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Kenny Omega - Youtube Matches + Interviews and Extras Part 2

Kenny Omega - Youtube Matches + Interviews and Extras Part 2

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Welcome to Part 2 of Kenny Omega YouTube Matches and Extras

You can read and see the videos In part one by clicking the link below

Kenny Omega as The Rock vs ACH as Steve Austin

I found this online and was a great clip of Kenny Omega earlier in his career in PWG.

Kenny Omega vs ACH and in this clip you see Kenny turn into The Rock and ACH turn into Steve Austin with Hilarious results.

Kenny Omega vs Will Osprey - PWG

Another match from PWG featuring Kenny Omega vs UK rising Star Will Osprey this has highlights of a brilliant match check out what these guys do its incredible!!

Kenny Omega and AJ Styles vs Nakamura and Yoshi-Hashi

This is the famous and infamous match in New Japan Pro Wrestling where there was a big change in Bullet Club

Kenny Omega press Conference Pre G1

This is a short clip of Kenny Omega at the press conference prior to G1 2016 tournament, this always makes me laugh his delivery and ability to say whatever he wants :)

(Contains Strong Language)

Kenny Omega Pays Tribute to Kota Ibushi

A clip of Kenny Omega in his G1 final Match vs Goto here Kenny pays tribute to his long time nemesis sometimes friend Kota Ibushi

Kenny Omega G1 After Match Promo

A tremendous after match promo from Kenny Omega with some very heart felt words for New Japan Pro Wrestling, NXT and the whole wrestling world. Check it out!!!
(Contains Strong Language)

Periscope Interview with Kenny Omega, Adam Cole, Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson

This is super cool over an Hour long Kenny Omega, Nick Jackson, Matt Jackson and Adam Cole answer questions from Fans Submitted on Periscope they talk about WWE, New Japan, favourite matches, arenas and lots more! This was so insightful and was nice to listen to them all talk naturally a must watch.

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