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Pro Wrestling Pride with TNA Stars Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards TheWolves

Pro Wrestling Pride  with TNA Stars Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards The Wolves

Robbie caine with The Wolves

I travelled again this weekend off to see another PWP show this time in Teignmouth in Devon, Teignmouth as a town was great really enjoyed being there and I stayed at the Bay Hotel which was brilliant big shout out to them and the people that run it they were great!

Onto the wrestling we had 5 matches at the show and this was my first time at Broadmeadow Sports Centre the venue was great and very spacious. when the show started this show felt different to the others and I think that was because of the high ceilings of the venue gave the show a different feel. In my opinion I think that a lot of story was told at this show tonight and we are going to see even more develop as the next few shows come along - I liked that tonight my personal opinion Is I like it when stories are progressing with purpose because it gives pro wrestling pride so many different elements and gives fans different things to get into - that's what makes Pride special to me.

As always people this blog is written from memory so again if I miss anything I apologise!!

Tag Team Title Match
Pretty Marvellous vs John Harding and Mike Bird
Pretty Marvellous
Danny Walsh and John Harding
Pretty Marvellous make their grand entrance with 2 Girls (unfortunately Elle couldn't make this show but hopefully will be back soon the ladies that were there did a marvellous job - (pun intended) Marvellous make their way around the ring insult fans as they go and then get in the ring and hit their signature entrance pose in the ring.

John Harding and Mike Bird are out next and get into the ring and our match is on this match was a change to the advertised main event but that's the exciting thing about Pride shows you never know what is going to happen and what changes might happen.

Marvellous are doing a lot of verbal sparing with the crowd and they are tagging in and out of the match and initially they are taking on John Harding. John is an interesting character and one half of Team Beard with Mike Bird I like this team and they gave marvellous as much back as they were getting I feel that Harding and Bird worked together well and have makings of a great good guy (face team - pun beard get it?)

Mike Bird in the Corner
John Harding gets cut off from his partner and gets worked over a lot by Danny and Mark and I believe it was him that got slapped in the face by one of the ladies (Tara) at ringside.

Tara slapped a member of Team Beard
Harding has difficulty making the tag to Bird every time Harding nearly gets there he gets cut off but in the end Harding manages to get to Bird.

Unfortunately for Team Beard they lose the match when Marvellous put their feet on the ropes steal the win and keep the tag team titles.

Winners - Pretty Marvellous

Josh Knott w/ Calum Cain and Tyler Hawke vs Big Grizzly
Josh Knott
Team C2 are out first and they are conversing in the ring. next out is big grizzly this is the first match I have seen at Pro Wrestling Pride of Grizzly and got to say that he really impressed me in his match with Josh Knott.

Josh is doing everything that he can to get Grizzly off his feet and there is lots of interference on the outside by Hawke and Cain jumping on the apron throughout the match or getting involved in the match by Distracting Grizzly and allowing Knott to take the advantage and get Grizzly down at one point when Grizzly was in the corner - Tyler Hawke is choking Grizzly from corner and trying to do everything he can to help Knott.

After all the interference and all the shenanigans from Team C2, it looks like Grizzly is set to lose this match, However Grizzly is able to overcome the odds that he has and he ends up pinning ~Knott and getting the win.

Grizzly has Tyler Hawke in a Chokeslam
After the match the story continues as Hawke gets into the ring and gets grabbed by the throat by Grizzly and Cain tries to Stop Grizzly but Hawke gets a huge chokeslam in the centre of the ring. Grizzly then goes after Knott again but Cain has the mic and is telling Grizzly that he has a contract for a world title match and that Grizzly needs to listen to him if Grizzly leaves Team C2 alone and agrees to let Cain manage him that Cain believes that he can take Grizzly to the world title - Grizzly spends a lot of time thinking about it and thinking about what he should do but he agrees and leaves with team C2 however Josh Knott was visibly unhappy with Cain actions and did not leave at the same time as Cain, Hawke and Grizzly, then knott pushed Cain. It looks like there could be a further story to this and some dissension in team C2 as we go forward.

Catch Division Match
Dick Riley vs Ultimo Tiger
Ultimo Tiger
Whenever if see these two they always have a good match both individually are great and Riley made his way to the ring 1st in Leopard Print gear followed by Ultimo Tiger in his brand new Tshirt (see pic below) can be purchased at all pride shows or at

Riley and Tiger go into the corners to begin with and go in and out of the corners with each with Riley berating the fans whenever he can and then Riley challenges Tiger to a test of strength he starts off by taunting and putting his right arm in the air and then swaps over to his left and him and Tiger then lock up from this and Tiger manages to take the advantage in the match.

Dick Riley
Although the momentum does shift in this match and Riley is able to get some near falls which he keeps telling the referee that its a 3 count not a 2 count, Tiger though is able to win the match and defeat Riley.

After the match Ultimo Tiger is in the ring then suddenly from the Entrance way Mega Tiger comes out and starts attacking Ultimo Tiger this is the first time iv seen Mega Tiger in a little while and was good to see the story develop and continue. Ultimo Tiger fights back and Mega Tiger ends up on the outside of the ring,Ultimo Tiger takes the mic and says that this has gone on long enough and challenges Mega Tiger to come to the ring , Mega Tiger screams and runs towards the ring but stops just as he is getting to the ring and starts to walk away, Ultimo Tiger says that in Newton Abbott next week its time to finish this and challenges Mega Tiger to a Mask vs Mask match will Mega Tiger Accepts!!!

Mega Tiger and Ultimo Tiger
Darren Saviour vs Keizer w/ Owen Quinn

Saviour and Keizer
Keizer comes out first and is joined again by Owen Quinn, Keizer grabs the mic and it was hard to make out what he was saying the people around me were loud and they really don't like Keizer at all, lots of  "We Want Darren" chants around the building, Darren makes his entrance and is looking to go straight for Keizer in this match and start it off.

Great atmosphere to this match crowd really want to see Darren kick Keizer ass!! This is Darren hometown show also which adds to the occasion

I remember Darren getting slapped by Keizer and then Darren hitting some stiff kicks to begin with and the fight with Keizer and Darren begins. Keizer then takes advantage and puts him into an armbar then following puts Darren in the corner, Darren comes back at Keizer until Owen Quinn Decides to get involved into the match but Darren slaps Owen Very hard on the apron and Owen falls to the floor.

As the match goes on Keizer re takes the advantage but Keizer gets taken to the outside but when he is out there he goes under the ring and brings out a kendo stick and hits Darren with it from the floor with Darren by the ring ropes this turns the tide for Keizer and he hits Saviour with the Kendo Stick, Saviour manages to get Keizer to drop the kendo stick but Owen Quinn goes into the ring and picks up the Kendo Stick and hits Darren in the back with it but it has no effect at all, Darren is fired up and Owen although holding the stick looks scared, Darren is able to get the stick from Owen and hits Owen right in the head the shot was loud and could hear the echo throughout the hall

Saviour and Quinn
Keizer is able to get himself back into the match and he is able to pin Saviour and get the win.

After the match Keizer and Owen attack Saviour and after they go to leave the ring Saviour gets on the mic and says that Keizer is that the best you've got, Keizer and Owen come back again and Beat down Saviour, again Saviour gets up after they have left the ring and Keizer comes back again but Saviour is able to get a hold of the Stick and is eventually chases Keizer to the back.

TNA Tag Team Champions The Wolves vs Robbie Caine and UK Dominator

Richards and Caine
Caine and Dominator come out and are at their best they are heels that love to be hated and they are really getting into it with the crowd - I think all wrestling companies need really good  bad guys like this they are great and they really are a great foil for a team to play off against. The Wolves Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards come pout to a great huge reaction from the fans and they get into the ring and are ready to fight with Caine and Dominator.

Richards and UK Dominator
Caine starts off with Davey Richards and Caine starts off having some difficulty contain and dealing with the Wolves but manages to take control and get a side headlock on Richards but this doesn't last for long and Caine ends up tagging in Dominator to see whether he can do any better - Dominator tries to get the better of the Wolves but he is also unsuccessful in his efforts and he tags Caine back in which leads to a great spot later in the match where (if I can explain this properly) Edwards and Richards tag in and out and are working on the arm of Caine and Richards with Caine of the floor wraps Caine arm around his leg and Richards after doing this for the 2nd time does a rick rude hip shake - great moment.

Dominator and Caine manage to get Edwards into their corner and start putting the boots to him and Edwards is led into the corner, Edwards manages to get out and after this and to be honest the action is too fast to call The Wolves are incredibly fast in the ring and work like a well oiled machine The Wolves to a double 10 punch count to both men in the corner.

Robbie Caine then goes out of the ring and gets one of the TNA tag team titles and Domintor has ahold of one of the Wolves Caine runs with the belt but he ends up hitting his partner Dominator - The Wolves then go up to the top rope and howl then hit caine with Double stomp for the win!

The Wolves
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