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WWE RAW 2:15 says it’s Time to Change

WWE Raw 2:15 says it’s Time to Change

Honestly, its quite sad in 2015 that I am going onto the WWE Network and instead of Watching Raw from a few weeks ago or a Raw from this year, I am going back and watching 1995,1996,1997,1998 Raw Episodes. I'm watching episodes and matches that I have seen a lot before why am I watching it you say?

Because it’s more compelling than what I see on a Monday Night in 2015

WWE over the past couple of years has been having something of a struggle the struggle seems to be Character Development, quality television, story and execution.

Unfortunately this isn’t just my opinion but the opinion also of a dwindling fan base that’s wants to be entertained and needs to have something to get excited about and enjoy.

Looking back over the past few years its been hard for WWE, They have lost a number of big time, experienced Main event players on a full time basis or altogether ranging from Triple H The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Shawn Michaels,Undertaker, Batista and Chris Jericho to name just a few.

The loss of this experienced talent affected WWE, its hard for WWE to replace that talent with what they have coming through. WWE have tried but no one apart from John Cena Right now in WWE is a Top Main Event Player on Main Full time roster. Brock Lesnar, Sting and the Rock when they come back add a level of excitement but fans know this will only be for a short blast of time.

The Rock

WWE Have been unlucky with Injuries With Randy Orton and Seth Rollins getting Injuries, Plus Daniel Bryan with a long term injury it has hurt the Main event Level in WWE in 2015

Sheamus is WWE champion out of necessity, fans don’t like Roman Reigns and Sheamus has the briefcase so it made sense but again Fans aren’t accepting him as a viable champion.

Sheamus has been treated so poorly since winning Money in The Bank. If a guy isn’t connecting with the audience, isn’t winning a lot of matches, suddenly cashes in and Wins Does that make him mean more? No it doesn’t, you cant erase the last few months of fans memories which is why WWE had to put a group around him to make with feel relevant.

Lets take Wade Barrett as another example I’m British I like Wade Barrett but Wade has no meaning in WWE, he’s just become a guy that goes out there and loses every match, he became King of The Ring but that doesn’t mean a thing because WWE didn’t make it mean anything. If WWE don’t believe in it, Don’t Care about and don’t make a big deal out of it again why should fans care? Perception is reality and WWE creative need to remember that.

WWE fans aren’t asking for anything out there they are simply asking for people they can get behind. Unfortunately the fans have grown tired of getting behind a guy only to see him Leave, Not be used properly, or WWE not to use them to their fullest potential.

See and Look at guys Like Daniel Bryan (injured/Not what WWE wanted), CM Punk (left creatively Frustrated) Zack Ryder (Pushed into Irrelevancy after making himself a star) Bray Wyatt (loses every big match, No Mystic Left) All people that fans have got behind in the last few years only for WWE not to continue with the momentum and stop it dead why because it wasn’t the way they wanted it to go.

Cm Punk

After all that fans grow tired and they say “fine WWE you win” I won’t cheer for who I like because you don’t care about the people I like, therefore there is no point tuning in and watching a show, because what I want to see and enjoy wont be what I'm getting. Then fans lose interest in coming to live events attendances dwindle and once you’ve lost fans it can be very hard to win them back you lose them and the money they bring to the company too.

A lot of people wont like to admit this John Cena is a factor here too, Since Cena has been off TV there has been a bigger decline in Rating, Some love Cena some Don’t but I honestly think he has been missed and him not being there is showing huge holes in WWE, some of you don’t like Cena but you must admit the shows with him are much better than the shows without him. At Least with Cena he gives you’re a reason to Cheer and a Reason to Boo.

I’v said It before and I’ll say it again unless it’s a sporting event nothing is holding fans attention for 3 hours. Please WWE stop the product suffering and go back to 2 hours of quality television instead of 3 hours of drivel that no one has any investment in. Bring back people fans care about Maybe Steve Austin (if he can be convinced) or Kurt angle, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, CM Punk (in the future if ever) Treat the young stars that are there Finn Balor, Sami Zayn, Neville, Kevin Owens, Tyler Breeze like they mean something  if you start giving fans what they want to see and people they want to see and care about, in compelling, exciting story lines you can bring Raw back to what it used to be

Something fans want to See

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Jonathan Orchard

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