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Pro Wrestling Pride - 3 stages of Hell 23rd November 2014

Pro Wrestling  Pride - 3 stages of Hell  23rd Nov 2014


Thanks for reading everything i'm writing here is from memory and my opinion on what I saw at the show!!! enjoy

This past weekend I jumped on the train and took the 2 hour journey from where I live down to Torquay to go and see my 3rd show of Pro Wrestling Pride.

This Torquay show was on Sunday 23rd November and  the main event is former wwe nxt star Joel Redman vs Tyler Hawke in a 3 stages of hell match.

We get to warriors and what's cool about this venue there is 2 levels you can sit around the ring or you can go upstairs and watch the show from the balcony.  We decided this time to watch from the balcony as get a birds eye view of the action.

Pro Wrestling Pride World Title Match 
UK Dominator vs Josh Knott 

UK Dominator

I always enjoy seeing UK dominator at pro wrestling pride shows he is that old school Scottish heel that doesn't like anyone and doesn't like anybody. He comes out and people and other fans around me  are booing him a lot even before the Match starts. Dominator comes out with Baine. 

Josh Knott comes out and out match begins. Dominator and Knott have a good Match with each other but Baine gets involved a lot at various points in the match trying to help Dominator win. Baine gets told to go to the back by the referee and while this is going on Dominator gets his belt goes to hit Josh with it, however Knott grabs the title but the ref gets back in the ring and takes the title from Knott and when thw ref back is turned Dominatir kicks Knott with a low blow and wins the match. Following the match a frustrated Knott pushes over the referee and leaves. 

Chris Andrews Gauntlet

chris andrews in action

Uk Dominator stays in the ring as coming up next is Gauntlet Match for Chris Andrews. If Andrews wins he selects the situations for their match at the next show in Exeter if Dominator  wins he can choose the stipulation . Andrews starts off by facing Italian Stallion and he is the first of Andrews opponents. Andrews finishes him up quickly and his next opponent comes in, this goes a little longer but Andrews with his size and strength hits a fireman a carry into a diamond cutter/RKO and his 3rd opponent then comes our Baine!! Baine takes it to Andrews and they fight back as forth. The match heads outside and while they are out there Dominator gets invoked and Andrews follows Dominator up the aisle way and the ref is counting and Andrews couldn't make the count and so loses the match. 

Dominator comes back and he and the other wrestlers in the ring beat down Chris Andrews and Dominator announces that their match in Exeter will be a lumberjack match and Dominator will choose the lumberjacks. 

Up next 

Pro Wrestling Pride Tag Team championship Match
Wrestling Time (Darren Saviour and Ultimo Tiger) vs  Pretty Marvellous ( Danny and Mark Walsh) 

darren saviour and ultimo toger

Mark Walsh and Danny Walsh

I was really looking forward to this match since it was announced on Facebook in the week. It was great to see Walsh brothers in action as I hadn't seen them as a team before. I saw them both on Raven Show back in August but as a team was intriguing. Felt that these two team could have a great match together.

First off it was great to see Danny Walsh back in the ring after a little while away (the fans appreciated it and lots of chants of Danny Walsh after the match) 

The match went back and forth with Walsh brothers cutting off Tiger from Saviour and employing double team moves and  trying to dominate the match. Saviour then entered the ring off the tag and  took out both brothers then out of no where appears Mega Tiger and goes straight after Ultimo tiger they battle to the back and leave Darren on his own. Walsh Brothers take advantage of this and attack Darren and are getting many near falls. I think this is where the match is going to end, i thought I knew what was coming next new tag team champions.

However Tiger comes back out and comes off the top rope onto both brothers with tiger back, tiger and saviour are able to get the pinball and retain the tag titles . 

I really enjoyed this Match because it took me on so many twists and turns. There were moments in this match that I thought I knew what was going to happen and how the match was going to finish but it changed direction and didn't follow a formula  above all though they told a story and kept me guessing which I like as a wrestling fan, they gave me what I wasn't expecting in this match and that is clever.

After the match Danny Walsh gets on the mic and calls all the fans "dickheads" which got lots of the fans chanting "we are dickheads" which was a funny moment. Danny then challenges Wrestling Time to a return match in Exeter.

After the interval came the next match the debut match of mega Tiger vs Rocker John.

Ultimo Tiger takes out Rocker John and Referee Owen Quinn

mega tiger was very dominant in this match and rocker john took a lot of blows to the back and even though I was at the top of warriors I could see the marks on his back. Mega Tiger won the match with a cradle bomb (Sheamus white noise move) after the match mega tiger go in the face of referee Owen Quinn and then kicked the ref in the head and then picked him up and did his finisher on the ref. This brought out Saviour and Ultimo Tiger and Mega Tiger fled the ring.

Next up was a tag team match for a contract in Pro Wrestling Pride

 unfortunately I cant remember the teams names!! (I couldn't  hear them over the crowd) so I wont go in depth here. it was a tag team match where they choose 4 wrestlers from the pride tryouts they had held earlier in the day.  one chap (on the heel team) got on the mic and stated that he was from Cardiff across the bridge and that he was above doing a tryout match for a contract, I enjoyed him on the mic and for not performing in that venue before made people hate him quickly he showed lots of charisma. Needless to say the chap from Cardiff and his partner Bishop lost and are now heading back across the bridge!

Our main event of the evening

3 stages of hell for pride catch championship
Joel Redman (c) vs Tyler Hawke (w/Calum Cain)

1st match - standard match
2nd match submission
3rd match - no dq street fight

Joel Redman vs Tyler Hawke

Hawke and Redman

Wow Wow Wow what a great main event this was this had a bit of everything and really was a great way to end a great evening. again the theme running through this whole show tonight was story. This was another match which told a story within itself but also linked back to a story earlier on in the night.

Before the match began fans next to me on the balcony were chanting "redman sucks" and "Tyler Hawke" so a vocal portion of the crowd were on Redman back all night.

1st match was a standard match between Redman and Hawke with both men trying to out do each other or more correctly Hawke trying to outdo Redman in terms of wrestling skill and prowess. This led to some great spots in the first match with redman doing a handstand on the ropes both sides and also having Hawke in a leg scissors and making him fall over by smacking him on the ass!!

However it was Hawke who had the last laugh in the first fall when he managed to pin Redman by having his feet on the ropes and getting the 1-2-3.

the 2nd match was then a submission match and it centred around Hawke working on the leg of Redman and on the knee brqace on redman right leg. however redman was able to turn this around and get Hawke into a crossface submission. unfortunately Tyler got to the ropes and managed to break the hold only because his manager Calum Cain pushed the rope so Hawke could reach it., shortly after Redman was able to re-apply the hold and Hawke had no other option than to tap out.
Redman does a handstand

This brought us to our final fall the no DQ street fight.....this was insane....really insane.
I enjoyed this immensely and as I described earlier I like it when I can get carried away with a match and get involved in it so much. Redman went and found a chair under the ring brought it over to Hawke who was on the outside and gave him a  chair shot . Redman then went under the ring again and pulled out a table he pushed it into the ring (a ladder was also in the ring too) Redman then went to set up the table, he set the table up then Manager Callum Cain got on the apron Joel grabbed Cain by the head and Joel then stepped onto the 2nd rope and picked up Cain and suplexed him through the table!!!!!  The table blew apart in two!!!

Redman then gets a chair and sets it up in the ring but this allows Hawke to take the advantage and throw Redman into the corner, Hawke then run at Redman in the corner and use the chair to jump off and drop kick Redman.

Following this Redman manages to regain control and sets up a chair in the ring and gets ahold of Hawke and hits a spinning tombstone piledriver but only gets a 2 count! with the chair set up in the ring Hawke and Redman go to the corner with Redman sat on the turnbuckle and Hawke on the 2nd rope Redman manages to get Hawke and rotates him round to a invented pildriver position from the top rope, Redman then jumped off and piledrove Hawke through the chair set up in the ring!!!! This was incredible and the whole crowd went mental chants of "holy shit" spread throughout the area people were genuinely shocked to see that as was I!

Josh Knott then comes out to even the score with the interfering Calum Cain Knott gets into the ring and sets up the ladder that was in the ring for Joel to climb to finish off Hawke ?Joel gets to the top of the ladder and then Knott pushes Joel off the ladder and it leads to Hawke getting the pinfall and becoming new catch division champion!!!!

Josh Knott hugged Cain now Knott has officially joined C2 Agenda!!

Hawke and Knott beat down Redman after the match and Redman then demanded a re match in Exeter for the next show.

I really enjoyed this show as they linked together the beginning and end of the show and told a story within a story and added depth to Josh Knott and now set him on a new path not only did it do that but added more into mega tiger vs ultimo tiger and more elements with Hawke and Redman and Dominator vs Andrews.

thanks for reding
Jonathan Orchard

The card is looking strong and the next show is


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