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Kenny Omega vs Okada 2 - NJPW Dominion 2017 What Can We Expect?

Kenny Omega vs Okada 2 - NJPW Dominion 2017
What Can We Expect?

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On Jan 4th 2017 I attended NJPW Wrestlekingdom 11 live and in person at Toyko Dome, Toyko,Japan.

Me at Wrestlekingdom 11
Wrestlekingdom 11
To even be there was an amazing feeling but to see what I saw when I was there topped any show I have ever been too.

After all my expectations were high before I went.

Kenny Omega sent me the tweet below as promised me an amazing show.

I knew that Omega vs Okada was going to be good, I just never knew how good it would be - it blew my mind and is the best match I have never seen live.

Kenny Omega stated before this match that he wanted to show the world what Kenny Omega Style is - what his brand of wrestling is and wanted to show the world what he had in his head on the canvas and in front of everyone in attendance and watching across the world on NJPW World he did that and more.

The Only thing about that match I would change is the outcome.....Kenny Omega should be NJPW Champion.

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Kenny Omega

I left the Toyko Dome that night knowing I'd seen the best match I'd ever witness live but not getting the outcome I wanted.

Kenny Omega put his heart and his soul into that match in January you could see following the match he could not of given anymore, there was only one thing that Kenny Omega didn't do, Hit Okada with his finishing move The One Winged Angel.

Everything happened in that match with Okada but had Okada been hit with the one winged angel would the match outcome of been any different? Could Okada overcome the One Winged Angel? After all I took Okada many attempts with the rainmaker to finally keep Kenny Omega down.

At NJPW Dominion 2017 Okada comes into the event with the Japanese crowd opinion of his seemingly changing. Okada has been dominant in NJPW since winning the NJPW World Title back in June 2016 at Dominion defeating Naito.

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Okada has taken on all comers and beaten all comers for his title, he has truly become and legendary champion in NJPW and has carved out and incredible legacy for himself he has been NJPW World Champion by the time of Dominion 2017 for 357 days.

Okada though in recent months has been getting a different reaction from the Japanese crowd. When Kenny Omega returned after Wrestlekingdom 11 something different happened the crowd were cheering for Kenny Omega.

Over the past few months the trend has continued and crowd continue to cheer Omega and have at times started to boo Okada.

Japanese fans love heart, hard work and courage and there is no doubt that Kenny Omega and exhibited all of these qualities and I think that this has endeared Kenny Omega even more to the Japanese fans and imbedded himself more in their conscience.

When you see Kenny Omega you always get a great match,no matter who it is with, his attention to detail, passion and ability set him apart Kenny Omega is the best wrestler in the world right now there is no doubt in my mind.

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Okada (left) Omega (right)

Okada challenged Omega Following Okada successfully defending his title Vs Bad Luck Fale at NJPW Dontaku. If Okada wins here he could be one of the most dominant champions in NJPW history I believe a win over Omega here could cement him as the best of the modern era.

So you have Okada, dominant champion who has beaten Omega before coming into this match confident he can overcome Omega.

In the Opposite corner you have Kenny Omega, the best wrestler in the world who wants what he feels is rightful his, it is his prize and would validate him and it would cement his legacy in NJPW from being a Junior to G1 World Champion to NJPW World Champion - it has never been done before but Omega is on the verge of completing it - this is what will drive him on what will be a very grueling match.

So what do I think we will see in this match?, I want to see What Kenny Omega does best go out there, do his style, show the world his wrestling philosophy and what he believes wrestling should be, I will See Kenny Omega wrestle his heart out, that I believe 100%

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I want to see Okada do what he does best hit hard, move fast and be the great champion we know that he is, to take the fight to Omega and the doubters like myself that believe that Okada cant do it. If Okada uses that to push him on there is no telling how this match up will end.

I'm not looking for another 6 star match, those matches come around one in a lifetime and cant be replicated but if anyone can do it twice in a year its Omega vs Okada - they are that good.

I cant be in Osaka for Okada vs Omega 2, I have to be at home but I'll be watching from my Reclining sofa here in England UK, NJPW airs at Breakfast time here in Sunday Morning so I'll have a Bacon Sandwich in my hand watching the best in the world Kenny Omega do what he does best and I cant wait.

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