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NJPW World and Kenny Omega NJPW G1 Climax Victory

NJPW World and Kenny Omega’s G1 Climax Victory

As many of you know I recently subscribed to New Japan World. I have been able to do this thanks to New Japan Partnering with Paypal and making it a lot easier to sign up. 

Using Google Translate on the website and Sign up enter your Paypal details your ready to see all the great content that NJPW World has to offer. They have live shows, Recent Shows, Documentaries and more.

All of that for only 999 yen (Roughly £7) is a great deal)

 In addition NJPW World have just added an English Language channel with all their English Language content in one place too which makes it easier for fans to access content.

NPJW seem to keep building on this and improve NJPW World as much as they can. It will be interesting to see what NJPW do in the future and how NJPW world progresses.

The major advantage for me is that now I get to See What Kenny Omega and the Young bucks are doing in Japan either Live on NJPW World or later if I have to work :(

One of the advantages so signing up when I did to NJPW world was that G1 Climax Tournament 2016 had just started so there were new shows every couple of days featuring Tournament matches.

G1 Climax was a completely new concept to me and I’d never seen it before so another great element of signing up is that you get to see and experience different concepts in Pro Wrestling and introduced to a different ways that wrestling can be experienced and presented. For those Unfamiliar her is how the G1 Works

 There are two blocks Block A and Block B. New Japan Wrestlers are separated into each block and All Wrestlers in Block A wrestle each other once and All Wrestlers in Block B Wrestle once.

Every match you win you are awarded 2 points, 1 Point for a draw and zero for a loss. After all the matches have been completed the wrestler on top of Group A has a match against the wrestler who finished top of Group B - The winner of the match is the G1 Climax Champion.

Kenny Omega has had a tremendous G1 Climax tournament in 2016 No foreigner has ever won the Tournament. Kenny was Drawn in Group B and this is his journey through the G1 Climax (you can view all matches on NJPW World too)

Kenny Omega lost vs Yoshi-hashi (0 points)

Kenny Omega won vs Toru Yano (2 points)

Kenny Omega won vs Homma (2 points) 

Kenny Omega lost vs Michael Elgin (0 Points)

Kenny Omega won vs EVIL (2 points) 

Kenny Omega lost vs shibata (0 points)

Kenny Omega won vs Yuji Nagata (2 points)

Kenny Omega won vs Nakajima  (2 points) 

Kenny had one more match to go vs Naito and pressure was on as Kenny Omega had to win  

Kenny had to win his final match vs Naito in order to finish 1st and move on to the final and face the winner of block A. Kenny and Naito in my opinion had a match which I believe was match of the year. Omega and Naito showed that they are the top dogs in New Japan. They told a great story throughout their match it had all the elements that in my opinion make pro wrestling matches so great action, suspense, drama and more importantly made me suspend my disbelief.

Here is the match in Summary (Please do see it on NJPW World you wont regret it)

Naito went after Omega left leg and really focuses his attack there all match culminating in a modified figure 4 which looked like it would end the match however Omega got to the ropes. Omega came back with some insane offence if his own.

A power bomb over a guard rail and through a table then a dive from the top rope over the barrier and plunging down on Naito then when Naito gets back towards the ring Omega hits him with a dragon suplex on the ring apron!!! Naito tried to put Omega away but Omega fought valiantly with one leg and managed to hit the one winged Angel (after trying for it throughout the match) and got the pinfall victory!

Kenny Omega wins and gets 2 points which means Omega Finishes top of block B and is in the final!!! 

That lead to the Final Match Block A winner Goto vs Block B Winner Kenny Omega

The screen shots below from NJPW World 

This match was incredible Kenny Omega in my opinion had his 2nd match of the year in 2 days! Words really can't do this match justice it really can't. I became so emotionally involved in this match I cared so much and wanted to see Omega win and create history. Credit must go to Goto as well it takes 2 people to have a great match and his contribution to this match cannot be understated either.

Here is a summary of the final match

Goto used his intelligence and went after the leg that Naito had injured the day before and put Omega in some really jeopardy throughout this match and became very close to winning himself. Omega hit some high impact moves a powerbomb on the apron, a great moonsault and even flew off the top rope backwards with Goto on his back. Omega then did some moves you might recognise he did Bloody Sunday, Styles clash and even his arch nemesis Kota Ibushi Phoenix splash!!!! After all this Omega couldn't put Goto away but eventually omega managed to hit One winged Angel and get pinfall victory.  

With this victory Omega becomes the first foreign wrestler to win G1 tournament. Not only that Omega came from being a junior heavyweight and transitioning smoothly into a credible and dangerous heavyweight. Omega proved that hard work pays off, he proved that if your passionate enough you can achieve your dream. Omega has so much depth to him, I believe this is just the start.

What's next for Kenny Omega? Well.........The Bullet Club is stronger, The Elite are even more elite and Kenny did an interview after his match and said that his next target is IWGP World Champion Okada!! 

I for one can't see and can't wait for that and to see what else the future holds for Kenny Omega.

The G1 tournament was awesome and now I'm definitely hooked to NJPW World! :)

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