July 2015. The majority of these matches are Tournament matches for their vacant respective titles. Announced by Global Force Wrestling recently the name of their new TV show is Global Force Wrestling (GFW) - GFW Amped. GFW Amped what it means and why the name was chosen is explained by Global Force Wrestling Founder Jeff Jarrett in the video below
Live Events
Global Force Wrestling have already been doing live events called GFW grand slam tour as baseball venues. they have already done a number of these events and current have more of these events listed. Also it has just been announced that Global Force Wrestling is going to be coming to UK in October and Grimsby and also in Kings Lynn.

I think this is a great move by Global Force Wrestling. UK wrestling fans love great wrestling and they have a great roster and I think that these shows could definitely help springboard GFW in the UK.

Also on a side not on the poster of UK live Events is UK Wrestler Doug Williams. Doug is a tremendous talent as as I have written about before you always get your money worth when you see him - so if you haven't seen him before go check him out and the other great stars of Global Force Wrestling - if I can get time off work i'm coming too!!!
Events from July 24th onwards
Events from 28th August onwards
UK events from Global Force Wrestling
I wish Global Force Wrestling Every success on their live shows and TV tapings and hope that they are successful and we see even more from here and the companies they have partnered with in the future. To find out more about Global Force Wrestling go to and follow Jeff Jarret on Twitter @realJeffJarrett and @Karenjarrett
Thanks for Reading
Jonathan Orchard

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