Friday, 4 December 2015

Your Mick F’n Foley

Your Mick F’n Foley

 Mick Foley once said to Himself “I’m Cactus F’N Jack”

 I would like to say to Mick today

“Your Mick Fn Foley”

 I saw a facebook post from Mick Foley today and he was explaining himself regarding his current opinions of WWE and the news that his son Dewey has been able to secure himself a position in WWE in the creative department.
Mick Writing compelled me enough to write this blog

 As I read what Mick had to say and reading him justify his opinions and justify the reasons why his son got a job in WWE one thing was ringing through my mind
 “your Mick f’n Foley you don’t have to justify yourself to me or anyone else”

 Your Mick F’N Foley the man the shed blood on nearly all continents of the world, Your Mick F’n Foley a man who put himself in a C4 explosion  match with Terry Funk, Your Mick f’n Foley the man who got thrown off the hell in the cell and then got thrown through Hell in the Cell you did all this  in the name of entertainment and to please us the fans and to give us our money worth

 If anyone should be allowed an opinion it should be you

 Your Mick F’N Foley WWE Hall Of Famer

 I laid down a lot of money to travel 3500 Miles to see you Enter the WWE Hall of Fame in Madison Square Garden To me the main event went on First and seeing you enter the Hall of Fame was an amazing experience.

 I have also gone to see your comedy show many times here in UK I have always been entertained always laughed and had fun. Meeting you after the show on three occasions you have been nothing but courteous and polite to me (even when I showed up wearing Milwaukee GLCW promoter David Herro T Shirts DHHS and Superfriends!) J

Me and Mick Foley in 2011

 Mick you don’t owe us any explanation in my eyes, Your  Son Dewey has worked hard to where he has got to and he will work hard in his job in WWE and what he does going forward.  

 If your Daughter Noelle gets a job as a backstage interviewer for WWE that great for her, she has been presented with an opportunity and my advice to her is grab it with both hands.
 Your children have worked to where they have got too and if they get even further opportunities  in WWE they should take them too they would be stupid not too.

 Mick You have opinions on WWE that’s fine – you should be allowed to voice those opinions whether you, your family or anyone else is under contract with WWE if anyone should be allowed an opinion on the WWE after all you’ve done for us its you.

 At Mick Comedy Shows he only uses the F Word once so I'm going to end this blog by saying this

 Remember Your Mick Fucking Foley

 Thanks for Reading
Jonathan Orchard

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