Tuesday, 19 April 2016

How Dave Lagana made me understand my own opinion

How David Lagana made me understand my own opinion

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Just a short blog from me this week but one that really means a lot to me and gave me an insight into myself and also into the psychology and the intricacies of Pro wrestling, it made me look at it a completely different way.

David Lagana took me to school.

David Lagana
David Lagana (left) with Legend Dusty Rhodes

This week David Lagana Current Writer for Impact Wrestling who has also written previously for WWE and iconic TV show Friends.

David  asked on his twitter whether he had Any UK followers watching Challenge TV at 9pm to see Impact Wrestling, this past Sunday night. 

 I replied that I was from the UK and I would be watching the show and David Lagana asked me to tweet him my thoughts on the show as it went on.

It was one tweet that I sent in particular and that I got a reply from Mr Lagana that made me realise so much about myself, how I form opinions and also how I watch pro wrestling David Lagana achieved this in 6 words.

It all started when The Miracle  Mike Bennett came on screen I saw his entrance with the Beautiful Maria and I'm sat there thinking I don't understand this guy The Miracle, why is he the miracle and what makes him so special he isn't? I really don't like him at all.

So I send the following tweet to Mr Lagana with my opinion on The Miracle

His reply was

With those few special words David Lagana That's when I realised how clever Mike Bennett is and I realised why I don't like the character.

You see in David reply he said

"Hence the heel calling himself that" and that's when the fog finally lifted for me

Mike Bennett is portraying a bad guy, even before saying a word and coming out he has already got me to not like him because of his name, his entrance and his demeanour. I don't have to understand his character because in what Mike did, he already made me dislike his character without understanding it,

Establishing that is so very clever and shows the depth of thought that goes into creating a character like his.

It also made me look at myself and it makes you realise that although you don't think you form opinions straight away you do and sometimes in my case my opinion was formed before I even realised it and tweeted it and understood it fully.

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Jonathan Orchard 

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