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CM Punk - his interview with Colt Cabana & how he created magic at Wrestlemania 29

CM Punk - his interview with Colt Cabana and how Punk created magic at Wrestlemania 29

 Thanks for reading everything i'm writing here is from memory and my opinion on what I listened to on the  show!!! enjoy :)
This week like many of you I listened to brand new Art of Wrestling Podcast by Colt Cabana and as his guest he had CM Punk. CM Punk talked for the first time about what happened with him and WWE and What his perspective and what his opinion was on the situation and what took place. I respect him for speaking out and speaking his mind too its not an easy thing to do and it was something he didn't have to do. So like may others I personally felt very privileged to hear CM Punk express his opinions and thoughts.

If you haven't listened to it yet please go and listen at and click on the listen to the podcast link. Also if you have a couple of spare bucks (or pounds if your from England like me) please support Colt and his Podcast by purchasing some merch (click the link below)

Both Colt and Cm Punk gave us this interview for free  as they said could of gone to a company and made lots of money but Punk stated that "Ladies and Gentleman not everything in life is about money and that is a lot of what my story is about"

the interview I felt with CM Punk was captivating the issues he talked through and the instances he talked about with Vince Mcmahon, Triple H and WWE medical staff were absolutely incredible, how some of those things still take place in 2014 is unbelievable.

I could sense and feel the frustration of CM Punk especially when he was talking about not being able to have sponsors and Vince Mcmahon telling him "no pal you cant do that" but then only for Vince to change his mind when Brock Lesnar came into the company a short while later and he was allowed to wear shorts with outside sponsors on, CM punk quite rightly is questioning what is going on here?

cm punk wanted to wear shorts with sponsors

In another instance he talks about wanting to walk Chael Sonnen to the ring at a UFC Event in Chicago and so he talks to Vince Mcmahon and Vince calls UFC "barbaric" and again tells CM Punk "No" however again as before 2 weeks alter Triple H walks Floyd Mayweather to the ring and its fine. CM Punk fails to see the difference and so do I, CM Punk was trying to tell Vince about the extra Publicity that it would bring WWE but it fell on deaf ears.

chael sonnen

CM Punk also talked about his issues with WWE medical staff and to be honest that's what shocked me most in the interview. WWE medical staff ignoring a lump on the back of CM punk for weeks and months and allowing him to carry on performing not just with this unknown lump getting worse and going black and purple in colour but also the concerning nature of the WWE concussion test.

We are much well informed now and concussion is becoming a big issue in sport and also in wrestling chair shots to the head are now banned as a result of concussion research. CM Punk told WWE staff he had a concussion however they advised him he had to take the concussion test. WWE told CM Punk that he took the test and passed but then said we want you to run the ropes because we think you still have a concussion, CM Punk then said well whats the point of your test? If I take it the doctor says I passed (although I do have a concussion) and then you WWE are telling me you think I still have one, why are we going through this? to me based on what we heard, WWE sounds very slapdash when it comes to concussions. (and that lump on CM Punk that he talked about earlier when he went to a doctor independent of WWE we was told right away it was a staph infection and he could of died. Chris Candido sadly passed away from a staph infection in 2005) its scary how WWE are playing with the lives of their talent.

CM Punk also stated that on his wedding day in June 2014 he got a package from WWE with his termination papers in and stated that because of that, he will never work for WWE again .

Below on want to focus on the magic that CM Punk created at Wrestlemania 29.

How CM Punk created magic at Wrestlemania 29 - The Magic Of Wrestling

I have never been till at Wrestlemania until 2013. I managed to get the opportunity to go to New York and fly over from England after saving so much money from go and see the showcase of the immortals and going to realise a dream. Since i was 5 years old i had wanted to go to #Wrestlemania, so this was my chance. 

We arrived at Metlife Stadium 4 hours before the show started and wasted so much time outside the stadium but it was worth it i got to soak up all the atomsphere around Metlife Stadium 

My friend Dominic came with me and although not the biggest wrestling fan he kept his eye on WWE before Wrestlemania, Dominic knew what wrestling was an enjoyed it to a point but i think he had difficulty understanding the art of wrestling and how you could suspend you disbelief.

We are watching through Wrestlemania 29 and it comes to CM Punk vs Undertaker my friend Dominic says that he is looking forward to this. As the match is going on he finally experienced what pro wrestling is all about. As the match is going on and we are getting into a number of near pinfalls, Cm Punk goes for a cover and my friend jumps out of his seat at the count of 2 that's when i knew that he was witnessing the magic of wrestling. After the match was over my friend looked at me and said "i now understand why you love this so much during that match I got so into it i really cared about who won and lost i never thought that would happen"

Me and my mate Dominic still talk about that moment and talks about it as one of the stand out moments of the trip to New York.

 so CM Punk you may never of made main event money for that match (which you should of) but you created a priceless memory for me and my friend. seeing your last wrestlemania match and making my only wrestlemania so special for that i thank you.

Thanks for reading 
Jonathan Orchard 

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