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Zack Ryder: A Situation he cant win

Zack Ryder: A Situation he cant win

Everything written below is my opinion as a wrestling fan. Im not a wrestling expect nor do i proclaim to be one this is just my opinion on a situation in the wrestling world!
I saw today tweets from Zack Ryder nothing out of the ordinary here is one of his tweets from Thursday11 October 2012 he states in his tweet "hope WWE doesn't Edit this weeks Z True Long Island Story"
Then on from this Zack sends another tweet stating
"WWE Rejected this weeks episode - its going to suck"
Then from having an episode on Thursday Zack the states late on Friday that there will be No Episode this week. I must admit i feel really sorry for Zack Ryder. Here is a guy a few years ago after his run in the Edgeheads that Creative had Nothing for. So taking a chance and a risk he decided to get creative, use his on Brain and try and give himself a break.
Through his hard work and help from other wrestlers like CM Punk and John Cena Zack's Z True Long Island Story took off with a bang. Suddenly Ryder had over 100000 people watching his show every week. Fans would tune into his youtube channel to see what he was doing and it was looking like WWE suddenly not of nowhere have a huge star on thier hands. To the WWE also not only was a new star being born but a new guy who's different and cool merchandise could be produced that WWE could sell as well.
Zack was Produced a lot of merchandise from T shirts to clocks. Zack at one point was equalling John Cena (I Think) in the amount of merchandise produced for one person. Zack was on a roll and this culminated in my mind to this very memorable moment.
Fans Chanting at The Rock Woo Woo Woo/We Want Ryder
Survivor Series 2011 the crowd was hot all night as a New York City Crowd always is. Zack Ryder name is being chanted by the fans to The Rock who just grabbed the mic following his match. The Chant was so loud that The Rock  had to Acknowledge it. What a huge moment a guy who only a few years previous was looking at being let go in WWE then Fast forward to 2011 and the fans are chanting his name to one of the biggest stars in the industry,
Zack had a run with the US title and held this for a little while. But once he lost the US title he was back at doing nothing again. WWE started their own Youtube channel and Z True Long Island Story was included in this new channel. I think this is where it has got more difficult for Zack. Since he show is now WWE produced and videos must go through WWE before going on Youtube. Zack states that videos get edited and not as he presented them. Before this Zack was his own producer and could make the videos what he wanted. Herein lies the issue for Zack Ryder.
Zack turned himself into a recognisable superstar to alot of the fans and made himself relevant to WWE fans he managed to connect with an audience so whats the problem I hear you ask? The Problem is this  WWE didn't creative Zack Ryder they didn't come up with the idea of Z True Long Island Story and WWE didn't creative the buzz that Zack Created. If you look back through history WWE has Never pushed anything that they or Vince Mcmahon didn't create. Kevin Nash said in an interview that when the NWO was put back Together in 2002 before Hall. Nash and Hogan debuted on TV they spoke to each other and the 1st thing they said was "Vince Wont push what he didn't create" and sure enough NWO debut at No Way Out in 2002 after Wrestlemania 18 those original 3 guys were split up.
In my view I think the feeling is in the WWE  the Attention on Zack Ryder is taking away from so and so. Which is why i think Ryder did not make many appearances on Raw over the past few months. For me wheres the logic in that?
I feel sorry for Zack Ryder he had an idea, made it a reality and turned it into a success. Sometimes though no matter what you do you just cant win.

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