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Kenny Omega vs Okada NJPW Dominion 2017 Redefined Pro Wrestling

Kenny Omega vs Okada NJPW Dominion 2017
Redefined Pro Wrestling

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Its been 2 hours since the end of NJPW Dominion it was a tremendous event Don Callis (Cryrus) Commentary was hilarious as always and 4 titles changed hand and we were treated to some excellent matches Naito vs Tanahashi, Young Bucks vs Raponggi Vice and Kushida vs Hiromu Takahashi but the cherry on top of the cake was Okada vs Omega 2.

I was watching in Awe on NJPW World and as the match ended I realised that I had been watching this match for 60 minutes the match drew me in I got absorbed in it and got lost in it - something that isn't done very often in 2017.

60 minute matches in this era of Pro Wrestling are very very rare.

In a era when everyone thinks that everything has to be done this moment and you have to do a million things in 5 minutes,  Okada and Omega managed to fuse together old school pro wrestling, with new school athleticism and be able to draw out the emotions of the fans in attendance and millions watching all over the world using their ideas and psychology. 

They took their time and built a story which for the first part and large part of the match was Omega Working on the left knee of Okada and zoning in on that knee in order to try and defeat him.

Okada came back and knowing he was at a disadvantage took some desperate measures to keep hold of his title including pulling out a table and placing Omega on it and driving Omega through the table with and elbow drop.

Omega got hit by a series of Rainmaker Clotheslines and it looked like the end for Omega, but Kenny Tenacity made him kick out.

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 Then as it was looking at its worst for Kenny Omega Cody and the Bullet Club come out and Cody tries to run to the ring to throw in the towel for Kenny.

Luckily the Young Bucks managed to stop him and although Omega took a lot of punishment Omega again was able to carry on with the match with Okada looking like he was in control.

Kenny Omega was able to hit the One Winged Angel but Okada managed to get his foot on the rope and the referee had to stop the count.

Both men hit each other with every move possible Dropkicks from Okada, High Knee Strikes from Omega and with both men tiring it was looking like a war of attrition, Okada hit a rainmaker but was unable to make the cover the bell rang and the match officially ends in a time limit draw.

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It has to be the best time limit draw match I have ever seen. I really wanted Omega to win and become IGWP Heavyweight Champion. 

However Okada and Omega are proving they are the best of their generation and Omega is creating a legacy for himself even without the World Title Omega is making himself a true legend.  

Okada is becoming one of the most dominant champions in NJPW history but this title run of his is going to be remembered for a long long time. I take nothing away from Okada he is a truly amazing, talent, wrestler and person and his talent, ability and skill shone through here again.

Kenny Omega always says that he has his idea of what pro wrestling should be and how he thinks it should be presented and how he would like it viewed. Kenny Omega is a big match performer and in my opinion is the best big match performer since Shawn Michaels that fact I don't think can be argued.

Omega and Okada are redefining wrestling in 2017 they are leading us into a new era of top class, kick ass main events and making them mean so much.

I saw on Twitter someone said "this match is another 6 stars" I tweeted Kenny Omega and said "excuse my language your match wasn't 6 stars - no its worth all the fucking stars in the sky"

Where Kenny Omega goes from here I don't know I hope a 3rd rematch is in Omega Future.

Okada looks like he is moving on to face Cody at the upcoming G1 USA specials.

One thing is for sure though Okada vs Omega 3 wont be far away in 2017

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