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Wwe live Cardiff 6th Nov 2014 results

Wwe live Cardiff 6th Nov 2014 results 

Before the show I tried to get a Seth Rollins t shirt but they had all sold out also before the show begun in the seats to my right there were lots of spare seats usually wwe is sold out on Cardiff on this occasion not. Pic below shows lots of empty seats on my right hand side.

I decided I would Take a couple days off work and go and see WWE live in Cardiff I missed out in the summer so thought that I would go now and see what the product was like in person! First up was a triple h promo welcoming us to wwe live then next up was

 Miz vs Sheamus, 

Miz came out with Damien mizdow and Damien was Hilarous doing his usual 'air moves' around the ring! Sheamus beat Miz with the brogue kick then afterwards picked up a lifeless Miz and moved his arms to YMCA as mizdow did the same thing next to him a fun way to start the night.

 Following this Byron Saxon our ring announcer drew our attention to the big screen and a message from Vince mcmahon  it was an apology promo for all the UK wwe network issues same as we saw online except with the added 'enjoy the rest of the show' 

Los Matadores/el torito vs slater gator/ hornswoggle tag team match

 I didn't see much of this match to be honest, fans voted before the match whether they wanted a dance off or a match thankfully they chose the match. El torito pinned hornswoggle to give his team the win, kids really seemed to love this match!! We had something different come up in the next match 

Xavier woods vs mark Henry 

Not really sure what woods gimmick is, he talked about being disappointed in mark Henry, match didn't last long and woods got pinned with worlds strongest slam. 

From there we got a 
Seth Rollins promo about street fight with Dean Ambrose later tonight.
Paige and Nikki vs Aj (Brie at ringside)

this match was originally meant to be Brie and Aj vs Nikki an Paige however Nikki forced Brie to be in her corner and it was turned into a handicap Match. Nikki kept refusing to tag Paige and Brie distracted Nikki with a yes chant and AJ rolled up Nikki for the win. Z

Next came US championship match
Big show vs Rusev 

yes lana is even more beautiful In person than she is on TV. Match ended when Rusev hit big show with a chair to cause a dq. Mark Henry came out after and tried to put the boots to big show but eventually got knocked out with the KO punch. Then we got to intermission. 

After the break Miz music hit again but this time it was 

Damien mizdow on his own  vs jack swagger 

The match didn't last too long swagger hit swagger splash and got mizdow in patriot lock for the win. Zen did a 'real Welshman' promo afterwards. The next match I was surprised but very happy to see

Luke harper and  Erick Rowan vs Kofi Kingston an big E 

wow harper can go and I mean really go!! He to me was great in this match. Erick Rowan seemed really good and saw a few different moves from him. Match centred around keep big e away from tagging Kofi, Kofi eventually gets in a cleans house and he and big e get the win with a big ending/Kofi jump from the top Rope move!! 

Main event Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose streetfight

This was a great main event a fab match between these two and well worth the money. They did everything in this chairs, canes and tables! Seth powerbombed Ambrose in the turnbuckle and then picked him up and powerbombed him again this time through a table lent in the corner. This wasn't the end though. Ambrose hit a flying chair drop to Rollins on the canvas and after hitting dirty deeds and then hitting Rollins with his on briefcase Rollins fell onto another table set up in the middle of the ring. Ambrose went to the top rope and with a top rope elbow drove Rollins through the table!!! Ambrose with the win!!! :) 

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