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CM Punk vs Ryback - Hell in a Cell 2012

CM Punk vs Ryback - Hell in a Cell 2012


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Everything written below is my opinion and is written from my perspective as a wrestling fan. I'm not a wrestling expert and have never claimed to be one. My thoughts on What I feel could happen this Sunday at Hell in a Cell! Hope you Enjoy - Thanks for Reading

WWE Hell in a Cell is this Sunday 28th October 2012 and one match seems to of caught the imagination of the fans more than any other CM Punk vs Ryback. There are lots of different views out there Punk should Win, Ryback should Win, someone should interfere and cost Ryback. This match has got people talking more than any other just due to the fact that it feels unpredictable. Everyone is thinking what will WWE decide to do here?

Its a question with no easy answer but WWE put themselves in this position a month or so ago when they had Ryback standing over Mick Foley at the end of Raw. Of course this all came about as John Cena had elbow Surgery and WWE were not sure whether Cena would be able to compete or not. As it turned out WWE did not think Cena  would be "ready to go" so Ryback is inserted into the match to face the WWE Champion. Ryback was for me a strange choice but the only choice if you look at the WWE roster there was no other "face" (Good Guy) character WWE could of used.

Since the Debut of Ryback (formally Skip Sheffield in the Nexus) he has been plagued by the chants of "Goldberg" and also been likened to Current TNA and former WWE Superstar Rob Van Dam due to his ring attire, those chants at the beginning were loud and Ryback was doing lots of "Squash" matches (Where one Superstar dominates another in a match) these were very similar to what Goldberg used to do in his matches in WCW leading up to him winning the WCW Title. Did I think Ryback deserved those chants? No He is his own wrestler and he goes out there like any WWE wrestler and goes out and does what the WWE asks hm to do.

What Decision Will Vince McMahon make This Sunday?
So What Would I do on Sunday at Hell in a Cell?

CM Punk has been on a run of close to a year of being WWE Champion along with Paul Heyman who joined him. Being the Best in World and Being on a long title run has been CM Punk main talking point in his promos and Interviews over the past few months. For Punk to lose on Sunday would kill that aspect and also kill the notion of him being the self proclaimed "Best In the World" now before Cena got injured it was all about CM Punk Proving he was best in the world by taking on John Cena to prove it.

If Punk loses Sunday and regains the WWE Title back on Raw the next night I think It takes away from the match itself at Hell in A Cell and makes the impression of achievement by Ryback alot less therefore hurting him more and making Ryback look weaker. It also takes away from CM Punk. That theory to me is out of the window.

Ready to Reurn Cena Could be a Factor this Sunday

I'v heard the other side of this also "if Ryback loses he is no longer undefeated his run is over" first of all Ryback got this opportunity because John Cena got injured if John did have elbow surgery Ryback would not have been involved in this at all. Ryback character has been elevated by being in this feud and now instead of fans chanting Goldberg they are now chanting "Feed me More" and alot of fans are really behind him which has helped him and his momentum the old expression "You cant have a great Babyface without a great heel" really applies here.

If it were me I'd book it like this since there is no easy finish with a Hell in the Cell Match there must be a winner or a loser so with NO DQ's/Countouts here's what Id do....
  •  On Raw this week it was announced that John Cena is ready to return for "in Ring Competition"
  • Brock Lesnar attacks Ryback before the match in the Backstage Area  (The Brock Lesnar Idea was given to me by my friend @hilleard13)
  • Vince Mcmahon  then decides on PPV to put John Cena Into the Match
  • Punk vs Cena takes place in the Hell in The Cell for WWE title as Originally Planned
Brock and Ryback can then pick with their story on Raw the next night and Cena/Punk can continue and this leaves Ryback unaffected so he can take on Brock Lesnar. Everyone wins. No I'm not saying this is how it will pan out it could go in many different directions however this match does end it will be interesting viewing for us all on Sunday at Hell in A Cell

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