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Pro Wrestling Report Radio: Thank you and Goodbye

Pro Wrestling Report Radio: Thank you and Goodbye

On Wednesday 23rd January 2013 Pro Wrestling Report Host Dameon Nelson Announced on Pro Wrestling Report Primetime Wednesday that Pro Wrestling Report Radio would now end and be replaced by a New show PWR live a interactive show after WWE raw and WWE Pay Per View's. The First show will be right after the WWE Royal Rumble this Sunday at

Hosted by Dameon Nelson, WCWMeathead and Matthew Thomas Check out PWR Live it will be Tremendous!
Pro Wrestling Report Logo in 2009
I agree with the evolution and I think this new method for the Pro Wrestling Report Will be fantastic. I will miss the radio shows immensely though. Every Monday (after a PPV) or Tuesday (after a WWE) or Friday (After an Impact Wrestling) I would sit in my car on the way to work and listen to PWR Radio an use the hashtag on twitter  #TuesdayTradition for Monday Night Meltdown and #FridayTradition for Sudden Impact Radio. I would listen to these the day after they aired as i would not be able to stay up late to listen due to the time difference between USA and England and have to work every morning!!
Pro Wrestling Report Logo 2010
Without the PWR Radio show I would of never of found PWR to begin with.
In 2009 i decided to buy a new and first Ipod. Previous to this I had tried one other Wrestling Radio Show (on the internet) from a "well known" (I wont mention who they are) wrestling site and found it very boring and the hosts of that show were just awful and didn't care about the fans
  Having had My Ipod for a few months i decided that it would be great to find a new wrestling radio show to listen to. There are no wrestling shows that air on Radio in the UK the last Wrestling show that was on Radio in England was on Talksport UK Many Years ago.
I searched on Itunes and typed in Wrestling Radio and saw on the search list Pro Wrestling Report on ESPN 540. I clicked on the Link and read the description and downloaded the latest show from there I was hooked.
Pro Wrestling report on ESPN 540 was Hosted by Dameon Nelson along with Opinionists David Herro, WCWMeathead and Frank Cossentino from the moment i listened to the show it was so different to what i heard before. The PWR Team talked about Wrestling what had happened what they thought about it and in a unique twist (from what I was used too) they then ask the fans what they thought about it, PWR took calls from the fans and read emails from the fans with their opinions and discussed them.

 The PWR Team did not put down a fans opinion instead they debated the question or comment that was put in front of them. It was then that I learned  Pro Wrestling Report's Phrase "From Fans, For Fans" Without PWR Radio I would never of found the brilliance that is Pro Wrestling Report. Pro Wrestling Report really ignited the Wrestling bug in me and also was the sole reason I joined Twitter so that I could follow @pwrshow and all the Hosts of the Show. (My 1st Tweet ever was from David Herro!!!!)

PWR Monday Night Meltdown Logo 
Pro Wrestling Report had some brilliant episodes and as i mentioned above the chemistry between the PWR made PWR so entertaining and brilliant to listen too. From David Herro Proclaiming DHHS (David Herro Has Spoken) to Meathead being locked to be in "the Fortress of Solitude" to Frank Cossentino saying the word "thuganometry" PWR radio was as much about entertainment and #Shenanigans as it was about the Wrestling!
Pro Wrestling Report also had on Some Brilliant Guests from the World of Wrestling and some great Interviews from Ken Anderson after his WWE Release, Kevin Nash Talking on PWR the night after returning at WWE Royal Rumble, A Brilliant interview with Rowdy Roddy Piper and also an extremely well done and brilliantly presented Tribute to the late Macho Man Randy Savage and also a great tribute to Luna Vachon.

Sudden Impact Radio logo
Pro Wrestling Report Radio has been a huge part of my week over the last 3 years I'm sad to see it go thank you for the fun, #shenanigans, entertainment and Wrestling Talk :)
Please Click on the Video's Below to listen to some of the Best PWR radio Episodes ever!

Luna Vachon Tribute

Rowdy Roddy Piper Interview
Ken Anderson Interview (After Leaving WWE)
Kevin Nash Interview After apperance and Return to WWE in Royal Rumble
WCWMeathead Interviews Chris Jericho
Jim Cornette and Al Snow
Thanks for Reading @jon422002  - Jon Orchard

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