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My Top 5 Pro Wrestling Pride Matches 2015

My Top 5 Pro Wrestling Pride Matches 2015

As always everyone thank you for reading and taking the time to check this out. As you all know I'm a wrestling fan and not a “wrestling expert” or proclaim to be one just my opinion as a fan on what Is see Thanks and Enjoy

My Top 5 Pro Wrestling Pride Matches 2015

Hello all and welcome to a new blog, this time I would like to talk about UK wrestling. I have managed to go to a massive number of shows over the past few years. Mostly in the South west area, I have been as far as Devon and Cornwall to go and see a show. So what I would like to do is put together the Top 5 matches in my opinion I have seen over the last  year. These are from Pro Wrestling Pride as I have seen them quite a bit over the last few years and been treated to some Tremendous matches.

Trying to narrow this down to 5 has been so so hard. there have been so many great matches this year at Heroes and Legends events + more that could of made this list. If you want to check out these matches to see what I'm talking about you can get DVDs of the events at Pro Wrestling Pride shop Click the link below which will take you directly to the Pro Wrestling Pride DVD shop!

Please see my picks below along with the match report that I did at that show too.

Pro Wrestling Pride Truro Cornwall

PWP world Title match

1, Big Grizzly vs Mr Anderson


This was their return match after Mr Anderson had beaten Grizzly in Pagnton a few months before. Grizzly wanted his title back and was going to do everything he could to get it. This match was pure entertainment it had twists and turns and took you on a journey, it didn’t end when everyone thought it would and really built well throughout the entire match. This to me is a PWP match of the year contender.

Here was the match report I did at the time

Let me just say 1st off that this match was incredible both Big Grizzly and Mr Anderson put on a brilliant world title match for the crowd in Truro the natch was so good the fans were chanting "this is awesome" This could well be a 2015 PWP Match of the Year contender.

Big Grizzly comes out 1st and he looks pissed off. It looks to me as if Big Grizzly has not forgotten about his title loss to Anderson back at PWP Heroes and Legends in Paignton. Grizzy is in the ring and he is pacing awaiting the entrance of Mr Anderson.

Mr Anderson comes down into the ring and Grizzly is ushered to the apron, Mr Anderson then gets the ring Announcer Aaron to bring a chair into the ring and Aaron stands on the chair with the microphone ready to drop it in Front of Anderson but before he can Anderson elbows Aaron right in the groin! it got a massive laugh from the crowd!

Aaron (after a moment!!) then goes to put the microphone in front of Anderson and Anderson takes the microphone this time and starts his in ring introduction from Green Bay Wisconsin, weighing 19.33333333333 stone (beautiful touch from Anderson) Mr Anderson........but before he can say Anderson again Big Grizzly is in the ring and attacks Anderson from behind and the match begins.

 Grizzly attacks Anderson with a series of punches and pushes Anderson to the corner, but Anderson comes back out and Grizzly gets hot with a backdrop with leads to Grizzly going to the Outside, Anderson goes outside with Grizzly and they fight into the crowd and up the tiered seating!

Both men then come back down and are fighting on the floor by the ring and Grizzly hits big chops to Anderson and gets Anderson in position for a powerbomb on the floor but Grizzly gets backdropped hard onto the floor the sound of Grizzly body hitting the floor echoes all throughout the arena, Anderson gets Grizzly into the ring but as Anderson goes to come in Grizzly grabs Anderson head and pulls him through the 1st and 2nd rope and Anderson feet are hanging off the 2nd rope and Grizzly hits a big 2nd rope DDT!!!
As the match continues Grizzly is becoming more dominant in his attack he has Anderson in a front face lock and then brings Anderson to the canvas and Grizzly then transitions onto a rear chinlock, Anderson manages to battle up from this position and it looks like the tide of this match is changing but it is not be  as Grizzly whips Anderson into the corner and hits him with a running clothesline. They then comes out of the corner and Anderson falls to the canvas Grizzly decides to go up to the 2nd turnbuckle  but he is taking a long time and Anderson manages to get up and get on the 2nd Turnbuckle with him both men now are jostling for position and Anderson goes to lift up Grizzly for the Green Bay Plunge but Grizzly cuts off Anderson and pushes him off the 2nd rope to the canvas.

Grizzly then jumps off the 2nd rope and hits a massive 2nd rope senton bomb Grizzly and Anderson hit each other and are both on the canvas both men are on their knees in the ring punching each other Crowd Cheering for every Hit Anderson lands and boo-ing for every hit Grizzly lands!!!

Both men are now back on their feet and Anderson goes for his Mic check finisher but Grizzly finds his way out of it, Grizzly then gets hit into the corner and Grizzly comes out and Anderson picks him up in the firearms carry in an amazing feat of strength gives Grizzly the Green Bay Plunge!!!

Grizzly is slowly getting to his feet and Anderson again goes for the mic check but Grizzly blocks this again and then grabs Anderson by the Throat and hits the Big Griz Chokeslam he covers Mr Anderson 1....2.....and kickout from Mr Anderson!!!

Grizzly brings up Anderson and goes to Irish whip him into the corner but senior referee Ed Dyer is stood there and he gets squashed and is out on the canvas. Anderson hits the mic check and covers Grizzly but there is no referee! Grizzly is out and the crowd are counting along Anderson tries to revive the referee but out of no where JD Knight enters the ring with the PWP world title and he goes to hit Anderson but JD gets caught with a Mic Check but the belt falls to the feet of Grizzly, Grizzly runs at Anderson who is now stood up and hits him in the head with the title Grizzly goes for the cover but Anderson kicks out again!!

Grizzly cant believe it, Grizzly gets ahold of Anderson and goes to bring him up but Anderson gets a small package but gets a 2 count! JD is up on the apron and Anderson knocks him off Grizzly is then able to hit a DDT and now revived Referee Ed Dyer Counts to 3 and we have a brand new PWP World Heavyweight Champion Big Grizzly!

 Winner and New Pro Wrestling Pride Champion - Big Grizzly

2,Chris Andrews vs Mason Ryan

Teignmouth April 2015

Wow to be honest with you I don't know where to start with this match these two big men had an incredible fight and this was a Damm special match. I got immersed in this Match and if you want to see a cracking title match this is worth getting on DVD when it comes out it!

In my opinion they built this match so well with both men face to face to begin with and shaking hands before the bell rings. Both men Have such presence and look even bigger in real life than they do on TV. As soon as the bell rings both men tie up and start wrestling each other reversal counter reversal with neither man getting the advantage.

As the match continues Mason Ryan gets the advantage and hits a huge standing suplex onto Chris Andrews which makes the ring shake in front of me!

Andrews Comes back at Mason Ryan after Mason is hitting right hands to Andrews with no effect, Andrews is now in the ascendancy and hits a running power slam onto Mason Ryan for a 2 Count. Andrews then gets reversed on a Irish whip attempt and Mason Ryan goes to leapfrog but lands on his left knee and it buckles and Andrews can take advantage of this an starts working Ryan Leg, Andrews then gets Mason Ryan in the figure four leg lock and it looks like the Match could be over but Ryan makes it to the ropes.

Both men go to get up and and Andrews goes to a TKO but this is blocked by Ryan and then Ryan hits a powerbomb he immediately pulls Andrews up for another one and then goes for a third but Mason Ryan Left Knee that was injured earlier gives way and Andrews rolls up Mason Ryan for the Win.

loved this match and in my option told a fantastic story that they told both guys are so talented and they really showed off their skills here. crowd were chanting this is awesome too :) #NicelyDone

3, UK Dominator Robbie Caine and Keizer vs Sabu, Darren Saviour and John Harding

Exeter May 2015

Before I start let me say that again there was so much happening in this match my eyes were darting all over the place! So again will try and get down everything I remember! 

honestly and truthfully out of all the Hardcore/Extreme matches I have seen live in Person this left me at the end of the match with my jaw wide open in disbelief. These men put on and incredible main event UK Dominator, Caine and Keizer  with their natural aggression, intensity and team work which they use all to Great effect. They are the perfect bunch of bad guys! 

Darren Saviour with his great athleticism and charisma and John Harding with his guts, resilience and his ability to take whatever came his way tonight was incredible!!! Along with ECW Legend Sabu this was a great combination of people in a match. 

Keizer, Robbie Caine and UK Dominator make their way out and these men are ready to go Dominator has his shirt off and his baseball bat in his hands as Keizer gets on the mic and says that Sabu had a 'little accident' and tonight's match will now be a 2 on 3 extreme rules match. John Harding and Darren Saviour comes out they get into the ring and go out to pose on the ropes but they get attacked from behind while on the turnbuckles and this match is go. UK Dominator throws John Harding outside of the ring and Robbie Caine is in the corner with Darren Saviour then suddenly the lights go out the music hits and the lights come on and it's Sabu!!! Sabu points to the sky in one hand and throws a chair directly to the head of Robbie Caine the chair flys off his head! 

Sabu hits Caine with a chair

John Harding Sabu and Darren Saviour
UK Dominator and Keizer end up on the outside as well and John Harding goes over the ropes to the outside as does Darren Saviour that leaves Sabu in the ring and he rings back in Keizer and Sabu hits a springboard double  leg drop onto him. Sabu gets Keizer into a camel clutch while Robbie Caine is now out in front of me hitting John Harding and while that is going on UK Dominator and Darren Saviour are stood on the turnbuckle and UK dominator suplexs Saviour back into the ring!!! 

Keizer and Darren Saviour are facing each other in the ring and Keizer hits an incredible inverted DDT onto Saviour! 

Then the teams get into their corners and John Harding ends up in the ring and there is a succession of quick tags between all three of UK Dominator, Robbie Caine and Keizer they end up cutting Harding off from his team. Keizer hits Harding with an insane Death Valley Driver into the corner. Robbie Caine hits Sabu own Springboard legdrop from outside to inside of the ring as had been done by Sabu earlier and Robbie walks towards Sabu and puts his middle finger up to him.

Harding ends up getting a chair and had it in front of his face  but as he turns around he gets blasted with the baseball bat by the UK Dominator the sound of the bat of the chair is incredible!! 

Harding is down and things aren't looking good as then UK
dominator, Caine and Keizer take Harding to the corner and lift his les up while Harding is holding the top Rope Keizer jumps off top turnbuckle and hits a double stomp on the chest of John Harding. 

How John Harding is surviving all this I don't know!

Unfortunately for him there is more to come as the chair lays flat in the ring Domintor and Keizer throw John Harding to the ropes and pick him up and put him on the shoulders of Robbie Caine and Robbie hits and incredible Powerbomb into the chair! 

Darren Saviour hits a double top rope drop kick onto Dominator and caine and Sabu gets back into the ring and is taking it to both men and hits a double DDT onto UK Doninator and Caine! 

UK Dominator is on the outside and John Harding goes to jump through the 2nd Rope but gets smacked one head with a metal tray! John Harding is out and is on the floor in front of me. He has had an insane match.

Meanwhile in the ring Robbie Caine and Sabu are battling and  Sabu has a chair but UK Dominator comes in and Caine and Dominator take control and Caine gets the arms of Sabu and and Caine stands on the apron and has Sabu left arm as UK Dominator goes to hit Sabu with the chair, Sabu moves and it hits Robbie Caine on top of his head! 

UK Dominator about to hit Sabu
Robbie is out in front of me with blood pouring down from the top Of his head and he is looking in a really bad way. meanwhile Sabu has set up a table in the ring and Robbie face gets placed on the table and Sabu goes to the top rope with a chair and hits Arabian Facebuster with Chair hitting Robbie Caine on back of his head and putting him through the table! 

Sabu then gets the pinfall and the win! 

Winners - Sabu, Darren Saviour and John Harding 

There is carnage all around me after this match Robbie Caine blood is everywhere all over the table and he is taken from the ring. John Harding gets himself back into the ring and the crowd chant 'Thank you John' John grabs the mic and thanks all the fans. 

Iv got to say Robbie Caine is one tough Person he really showed his physical toughness and his ability in this match and how the hell he continued i don't know. 

In addition i have never seen someone take as much punishment live as John Harding did tonight he really gave all of himself to this match and did everything possible to win and the fans showed the appreciation as a result. 

Wow what an incredible main event extreme rules match! All 6 men have to be congratulated on making this the best 2nd Anniversary main event! 

4, Ultimo Tiger vs Jigsaw Catch Division Championship

Chikara USA star Jigsaw vs Catch Champ Ultimo Tiger

Jigsaw and Ultimo Tiger
I got really absorbed into this match and this was one of the stand out matches I have been looking forward too. Tiger has had some great bouts this year but I honestly think this was his best to date. Jigsaw is an incredible talent and both really had a great match. I probably won't be able to write everything that happened here to do it justice but here goes!! :) 

Kids in the ring 

Ultimo Tiger has a special entrance for this show he has 4 children with him all in Ultimo Tiger Masks they accompany him to the ring! 

The little tigers leave the ring and the bell rings. Now you'll have to bear with me with this match these two are so quick and so smooth that there was some fantastic chain wrestling to start off this match with reversal and counter reversal by both men which resulted in a stalemate. 

Jigsaw then starts to take control of proceedings and gets Ultimo tiger by the head and goes for a suplex but this is reversed and tiger goes for sliced bread as this is reversed also. 

Tiger manages to come back at jigsaw and jigsaw is sent to the outside Ultimo Tiger then does the Ultimo dive over the rope and onto Jigsaw! 

At this point again the crowd are chanting 'this is awesome' and 'this is wrestling' Jigsaw gets back in the ring and tiger comes back at Jigsaw  and goes to the top rope but misses on jigsaw, Jigsaw seizes upon the opportunity and hits Tiger with a combination of strikes and quickly goes into Brainbuster for which he gets a two count - Jigsaw screams at Tiger to stay down. 

Tiger then switches around jigsaw grabs him from behind and picks him up for a blue thunder bomb which gets tiger a 2 count. 

Tiger is then able to hit sliced bread and get the pinfall victory and retain his catch division championship. 

Winner - Ultimo Tiger

All the fans are clapping after this match and Tiger holds out his hand for Jigsaw and Jigsaw bats it away but then says into the mic 'No Handshake this needs a hug! Hug it out!' 

hugging it out

5, 8 Man Tag Team Match

Darren Saviour, Hawksaw Jim Duggan, Danny Walsh and John Harding


C2 Calum Cain, Tyler Hawke, Roderick Strong, Mark Walsh


This match was incredible the crowd was so loud for this match and went totally nuts! I was so carried away with it myself and love matches like this as I got lost in the moment and most importantly they make me smile.
I sat there taking it all in and was smiling for the whole match  being a long time wrestling fan and sitting on the front row watching Hacksaw Jim Duggan literally feet in front of me was something I thought I would never have an opportunity to say in a sentence. I will be honest I was so into this that I wont remember every detail of the match but here goes!!

There were chants of hoooooooo every few seconds from the crowd and even a "usa usa usa" chant for Duggan too, honestly the feeling in that building was tremendous the vocal energy of the crowd and feeling in that building may be something that I don't get to experience again that close up but will be something that I'll remember for a very long time
on to the match C2 come out first wearing new t shirts and a new banner  Calum Cain, Tyler Hawke, Mark Walsh and ROH Roderick Strong make their way to the ring with the lovely and gorgeous Tara.

Tara with C2

C2 in the ring

Out next to a massive ovation from the fans Darren Saviour, John Harding, Danny Walsh who all point to the entrance way and out comes Hacksaw Jim Duggan! with 2x4 in hand Hacksaw makes his way to the ring and all C2 dive out as Hacksaw, Saviour, Walsh and Harding all look at them from the ring. The crowd is going nits already and before the match is chanting "This is Awesome" C2 attempt to come up to the apron but jump back down again as Hacksaw comes back to them with his 2x4. This happens twice more as C2 don't seem to like the look of what is transpiring. Crowd are getting louder and louder and Hacksaw, Saviour, Harding and Walsh all have a group team talk in there corner then finally Roderick Strong gets up on to the apron and into the ring.

Team talk hacksaw, saviour, harding and walsh

Roderick goes to take on Hacksaw but gets knocked down and the crowd give another hoooooo chant for hacksaw!! Darren Saviour gets tagged in and starts working on the arm of Roderick String and then makes a quick tag to Danny Walsh who does the same thing Hacksaw then gets back into the ring and continue to work on strong as things aren't looking good for C2. Tara is looking on from Ringside. Strong manages to get out for the ring and tags Cain as John Harding now enters the match for his team, John gets caught in the corner as Tyler Hawke now gets himself involved and takes on Harding.
As the match continues Danny Walsh is battling Strong again and hits a great side suplex onto strong and then hits a massive elbow drop from the top rope which is broken up by Mark Walsh
All the men then end up in the ring and brawling with each other and its a melee in the ring although John Harding was not the legal man he gets rolled up and referee counts the pinfall, the referee counted the pinfall on the illegal man and Hacksaw, Saviour, Walsh and Harding loses the match and C2 get away out of the ring.

Winners - C2

After the match Darren,Hawksaw, Danny and John Pose for crowd and the crowd applaud and Cheer in appreciation for their efforts and Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Walsh, harding, hacksaw and saviour

Thanks for Reading
Jonathan Orchard
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