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5 Best Moments of WWE New Age Outlaws

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5 Best Moments of New Age Outlaws

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I wanted to go back in time with this blog and write about something that was captivating on TV, something that caught my attention when I was a kid..... The New Age Outlaws

Attitude Era brought us many different things and arguably the origin of “WWE Attitude” could be placed back to the new things that this team was bringing to wrestling in 1997. Now the moments that I pick here are the moments that I remember and had an impact on me growing up and as a wrestling fan and in my memory. (in no particular order) 

1, New Age Outlaws are formed

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In 1997 one man in wwe was named the roadie and the other was named rockabilly. Both superstars were by their own admission were  "first match all around the loop" Billy Gunn described Rockabilly as 'worse than the red rooster' road dogg 'the roadie' wasn't  much happier with what he was doing so both superstars went to creative and asked to be out together as a team rockabilly hit Honky Tonk Man with a guitar and the rest as they say is history it formed one of the greatest tag teams of all time :) 

2,-Formation of the New Dx

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Just after Wrestlemania 14, Shawn Michaels had gone and Triple H was on Raw with Chyna by his side and proclaimed that he was now the leader and that he was “going to take of business that should have been taken care of right at the start” Triple H he was looking to build an army and to stat an army “you look to your blood, you look to your friends, you look too the cliq” and out comes Xpac (formally 123 kid) that was an awesome moment and one I’ll always remember. Later in the night The New Age Outlaws are facing Cactus jack and Chainsaw Charlie in a Cage Match when suddenly Triple H, Xpac and Chyna come out they get into the cage tie Chainsaw Charlie to the cage and the show ends with the new DX dominant in the ring.

3, 1000th Episode of Raw DX Reunite

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This was such an amazing evening to start off the show Shawn Michaels and Triple H come out and talk about DX and then Triple H said “didn’t there used to be more of us?”

During the run up to this show I had been tweeting Road Dogg (Brian Armstrong) @WWERoadDogg  by the way!!  a lot asking whether he and Billy Gunn (@realbillygunn) would be on Raw and didn’t get a reply but that was the best thing possible because when The New Age Outlaws and X pac came out on that vehicle it was such a special moment and I couldn't of been happier or more surprised.

It was so great to see Road Dogg and Billy Gunn back on Raw after such a long time after all the issues and challenges that they had both gone through in their lives with drugs and alcohol and all the hard work that they had put in to get clean and to get their lives in order It seemed like the perfect reward, and being a massive outlaws fan was just great to see my fav tag team back. This later on turned into both of them now being employed in WWE working alongside the talent and helping the future stars of WWE and giving them the benefit of their experience and knowledge.

4, New Age Outlaws Win WWE tag Team Titles for a 6th Time 

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At the 2014 Royal Rumble in pre show match for WWE tag Team Championship the champions Cody Rhodes and Goldust faced off against The New age Outlaws in a great pre show match. Both Teams really put in a superb effort and actually their match was better than some on the actually PPV card itself. The Outlaws defeated Rhodes and Goldust to become WWE Tag Team Champions meaning it was their Tag Team Championship Win and first in over 14 years. It was great to see them as Tag Team Champions again after such a  long time away from WWE. It was such a nice scene to see both of them So Happy and also as I said above it was so nice to see everything come full circle for them and to prove that putting in the hard work pays off. 

5, New Age Outlaws push cactus jack and chainsaw Charlie off the stage in a dumpster on Raw 
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 if you ask the majority of people to name a new age outlaws moment they would name this one. at the time wwe was in a state of evolution and outlaws were doing things that have never been done before, and this was changing perceptions of them. During a match on raw new age outlaws came out with a dumpster and rolled it down to ringside while Cactus and chainsaw were in the ring. The new age outlaws end up putting cactus and Charlie into the dumpster and tie down the lid. They roll the dumpster to the top of the entrance ramp and tease throwing the dumpster off the stage and then......... They did it. The dumpster goes flying off the side of the stage and lands on its end. This then brings out all the wrestlers from the back and Vince McMahon himself asking the outlaws "what the hell were you thinking" other wrestlers were shouting and screaming at the outlaws too for what they had done. Now this doesn't sound like a big deal in 2014 but in 1997 we had never seen anything like this before, this was a change from the WWE we were used to seeing and was helping to usher in a new more edgier product and progressing WWE to the most successful period in its history.

I hope that WWE put The New Age Outlaws in the WWE Hall Of Fame at some point in the future and also that they do A New Age Outlaws DVD which I think would be great too. They deserve it for all the great moments they have given us.

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