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My Pro Wrestling Pride 2015 End of Year Awards

My Pro Wrestling Pride 2015 End of Year Awards

2015 has been a tremendous year for Pro Wrestling Pride. A Year in which it has grown and more and more stars from USA, Japan and Beyond have come to the company to compete in Matches. Stars Such as Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Million Dollar Man, Mr Anderson, Rhyno, Rockstar Spud, Robbie E, Bram,Chris Sabin and many more.

Not only have Pro Wrestling Pride imported many stars but they have been bringing in some tremendous top tier domestic talent with stars such as Tiger Ali, Eddie Ryan, JD Knight, Saime Sahin, Scotty Essex and Welsh stars Big Grizzly and Robbie Caine who both debuted in January 2015 they have a well rounded talent roster and that has translated into some brilliant events and shows.

All credit goes to the organisers/owners of Pro Wrestling Pride, all the staff that work so hard, people on the door, Merchandise Ladies, Cameramen, Referees, Announcers and wrestler and everyone that makes this show brilliant.

As many of you know I have tried to get to as many PWP shows throughout the year as I was able too and I haven't left disappointed yet. If you want to go to a show next year you can see where the next event is and buy tickets at the link below

Now onto the awards these are all done in fun and not meant to be taken too seriously they are all chosen by me and all my opinion so with that said read on and enjoy!! :)

PWP Tag Team Of The Year

Dual Winners

Danny and Mark Walsh (Pretty Marvellous) and Eddie Ryan and Jason Larusso (The Lionhearts)

 Tag Team of the Year Danny Walsh and Mark Walsh Pretty Marvellous and Eddie Ryan and Jason Larusso The Lionhearts. I couldn't separate these two teams  Danny and Mark - Pretty Marvellous  had a tremendous run as tag team champions this year and defended Tag Team Titles against so many different teams this year including former WWE stars.

They became the longest running PWP Tag Champions in History.

Unfortunately for the duo all their success turned into destruction when at Torquay May 2015 against Ryan and Larusso Mark Left Danny on his own in the ring after feeling like he wasn't getting the limelight he deserved. Ryan and Larusso broke the streak and effectively ended Pretty Marvellous in the process. Eddie Ryan and Jason Larusso did what a lot of other teams couldn't do and get ahold of those tag team titles.

Holy S#@t moment of the year

Bram, Big Grizzy and Chris Andrews Taking it to the car Park in Newton Abbott

Unfortunately I wasn't at this show one of the very best main events that PWP have had all year. Bram arrived in England for his first PWP show and he along with Grizzly and Andrews took the fight the Courtaney Centre Car Park! There were Irish whips into Guard Rails, bodies flying into raised garden beds and punches thrown in the car park a truly chaotic scene and one fans could not believe they were seeing! it was an amazing seen and something that has not been seen since! If you want to see it for yourself you can click the link below to see the video.

Catch Division Wrestler of The Year

Ultimo Tiger

Ultimo Tiger has had so many quality Tremendous matches in 2015 he has become Catch Division Champion twice this year and has had amazing matches with Tyler Hawke, Jigsaw, Chris Sabin, Koji Kanemoto, Scotty Essex and more.

Ultimo Tiger has grown so much in 2015 and too see what he can do in the ring and what he has been doing to his opponents is incredible. Tiger athletic ability is off the chart, he is current catch division champion he has to face Kenny omega Coming up and Scotty Essex has also be vying for an opportunity so Tiger is going to have to keep his Witt's about him going into 2016 as there will be a lot of wrestlers looking to take that title from him but Tiger welcomes every challenge and will look to overcome them all!!

Pro Wrestling Pride World Champion of The Year

Big Grizzly

Big Grizzly has had such an impact in pro wrestling pride this year. He came into the promotion on January and has had a stellar year . Big Grizzly whether you like him or not, he has become x2 World Champion and taken on some of the worlds best in Mr Anderson, Rhyno and many more.

Big Grizzly is currently PWP World Heavyweight Champion and with The Anarchy Uprising Group (Mean Tommy Dean, JD Knight) around him Grizzly could be holding onto that title for a long time still, 2016 could be even better for Big Grizzly.

Most Hated Team of the Year

UK Dominator, Robbie Caine and Keizer

You just couldn't find a more hated team in Pro Wrestling Pride this year than these 3! they came together as a Team at Exeter in May 2015 to take on the team of Darren Saviour, Sabu and John Harding. I haven't heard a crowd boo as long, as loud and as constantly as when these 3 came out. They truly are a hated team in pro Wrestling pride and the fans wont let them forget it either!!!

PWP Photo of the Year

Darren Saviour and Robbie Caine

This picture I obtained is from Nige Barrett and Hawkeye Photography he takes amazing photos at the shows and I picked this out from what he had taken this year. 

 I think this photo captures Pro Wrestling Pride so well, High Flying action, tremendous performers and the photo encapsulates the word action so well, to me this is photo of the year.

You can view all of Nigel Photos via his facebook page

PWP newcomer of The Year

Saime Sahin

Saime has had an excellent year in PWP since he arrived he immediately connected with the crowd and they have loved him ever since.

Saime has such a big hear and personality and to add to that he Won 2015 Xmas Rumble an has a world title shot coming his way, Saime really has taken his opportunity this year and ran with it, next year he could tune that opportunity in a championship

PWP Catch Division match of The year

Ultimo Tiger vs Tyler Hawke

The Match below took place in Newton Abbott in February 2015 it was the main event of the show and Iv taken the blog that I did about the show at the time and pasted it in below so you can read what a great match it was. It was such an excellently told story and was really well done.

On a personal level these are two of my favourite performers in Pro wrestling Pride I love the attitude and cockiness and wrestling skill of Tyler Hawke and the high Flying skills and the incredible ability of Ultimo Tiger is something to behold. This match during the course of it got "this is awesome" chants twice! such a brilliant main event with so much wrestling skill on show its going to be hard for me to do this justice by just writing about it, I was so into the match that I did not got every detail of it, I got drawn into it so much and got lost in it.

I loved the the story that they were telling.  This will definitely be a dvd to buy when it comes out and you can see this fantastic match for yourself and see the effort passion and commitment that these two put into this catch division trophy match.

Tyler has C2 with him at ringside and Tiger has Harding and Saviour with him. Tiger manages to get Hawke into an armbar to start things off and Hake is on the back foot however the C2 are circling ringside and Saviour and Harding are keeping them in check eventually both Tiger and Hawke make it on to the apron where Hake starts hitting Tiger on Middle rope in centre of the ring Tiger manages to come back and wraps Hawke arm around the ropes Hawke gets hit to the outside and C2 come round and Tiger and Big Grizzly get into a faceoff in front of me which leads the crowd to chant "Tigers Eat Bears" Saviour and Harding then come round and get into the face of Grizzly.

Hawke Goes for the cover and the referee started counting the fall and then Grizzly pulled the referee out of the ring, which I turned to my friend and said I  think that C2 were going to turn on Hawke! Although that didn't happen in this match, thinking back to my previous blog about Teignmouth show last week where Josh Knott wasn't happy with Grizzly joining them in C2 I wonder if this is another subtle little thing that PWP are doing in the future and gives a reason for things to change or for tension to start within the group and against Hawke maybe with the dynamics of the group changing in the past few weeks it will be interesting to see where the story goes and how this continues PWP have a habit of building on story and using these things as we go forward so this could be very interesting.

Following this Grizzly and Saviour go face to face outside as action continues in the ring Tiger hits a great series of kicks to Hakwe who is on his knees in the ring Tiger is really on a roll now and Tiger goes for a pinfall and gets a 2 count. Hakwe then goes up in the corner however Tiger manages to cut him off and gets ahold of Hawke and puts him in the corner and Hawke feet are resting in the corner and then hits a spinning DDT/Neckbreaker from the turnbuckle for a 2 count.

As the match goes on Hawke gets back in control and takes Tiger up to the top of the far corner from me on his shoulders Hawke goes for a Super rolling fireman's carry slam and Hawke lands the move but lands extremely on his head and that got a "holy shit" shout from me and I thought that match might end at this point but the match continues.

Tiger hits a tiger suplex on Hawke and gets another 2 count and then Tiger manages to hit sliced bread on Hakwe and Tiger gets the win and is your new Catch division champion,

PWP Tag Team Match of The Year

Darren Saviour, Sabu and John Harding vs UK Dominator Keizer and Robbie Caine

Exeter May 2015

This was a tremendous main event from show in May was an incredible match and for me definitely tag team match of the year.

Before I start let me say that again there was so much happening in this match my eyes were darting all over the place! So again will try and get down everything I remember! 

honestly and truthfully out of all the Hardcore/Extreme matches I have seen live in Person this left me at the end of the match with my jaw wide open in disbelief. These men put on and incredible main event UK Dominator, Caine and Keizer  with their natural aggression, intensity and team work which they use all to Great effect. They are the perfect bunch of bad guys! 

Darren Saviour with his great athleticism and charisma and John Harding with his guts, resilience and his ability to take whatever came his way tonight was incredible!!! Along with ECW Legend Sabu this was a great combination of people in a match. 

Keizer, Robbie Caine and UK Dominator make their way out and these men are ready to go Dominator has his shirt off and his baseball bat in his hands as Keizer gets on the mic and says that Sabu had a 'little accident' and tonight's match will now be a 2 on 3 extreme rules match. John Harding and Darren Saviour comes out they get into the ring and go out to pose on the ropes but they get attacked from behind while on the turnbuckles and this match is go. UK Dominator throws John Harding outside of the ring and Robbie Caine is in the corner with Darren Saviour then suddenly the lights go out the music hits and the lights come on and it's Sabu!!! Sabu points to the sky in one hand and throws a chair directly to the head of Robbie Caine the chair flys off his head! 

Sabu hits Caine with a chair

John Harding Sabu and Darren Saviour
UK Dominator and Keizer end up on the outside as well and John Harding goes over the ropes to the outside as does Darren Saviour that leaves Sabu in the ring and he rings back in Keizer and Sabu hits a springboard double  leg drop onto him. Sabu gets Keizer into a camel clutch while Robbie Caine is now out in front of me hitting John Harding and while that is going on UK Dominator and Darren Saviour are stood on the turnbuckle and UK dominator suplexs Saviour back into the ring!!! 

Keizer and Darren Saviour are facing each other in the ring and Keizer hits an incredible inverted DDT onto Saviour! 

Then the teams get into their corners and John Harding ends up in the ring and there is a succession of quick tags between all three of UK Dominator, Robbie Caine and Keizer they end up cutting Harding off from his team. Keizer hits Harding with an insane Death Valley Driver into the corner. Robbie Caine hits Sabu own Springboard legdrop from outside to inside of the ring as had been done by Sabu earlier and Robbie walks towards Sabu and puts his middle finger up to him.

Harding ends up getting a chair and had it in front of his face  but as he turns around he gets blasted with the baseball bat by the UK Dominator the sound of the bat of the chair is incredible!! 

Harding is down and things aren't looking good as then UK
dominator, Caine and Keizer take Harding to the corner and lift his legs up while Harding is holding the top Rope Keizer jumps off top turnbuckle and hits a double stomp on the chest of John Harding. 

How John Harding is surviving all this I don't know!

Unfortunately for him there is more to come as the chair lays flat in the ring Domintor and Keizer throw John Harding to the ropes and pick him up and put him on the shoulders of Robbie Caine and Robbie hits and incredible Powerbomb into the chair! 

Darren Saviour hits a double top rope drop kick onto Dominator and caine and Sabu gets back into the ring and is taking it to both men and hits a double DDT onto UK Doninator and Caine! 

UK Dominator is on the outside and John Harding goes to jump through the 2nd Rope but gets smacked one head with a metal tray! John Harding is out and is on the floor in front of me. He has had an insane match.

Meanwhile in the ring Robbie Caine and Sabu are battling and  Sabu has a chair but UK Dominator comes in and Caine and Dominator take control and Caine gets the arms of Sabu and and Caine stands on the apron and has Sabu left arm as UK Dominator goes to hit Sabu with the chair, Sabu moves and it hits Robbie Caine on top of his head! 

UK Dominator about to hit Sabu

Robbie is out in front of me with blood pouring down from the top Of his head and he is looking in a really bad way. meanwhile Sabu has set up a table in the ring and Robbie face gets placed on the table and Sabu goes to the top rope with a chair and hits Arabian Facebuster with Chair hitting Robbie Caine on back of his head and putting him through the table! 

Sabu then gets the pinfall and the win! 

Winners - Sabu, Darren Saviour and John Harding 

There is carnage all around me after this match Robbie Caine blood is everywhere all over the table and he is taken from the ring. John Harding gets himself back into the ring and the crowd chant 'Thank you John' John grabs the mic and thanks all the fans. 

Iv got to say Robbie Caine is one tough Person he really showed his physical toughness and his ability in this match and how the hell he continued i don't know.

In addition i have never seen someone take as much punishment live as John Harding did 
tonight he really gave all of himself to this match and did everything possible to win and the fans showed the appreciation as a result. 

Wow what an incredible main event extreme rules match! All 6 men have to be congratulated on making this the best 2nd Anniversary main event! 

Those ladies and Gentleman are the awards I Hope you enjoyed reading this and let me know your own choices and what you would award this year!!! 

Thanks for Reading

Jonathan Orchard

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