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Pro Wrestling Pride - Newton Abbott 25 Jan 2015

Pro Wrestling Pride Show Review -Newton Abbott 25 Jan 2015

You can view the whole show here:

Unusually for me I was not able to make this show in Newton Abbott due to a prior commitment but luckily for me the good people at Pro Wrestling Pride decided to release this show on Youtube , so I have been able to watch the latest matches and goings on.

First off I'm liking the production that Pro Wrestling Pride are using I like promos before every match helps explain to the people watching the characters, the match and helps give depth to the characters and I think that's always important. Also the ring is well lit and that makes for a great recording of this event, the sound quality is great and is shot well giving a good all round view of the matches on offer.

 We Start off with Duncan Bugg making his entrance to the ring then he introduces are referees Martin Longley and Ed Dyer.

We then go backstage and see Joshua Knott with Naomi talking about his match with Eddie Ryan. Joshua cut a good promo correcting Naomi that he is now known as Joshua not Josh, its a small thing but think it makes a world of difference now he is with C2, Joshua is developing.

Naomi with Knott and Caine

Joshua Knott with Calum Cain and Tyler Hawke vs Eddie Ryan

Referee rings the bell and we are under way with this one, Josh starts off by going to the ropes a lot  but initially Ryan manages to apply a side headlock and hits Knott with a shoulder tackle which takes Knott out of the ring. Knott takes his time getting back in, once Knott is back in Ryan manages to take advantage and starts working on left arm of Knott and hits a leg drop on the arm of Knott too.

Ryan manages to get back into control but is stopped when Hawke and Cain choke Ryan on the ropes twice from the floor, knot get whips hard into the corner but Hawke manages to stop Ryan momentum again by pulling Ryan around the ring post, once Ryan gets back up and goes for a move from 2nd rope Hawke grabs his leg again and Knott takes Ryan out from the apron and gets a 2 count.

Team C2
Knott then puts Ryan in Abdominal Stretch in 2 separate positions and Ryan manages to get his way out of it and hits a gut wrench suplex for 2 count.

Ryan gets his leg held again by Hawke and Calum Cain comes to the ring and drops Catch Trophy near Knott who picks it up and behind referee back hits Ryan in stomach with it and then rolls up Ryan for the win.

Winner - Josh Knott

Dominator and Robbie Cain cut a promo on how they don't like the name panda cub and how they are going to dominate in the next match.

UK Dominator and Robbie Caine vs Danny Jones and Panda Cub

Match starts and Crowd start chanting Right Said Fred at UK Dominator, Dominator and Caine talking trash to the crowd is so entertaining. UK Dominator is one of my favourite bad guys to watch, he's Scottish. he's arrogant and you cant help but not like him and pairing with Caine who comments had me laughing I thought these two were entertaining.

Panda Cub and Jones won a contract with pro wrestling pride both have potential and both will develop in PWP. This is just my opinion for what its worth  the one worry I have for them is that they remind me of a version of Wrestling Time (Saviour and Tiger)  , I want to come off as there own team and let their own personalities shine through.
Match starts off with Caine attacking Jones from behind and  Caine tags in Dominator and he is putting the kicks to Jones in the corner and gives him a foot choke also, Dominator tags in Caine again who goes for a suplex on Jones but Jones manages to land on his feet and catches the leg of Caine and pulls him up for a powerbomb and near fall.

Following this Dominator and Caine gain back control until Jones is able to roll up Dominator for a 2 count - panda then gets tagged in and hits a double knee in the corner then Panda hits a dive on the outside to all the match participants, following this Dominator and Caine Take Control again cutting off Panda from Jones.

Jones Finally gets the tag in and hits another dropkick on Dominator and hits a top rope dropkick on Caine, However Dominator and Caine hit double team Spike Tombstone for 1-2-3 and the win!

Winners - UK Dominator and Robbie Caine

Darren Saviour vs Keizer - No DQ match
Saviour and Keizer in Exeter jan 2015
Next Up is a very revved up Darren Saviour talking to Naomi backstage about Keizer and Their current issues from Exeter Lemongrove and what he is going to do tonight

Naomi with Darren
We head to ringside and Keizer is out first with his new "young boy" Owen Quinn - Keizer comes out in a black coat and gas mask. Keizer tells Duncan Bugg Ring announcer that he doesn't want to get paid for this match but he wants it to be a no DQ match Bugg agrees and makes it a No DQ match. During this the crowd are chanting "we want Saviour" 

Darren Saviour comes out to a great ovation from the crowd in Newton Abbott and looks ready to fight Keizer. Darren goes to Grapple Keizer but he goes to the ropes and Saviour then manages to hit a series of stiff forearms - Keizer and Saviour then brawl outside with Saviour taking hold of Keizer by the arms and having some fun with the fans by having the fans slap Keizer on the chest - they make their way back to the ring and Saviour gets a chair and sits Keizer in it at ringside, Darren gets up on the apron and runs and goes to dive off but is hit by a superkick by Keizer.

Keizer gets Darren back in the ring and hits running knee to stomach  and then hits a curb stomp for a 2 count on Darren. Saviour manages to come back with a hard enzuguri and Quinn gets involved and Darren throws him into Keizer, Darren then hits an over the top rope dive onto Quinn and Keizer on the outside.

Keizer gets back in the ring and Saviour hits a death valley driver for a near fall, Keizer comes back and manges to hit a suplex from the corner, Quinn gets a chair and Keizer throws it into the face of Saviour for another near fall. Keizer wedges chair in the corner and goes to whip Saviour into it but its reversed and Keizer head hits the chair and Saviour rolls him up for the win.

Winner - Darren Saviour

Catch Divison Match
Ultimo Tiger vs Koji Kanemoto

Koji Kanemoto in Exeter
Tiger offers handshake to Koji but Koji rejects it and the match gets underway with both compoetitors feeling each other out in the early going - lots of lets go tiger chants from the crowd as they both exchange quick kicks with each other - Koji gets hit with back body drop bit Koji comes back with a series of kicks and is working on left leg of Tiger.

Koji misses a springboard senton and tiger takes advantage and hits a drop kick to Koji, Tiger goes for armbreaker on Koji but Koji gets to the ropes. Koji manages to take advantage and turn things back his way working on legs of Tiger again and putting Tiger legs in a bow and leaning back several times until Tiger is able to get out of this.

Koji then tries to take the mask off of Tiger unsuccessfully and hits a michinoku type driver on tiger for 2 count. - both men exchange forearms - Tiger comes back and throws Koji into the corner  but misses a splash and Koji hits a series of punches and kicks in the corner, With Tiger led in corner Koji misses the 3rd kick and Tiger turns it into an armbar but Koji gets to the ropes again.

Tiger goes for sliced bread but is reversed and Koji gets ankle lock  on but Tiger manages to get to the ropes.Koji hits 2 dragon whips on Tiger, Tiger hits another series of kicks and punches and then hits a moonsault for a 2 count.

Koji then gets the ankle locks again and locks it in and there is nowhere to go and Tiger has to tap out.

Tiger and Koji shake hands after the match and crowd cheer

Winner - Koji Kanemoto

6 Man Tag Main Event

Pretty Marvellous and Antiono De Luca vs John Harding, Mike Bird and Sinclair (Team Beard)
Walsh Brothers Cut a good promo beforehand telling their opponents how great they are and what they are going to do tonight, Team Beard also have a promo of their own afterwards telling Their opponents that they are ready for them and ready for a fight.

Walsh Brothers with Naomi

Team  Beard with Naomi
I enjoyed this 6 man match  - Danny  verbally during the match and on the apron is Gold always saying "sexy babbbby" or saying something insulting to referee or fans - it really adds to the team and adds to the match and is an important element to his character and what he does not many people do it and makes him stand out during the match.

Match starts off with some Pretty Marvellous chants from the crowd and then Team Beard chants follow Mark Walsh is in the ring and gives John Harding double bird and flips him off and tags in Danny, Danny doesn't stay in the ring and tags in De Luca . Harding hits some arm drags on De Luca.

Bird gets tagged in and hits and hits a hard chop and dropkick on a tagged in Mark Walsh.

Sinclair then gets a side headlock and team beard take control  with Sinclair and Harding  until Mark hits a back suplex on Harding and Tags in Danny  who hits Harding in the corner  and hits a sidewalk slam off the ropes.

De luca then come sin and takes out Team Beard and hits a slam on Harding for another 2 count.

De Luca tags in Danny and they stay in control as the match goes on Mark Walsh gets back int he ring and hits an excellent perfect plex for a 2 count - really nicely done. Ref misses a tag to Harding and Pretty Marvellous stay in control with Danny having a camel clutch on Sinclair.

Harding finally gets the tag in and hits all members of the opposing side and throws them all into the corner and splashes them but then gets hit with a great superkick then mark hits an rko on Harding. Sinclair hits a cradle piledriver and then Harding gets a nearfall with a victory roll.

 Mark pulls Harding from the top rope and and Danny puts Harding on his shoulders and Mark goes to the top rope and hits a flying kick to the chest on Harding and Danny makes the cover for 1-2-3.

Winners - Pretty Marvellous and Antiono De Luca

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