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Pro Wrestling Pride Preview Taunton Sun 30th Oct 2016 W/ WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall, Adam Rose and more

Pro Wrestling Pride 
Wellsprings Leisure Centre, Taunton
Sun 30th Oct 2016

W/ WWE Legend Scott Hall, Former WWE star Adam Rose , Doug Williams + more!!

Pro Wrestling Pride returns to Taunton at Wellsprings Leisure centre on Sunday 30th October with WWE Hall OF Famer, Legend and NWO member Scott Hall,Former WWE star Adam Rose, Doug Williams and a surprise TNA Star!!

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WWE Hall of Famer. WWE Legend, NWO Member Scott Hall (aka Razor Ramon)

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--- Former WWE star Adam Rose ---

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Don't be a lemon, be a rose bud! joining us live for one night only now under the name of Aldo Rose is the man behind the party express bringing all the fun & chaos with him!

one of the most entertaining pro wrestlers in the entire world now making his UK weekend debut, we are honoured to have him join us but who will look to put a stop to the party?

Plus Pro Wrestling Pride Champions

Pro Wrestling Pride World Champion - Eddie Ryan

PWP Catch Division Champion - Ultimo Tiger

PWP Tag Team Champions The House Of Bones (Gideon and Lomax)

Pro Wrestling Pride stars Chris Andrews,The Magnums, Keizer,Kelly Sixx, Charlie Garrett, Josh Knott,Chuck Cyrus,Danny Jones and many more!!!

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Josh Knott

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Chuck Cyrus

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