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Triple H Wrestler and COO - Best for Business

Triple H Wrestler and COO - Best for Business

Triple H

As always everyone thank you for reading and taking the time to check this out. As you all know I'm a wrestling fan and not a “wrestling expert” and I don’t proclaim to be one just my opinion as a fan

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Be Positive on Triple H

Triple H has done so much in this business more than I will ever know and understand, he is a true pro and someone that I believe aspiring wrestlers should look at and be a model of how a professional should be.

Triple H has gone through independents and the tough times not making alot of money finally making it to WCW and then WWE and had a 20 year plus career.

Triple has so many accolades (too many to mention) Plus now is doing things behind the scenes in WWE to help its future.

In this blog I’m going to take you on a  brief and short run through of his career/moments I remember and what Triple H has managed to achieve so far and to look at the positives he has brought to the wrestling business.

 In the ring
Hunter Hearst Hemsley

As a child growing up. I first saw Triple H in 1995 as a 9 year old kid and I  didn’t like him as his Hunter Hearst Hemsley persona. It was arrogant and just a character as a kid that you loved to hate. That music, That smirk and the bow he used to do used to really annoy me and I always wanted to see him lose!

I also remember Mr Perfect turning on Marc Mero to Help Hunter Hearst Hemsley win the Intercontinental title I'm not sure why that sticks out in my mind but as a young wrestling fan at the time that storyline stuck out in my head.

At this time Triple H was involved in the infamous curtain call now at the time I didn’t have any understanding of what it was or what happened. As I grew older I understood the significance of it more. Now I understand that people were upset because they thought that “The Kliq” was exposing the wrestling business but to be honest back in 1950’s newspapers stopped covering Wrestling as a “real sport” because they understood that it was predetermined and in 1990 Vince had already Termed the phrase Sports entertainment and used it himself.

So for me in 1996 I don’t think the Kliq did anything wrong, there weren’t any WWE camera’s there to film the Live Event and Only footage was caught by 2 fans. In my Mind Wrestling was changing. However Triple H got a huge punishment from Vince Mcmahon for this. Vince Nearly fired Triple H but gave him a reprieve and advised Triple H “You  are going to eat alot of s***” and then Triple H proceeded to Lose alot of matches throughout the rest of 1996 as a punishment for Curtain Call.

The Kliq from far right Triple H, Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall, XPac

In 1997 that was to be Triple H return from the dog house. Triple H won 1997 King of The ring which at the time provided such a good platform for a performer to move up the card and evolve. Evolving is one of the key assets for Triple H he has perfected this over the years and has been able to evolve himself and his character at the right time.

 I remember also in 1997 Triple H losing the Intercontinental Title to The Rock and The Rock Becoming the youngest Intercontinental champion in WWE History. That match always stuck out and would be the start of a huge rivalry between the pair which continues to this day with both of them being back in the ring at Wrestlemania 31.

Once Triple got with Shawn Michaels and he transformed and evolved again in to  Triple H, I started to dig the character more and the development of Triple H from then to now has been incredible. He become more human more identifiable and more himself.

At that time The Kliq dominated and change the fundamentals of WWE had it not been for The Kliq (Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Xpac) we may not have wrestling presented as it is today. They created and promoted an edgier form of Pro wrestling which led to some of the biggest ratings in Wrestling History. 

DX Triple H as I dubbed him was doing things along with Road, Dogg, Chyna, Billy Gunn and X Pac which hadn’t been done before they became the coolest thing in wrestling in the Monday Night War. NWO came before but DX I think superseded them in terms of the things they did. The DX invasion of WCW is something which was revolutionary Triple H was apart of that, creating an amazing wrestling moment which is still talked about to this day. I was such a fan I got a DX shirt and wanted to be part of the DX army!

Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Chyna

Sorry I digress…..

Triple H then evolved again, he left DX became part of the corporation and then set his sights on the WWE World Heavyweight Championship which he won by defeating Mankind. Quite the transformation from where he had come from his look and persona were different, he had cool entrance music, lighting as he came down to the ring and incorporated Spitting out water into his entrance too which has become his signature.

Stephanie and Triple H in 2000

Triple H then became The Game and in Storyline married the Daughter of Vince Mcmahon Stephanie and Eventually created the Mcmahon-Hemsley era and Triple H and Stephanie as Power couple in WWE did everything in their power to help Triple H and have him keep hold of his WWE Title. Personally I loved this era it was so much fun and if I'm watching WWE Network i always find myself going back and watching episodes from that era whether it be Raw, Smackdown or PPV.

 I remember HHH firing Mankind and Mankind coming back and Challenging Triple H to an excellent match at Royal rumble 2000. That match really was tremendous one of the best hardcore, type matches you will see. I was allowed to stay up late (and miss school the next day) to see Royal Rumble 2000 and it still ticks with me today as one of the best WWE PPV’s i had seen. If you get a chance again watch this on WWE Network. Mick Foley later said this should of been his last match in WWE at the time it was that good.

Royal Rumble then  then led into A Hell in a Cell Match which Triple H won and ended Mick Foley Career in WWE.
Cactus Jack vs Triple H
Unfortunately for Triple H in 2001 he tore had Quad Muscle and was out of action for quite a few months. Triple H had an operation and then came back stronger than ever on WWE RAW from Madison Square Garden, which today in 2015 is one of the loudest and longest return cheers in History it was full of emotion, the fans were so happy to have Triple H Back. This was a massive deal people aren't meant to come back from injuries like the one Triple H Sustained but to his credit he didn't just come back he came back stronger and better.

When you think of Top Class matches in WWE at this time late 90’s early 2000 into late 2000s whether he won or Lost Triple H was in them.  From Quality matches throughout his Career with The Rock, Steve Austin, Mankind, The Undertaker, John Cena the list goes on and on Triple H was having matches with the best of the best. Not only was he doing this but throughout his career he was helping others, helping to make them Bigger stars and reach the next level. Two of which were Randy Orton and Batista.

The association with Triple H and Ric Flair in a group called Evolution certainly helped both men in their careers and helped them ascend to another level. Both men became accomplished Main Event

 I specially remember Triple H doing this with Jeff Hardy before Jeff became WWE Champion. 

Triple H and Jeff Hardy
Triple H had a number one contender match and he and Jeff from What I remember had a great match and afterwards I remember thinking that this win for Jeff was huge because it helped him in terms of credibility, If Jeff was able to beat Triple H then he had a big shot a the WWE championship. Triple H was always ready to help build another star

In 2007 I managed to get to my first ever WWE show in Cardiff Wales me and my friend Matt managed to get tickets for the 4th row and were super close and got to see Triple H Perform in the Main event tagging with Chris Jericho vs Randy Orton and Umaga.

Here are a couple of my pictures from the show WWE Raw in 2008
My picture of Triple H from WWE Raw Cardiff 2008

It was after that match as Triple H was walking around the ring that I got to shake hands with him and told him “thank you”

He wont remember it I suspect but to me was one of my greatest things, afterwards I was as white as a sheet as I couldn’t believe what had happened and my friend said he’d never seen me look so shock!

As the years rolled on you knew whenever you saw Triple H in a match it was always going to be quality i cant think of a match i have seen him in where i finished watching it and felt disappointed.

Triple H and The Undertaker had 2 epic Matches against each other at Wrestlemaina 27 and 28.

Wrestlemania 28 in Particular for me was incredible. Triple H vs Undertaker in a Hell in The Cell Match with Shawn Michaels as special referee this has to go down as one of the greatest matches of all time.

This was incredible and had everyone on the edge of their seats from start to finish Undertaker ended up winning the match but it will always be thought of as one of the greatest wrestlemaina matches.
Wrestlemania 29 I got to live a dream I went to New York and got to see Wrestlemaina Live! I was in Metlife Stadium to see HHH vs Brock Lesnar!

Me outside izod stadium in new jesery in 2013

As a little boy i had always wanted to go and se Wrestlemaina in America and to be in a stadium of over 83,000 people is something i’ll never forget. They had a physical Brutal match with both men coming out of it with injuries.

Me at Wrestlemania 29

A lot of people find it very easy to criticize and bemoan Triple H.

Unfortunately Triple H over the years has been an easy target for a lot of “fans” “Wrestling Experts” or “dirt sheet writers” who blame him and his marriage to Stephanie Mcmahon (Vince McMahon Daughter) for so many things in WWE that didn’t work out or blame him for certain booking decisions made by the company.

Lets get it right, Vince Mcmahon has final say in everything concerning WWE the buck stops with Vince, its his company and his direction, If Vince wants it done it happens, Triple H Stephanie have a say but Ultimately the decisions are Vince McMahon's.
Triple H did not get everything handed to him his whole career he worked hard, lived the wrestling business and strived to make it better every single day. Triple H said himself that his career will always have a Astrix by his name because of his relationship and who is wife is however that shouldn't take away from what he has accomplished as a wrestler and what he accomplished as a human being,

Triple H rose to the top of this business before he even started seeing his future wife, he is soon to be a Hall of Famer in the Future

Triple H earned what he got no one gave it to him.

 Behind the Curtain

Triple H is now WWE COO and VP for Talent relations. It was Triple H idea for the WWE Performance Centre, its was his baby which he has seen through to where it is now. WWE Performance centre is one of the best training centres in the world, Triple H used all of his experience to say to himself, “if i was starting out today what would i need to be successful?” he took his ideas plus the others around him and created a whole new way of doing things for WWE.
Everyone is raving about WWE NXT right now and rightly so the athletes and Competition in that brand is incredible. The men and women on that show are pushing each other to get better and better.

The man behind the creative of WWE NXT that’s right Triple H.

WWE NXT is his philosophy of how wrestling should be presented and how it should be. Triple H handles creative in NXT without any input from Vince Mcmahon. What Triple H is doing is new and fresh and is appealing to a 2015 Audience that wants to see something different and not the same thing they have seen for so many years, he is presenting his show a different way and people are gravitating towards it. Triple H with his years of experience in the ring is able to translate that to the new generation of talent coming through the performance centre.

What Triple H is doing with NXT is creating and all star roster for the future of WWE. Triple H has brought in talents for all over the world no matter what size, shape or ability they have.

Triple H has used his talent scouts and his own ability to look at these talents. Triple H said on a recent NXT panel that he does not care who they are or where they are from as long as they are coach able then they have the opportunity to succeed Triple H has brought in Many Talents such as Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, Hideo Itami, Samoa Joe, James Storm, Apollo Crews, Asuka and many many more.

It is such a diverse roster but a roster full to the brim of top tier talent, and having a roster of top talent brings out the best in everyone, better matches, better promos and more competition. That then translates across the fans and the people watching at home.

As a fan its amazing to see and Triple H deserves a lot of credit for the things he has changed, the attitudes he has changed within WWE and how he is making those changes to safeguard a tremendous future for Pro Wrestling.

Triple H knows what it is like to be where they are and he wants them to succeed and get to greater levels of success than they have been before.

Thanks for Reading

Jonathan Orchard

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