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Pro Wreslting Pride review Hereos & legends 2 Nov 1st Results

Pro Wrestling Pride Review Heroes and Legends 2 Nov 1st Results

Ladies and Gentleman welcome to the Pro Wrestling Pride Megashow Heroes and legends 2 its nearly been 3 months since my last Pro Wrestling Pride show and got to admit that I am getting withdrawal symptoms!!

I have been looking forward to this event for months and ordered my ticket as soon as the event was announced got a Front row + Meet and Greet. Also included with this ticket is a pre show Q and A with Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase.

I have been to the last Q and A event which was with Raven so really looking forward to this one and asking Questions to Million Dollar Man and Pro Wrestling Pride superstars.
I went into the main hall in Paignton and it is set up with 5 rows of chairs and with a  table in front of us for the million dollar and pro wrestling pride superstars Eddie Ryan, Big Grizzly and more!

All the fans in attendance really seemed to enjoy the Q and A and enjoyed having their questions answered by their favourite superstars and learning a bit more about them. When Pro Wrestling Pride do another one of these I suggest you go to it, they are so informative and hearing the talent speak in their own words about situations matches, their favourite moments etc is something so special, so keep your eyes open for any future Q and A events.

Pro Wrestling Pride started letting people into the building for the main show and Aaron Noble Mackie comes out as always and welcomes us all to the show alongside Referee Martin Longley and Senior Referee Ed Dyer. Aaron is talking through the show for this evening and then says its time for some wrestling, the fans are chanting loud as the show gets underway.

Before the show begins special guest for the evening Miss Cornwall 2015 comes out to the ring and unfortunately she falls while in the ring. I really felt for her, although she took it really well and keep smiling too and had a great sense of humour, the fans found it entertaining and have now coined the phrase "Miss Cornfall"

As always everything written below is my opinion and is done on my memory of the event Read on and Enjoy :)

6 Man Tag Team Match

Mr Anderson, Chris Andrews and Eddie Ryan vs Bram, Tommy Dean and JD Knight

Bram, Tommy Dean and JD Knight comes out first and Tommy Dean is waving a Anarchy Uprising Flag in the ring and Bram and JD knight are shouting at the fans at ringside to shut up and respect them.

Mr Anderson is out next along with Eddie Ryan and Chris Andrews all 3 men get into the ring. They get the anarchy uprising flag and Anderson and Andrews rub the flag on their ass and break the flag pole and throw it at  Bram , JD Knight and Tommy Dean who were on the outside. Mr Anderson grabs the mic from Aaron and goes to announce his team. Ken Announces my tag team partner and it a great moment Eddie Ryan and Chris Andrews announce themselves as Mr Anderson does! It was a tremendous intro!

Mr Anderson then Introduces himself and then our 6 man tag team match is on! Tommy Dean grabs Eddie Ryan in a headlock and knocks him down to the canvas with a shoulder block, Tommy is looking very pleased with himself.

Tommy gets Ryan back up to a vertical base and gets reversed Eddie goes to put his head down and Tommy kicks him, Tommy goes to run at Eddie but Eddie gets a armdrag onto Tommy. Eddie then starts taking the advantage and has an armlock on Tommy. Eddie takes Tommy over to his corner and Tags in Chris Andrews, Chris comes into the ring and delivers a double axe handle to Tommy right onto the left arm that Eddie had been working on.

With Tommy on the floor Chris delivers a legdrop to the arm of Tommy, Tommy looks like he is in trouble but Tommy is able to Reverse Chris and While the Referee is trying to get Mr Anderson out of the ring behind his back Tommy passes the arm of Andrews to Bram who on the apron is delivering arm smashes over his shoulder, Tommy then spits at Eddie Ryan which Draws Eddie in the ring again and distracts the ref, Tommy Again passes Chris Across to Bram who is hitting the arm Smashes again.

Following this Tommy gets reversed by Chris Andrews and Tommy gets thrown to Bram and Bram Without Releasing it (as he has his back to the ring)

Bram is smashing the arm of his own Partner! JD knight gets off the apron and is trying to say stop to Bram but Bram cant hear him over the crowd noise so Mr Anderson, Eddie Ryan and Chris Andrews all walk round to the side of the ring where Bram is and then it suddenly dawns on Bram what is happening, Bram Turns round and realises he has been hurting Tommy Dean!!

Bram gets into the ring and Tommy Dean is livid they start to push each other as the crowd start to chant "Fight Fight Fight" they both go to pull their fists back and instead to hitting each other the hug and make up into the ring.

While this is going on Chris Andrews gets back into the ring and attacks Tommy Dean as Mr Anderson and Eddie Ryan Get on the apron, Chris is in control and Tags in Eddie who comes in takes Tommy to the corner and is deliver mounted punches to him in the corner.

As thee matches continues Tommy Eventually is able to tag in Bram and Eddie delivers a great armdrag to Bram and has Bram into a headlock until Bram cheats and rakes eyes of Eddie and pulls Eddie over to his corner so JD and Tommy can commence the attack in the corner using the ropes, Eddie is trying to battle back and get to his corner but every time is foiled by Either Tommy, JD or Bram. Eddie manages to kick off two of them and Tommy and Bram bot go and hit into each other in the corner, JD gets hit with an enzuguri and Finally Eddie is able to tag in Mr Anderson who delivers a series of clotheslines to Tommy Dean, then it starts breaking down as all men come into the ring and a melee ensues in all of this Chris Andrews hits a tremendous standing suplex onto Bram, Ken Anderson gets into the ring and goes to mic check Tommy Dean but JD Knight low blows Anderson and Tommy Dean hits the mic check onto Anderson!

Tommy makes the cover and 1-2-3 Anarchy Uprising win the match by Beating TNA Superstar Mr Anderson with his own finishing move!

Winner - Bram, Mean Tommy Dean, JD Knight

Ultimate Wrestling Match
Ultimo Dragon vs Johnny Kidd

Before I start let me say that this match was totally incredible the wrestling in this match is like nothing I have ever seen before they did moves that I have never seen before and transitions in and out of holds that I hadn't seen before either. It was so immersed and it was great to see both men challenging each other and giving each other their best. This match was a lost art form and gave such a good illustration of two perfect wrestlers how know wrestling holds inside out.

instead of writing about this match and want to show this match in as many pictures as possible its impossible to put into words All theses moves and how great they were so instead here are some photos from the match below with what Kidd and Dragon did. This is well worth getting the DVD for when it comes out so you can see how supremely great this was.

The match ended When Dragon who had Kidd in what looked liked a reverse Figure 4 was able to keep Johnny in the middle of the ring and Johnny had no choice other than to tap out and Submit.

4 Way Match for Catch Division Championship

Ho ho lun vs Scotty Essex vs Ultimo Tiger (C) vs Tiger Ali

This is our international 4 way match for the catch division championship. Tiger Ali is out first followed by Scotty Essex next and Then Ho Ho Lun and Then Catch Division Champion Ultimo Tiger.Ultimo comes through the crowd and picks up a fan from  a young fan and then comes to the ring and poses on the top rope with the catch division trophy.

All 4 men are in the arena and the bell rings and we are underway. Ulitmo and Scotty are fighting on the outside and Ali and Ho Ho lun on the other side of the ring. I can see Ultimo and Scotty where I am sat and Ultimo throws scotty under the bottom rope and until the ring, Ultimo hits a great drop kick Scotty gets back to hits feet and Tiger comes off the ropes but Scotty catches him but Ultimo is able to take him over Until Ultimo is thrown to the outside and Tiger, Ho Ho Lun and Scotty are in the ring.

Ultimo is out by me on the floor and Scotty and Tiger are attacking Ho Ho Lun. Every time Ultimo Tries to get back into the ring Tiger Ali is kicking him off the apron and then he joins in again with Scotty Attacking Ho Ho Lun,

They have lun in the corner Scotty with his foot in the throat of lun and Tiger Ali get shots in on the midsection. Tiger gets hit off the apron again this time falling onto his left knee he looks like he is in pain. In the ring Scotty and Tiger Ali Continue to Attack ho ho lun Scotty is now choking Ho Ho Lun using the 2nd rope while Tiger Ali poses in the ring, however Tiger Ali is not paying attention and Scotty gos for the pinfall and Tiger just manages to break it up. Tiger Ali and Scotty have words, Scotty says to Tiger Ali "what are you doing?" Ali says "you aren't stealing this match from me" Scotty turns around and attacks ho ho lun again as Tiger nearly makes it back into the ring this time but is thwarted again by Tiger Ali.

Scotty and Ali change places and Scotty goes to outside to attack Ultimo while Tiger Ali is in the ring and Tiger Ali has his flag in his hand waving it to the crowd. As the match continues Scotty goes to go for another pinfall on Ho Ho Lun which Tiger Ali breaks up again he is not happy and Tiger Ali and Scotty then go at it! this is now giving an opportunity for Ultimo Tiger to get back into the match and alongside this Ho Ho lun starts getting back into the match himself and is on the offensive on Scotty and Ali.

Scotty and Ali end up on the outside of the ring and Lun goes to the top rope and jumps off with a flying body press to he outside on Ali and Scotty. As all 3 men are on the outside Ultimo Tiger gets back into the ring and sees his opportunity and runs off the ropes towards the 3 men and hits and incredible corkscrew ploncha to the floor!!!!

The crowd are going nuts again at this point with "this is awesome" ringing through the arena. Scotty gets thrown back in the ring and Ultimo Tiger goes to the top rope and goes for a flying cross body onto Scotty but Scotty catches him and hits a great Death Valley Driver, Ho Ho Lun then runs into the ring hits a high knee and then a hard kick to the face on Scotty, Tiger Ali comes into the ring and Ultimo Tiger hits an amazing Blue Thunder bomb on Tiger Ali.

Ho Ho lun then hits a great dropkick onto Scotty but in an instant Tiger Ali then delivers a brainbuster to ho ho lun, Ultimo Tiger then comes off the top rope and hits Flying Body press for 3 count and the win!!

Winner and Still Catch Division Champion Ultimo Tiger,

At Intermission Miss Cornwall comes out again and she manages to get in the ring successfully and as she walks to the centre Mr Anderson slides in the ring and makes Miss Cornwall fall over again which is greeted with cheers by the fans!!

  I get my in ring photo with Ultimo Tiger, Miss Cornwall, Ken Anderson and Ho Ho Lun.

Million Dollar Man Endorsement

$5000 challenge
The Fame Robbie Caine vs Red Eagle

The Million Dollar Man comes out and makes his way to the ring all the fans are cheering and chanting "dibiase" and the chants go on for some time. Ted then gets onto the mic and starts talking to the fans about the $5000 challenge match for tonight until he is interrupted by Keizer.

Keizer comes out to the ring and says that he is the best wrestler in PWP and Ted has it wrong and demands that he should have million dollar belt for being the best wrestler in the company. Ted declines this and Keizer goes to hit Dibiase but Keizer gets blocked and Dibiase delivers a right hand and an elbow to the back of the head Dibiase then locks in the million dollar dream and Keizer Taps out Dibiase then hits a Russian leg sweep and Keizer then rolls out of the ring and with his tail between his legs heads to the back.

Out first is Robbie Caine who goes into stand around the crowd and up through the stands too, he goes round all sides of the crowd and is riling them up before his match posing in front of people and going to shake hands with people and then pulling his hand away at the last second!

Red Eagle is out next and our match is on! However as Red Eagle is going to the Ring Robbie gets out of the ring and walks back towards the entrance and is giving the middle finger to all the fans Robbie is going to do this his way and no one is going to tell him what to do. Robbie eventually gets into the ring and he and Eagle tie up.

Eagle gets caught in a rear waistlock and Robbie takes him to the ground and transitions over into a front facelock Eagles gets up and Robbie throws Eagle into the ropes and Robbie puts his head down and Eagle jumps over him and gets a sunsetflip for a two count, Eagle hits an armdrag on Caine, Red Eagle then gets Caine in the corner and hits some chops on him, Eagle then comes off the ropes and Robbie catches Eagle in a bodyslam position and then puts him up on his shoulders in a firemans carry position but Eagle manages to get out of it and Eagle hits Caine and Caine goes to the floor on the far side Eagle goes to dive over the top rope and Caine catches him and throws him down back first onto the ring apron with the crowd could feel the pain of that one and Caine then end up on the floor.

Caine is taking Eagle towards every ringpost holding him there and then giving him a huge chop to the chest.

As Caine is walking round he is shouting at the crowd and telling them how much they suck, he even walks over to me and gives me the V Sign!! Caine gets to his 3rd ring post and Eagle moves! Caine hits his hand right on the ring post and the momentum has changed in this match.

Eagle and Caine go back into the ring and Caine hits a sunset springboard flip onto a prone Eagle, Caine then takes Eagle to the 2nd rope and chokes him on the middle rope.

As the match continues  Red Eagle goes to the 2nd rope and goes to jump off but gets caught again Caine hits a backbreaker and goes for a firearms carry slam but eagles gets out of it and lands on his feet, eagle then hits sliced bread for a 2 count.

Caine at this point gets frustrated and goes over to where Dibiase is watching and takes a steel chair caine has had enough Caine walks into the ring and is about to use the Steel chair on Eagle but Dibiase walks up and grabs the chair from Caine and Caine is livid from behind Eagle rolls up Caine for the win.

Winner - Red Eagle

Robbie Caine who looks livid with Ted Dibiase after the match walks round the ring and straight out of the exit. You could sense his frustration he had the match in his hands only for Ted Dibiase to turn the tide back in the favour or Red Eagle. How will Robbie Caine respond at the next Pro Wrestling Pride show?

8 Man Tag Team Match

Team Hate, Lomax and UK Dominator vs Mason Ryan, The Saint, Saime Sahin and Ultimo Tiger

Team Hate, UK Dominator and Lomax are out first followed by Mason Ryan The Saint, Saime Sahin and Out for his 2nd match tonight Ultimo Tiger.

The match starts off at a frenetic pace with all 8 men going at it in and out of the ring with UK dominator and Ultimo Tiger fighting on the outside and Mason Ryan fighting in the ring with Team Hate.

Mason Ryan manages to hit both member of team hate to the canvas and Ryan then picks up Gideon and puts him above his head in a gorilla press and throws Gideon onto Lomax and UK Dominator on the outside as the crowd go mad!!

Gideon comes back into the ring and the saint takes him to the corner and tags in Saime who picks up Gideon from the corner and Saime rubs his ass in the face of Gideon with the crowd laughing along, Saint and Saime are celebrating in the ring.

Lomax then gets tagged into the match and takes Saime to the corner and delivers kicks to him Saime is now sat in the corner and then Lomax drags Saime back to his corner and Jeckyl gets tagged in as they continue to work on Saime.

Saime manages to get back to his corner and Saint comes into the match now and Delivers a high knee to Jeckyl.

As the match continues Ultimo Tiger and UK Dominator are in the ring and UK Dominator hits a tremendous reverse bodyslam onto Ultimo Tiger look looked awesome very impressive.

Tiger is now getting cut off from his team and after his previous match in the night it is hard for Tiger to get to his corner Jeckyl, Gideon, Lomax and UK Dominator tag in and out of the match wearing down Ultimo Tiger even more as they do. Ultimo Tiger has been cut off for some time and with Lomax in the ring it doesn't look like Tiger will be getting to his corner soon, However Tiger manages to knock Gideon and Jeckyl off the apron and runs to jump to his corner to make the tag but gets caught in a bearhug position by Lomax.

Lomax brings Ultimo Tiger back to the corner As Gideon gets into the ring Gideon knocks down Tiger to the canvas and goes for a knee Jeckyl gets into the ring Tiger manages to evade him and gets over to Mason Ryan on the Apron and makes the tag.

Mason Ryan comes in and clotheslines and takes out UK Dominator, Jeckyl and Gideon in the ring. All other members of the teams come into the ring and Gideon and Jeckyl try to suplex Mason Ryan but to no avail. Mason Reverses it and gives them both a suplex, Ultimo Tiger hits a tremendous Enzuguri kick to Gideon, Mason Ryan gets Gideon on his shoulders and hits an f5 varation, Saime then goes to the 2nd rope and hits a massive springboard moonsault.

The pinfall gets broken up and Lomax hits a massive running splash to get the pinfall and the win.

Winner - Lomax, UK Dominator, Team Hate

A great win for the team of Lomax, Uk Dominator and Team Hate. Lomax finishing move is very impressive and he is super agile for such a big person, he could be one to look out for as the pride shows go forward.
Pro Wrestling Pride World Championship match
Rhyno vs Big Grizzly Steve Griffiths (C)

Big Grizzly walks out to the ring looking confident with his fellow anarchy Uprising members by his side he makes his way into the ring but is told by Aaron Noble Mackie that he cannot have his team mates at ringside otherwise he loses his pro wrestling Pride heavyweight championship. Reluctantly he tells his team mates to go to the back.

Out Next is former ECW and current WWE NXT star Rhyno! Rhyno comes into the ring and he is greeted of cheers from the crowd of "Gore Gore Gore" "NXT" and "ECDub" Grizzly and Rhyno tie up and there is a stalemate! They lock up again and Rhyno gets and armbar the crowd are chanting "ECdub" again and Grizzly is able to reverse it and is shouting at Rhyno "ecw nothing" Rhyno then comes of the ropes and goes to shoulder block Grizzly but Grizzly does not move at all.

Grizzly challenges him to do it again and Rhyno comes off the ropes and Grizzly is not moved again, Rhyno comes off the 3rd time and finally Grizzly goes down!!!

Rhyno takes grizzly to the corner and hits his head on the turnbuckle and Grizzly hits a shoulder block on Grizzly Rhyno goes over to the over corner and is on his knee and the crowd are shouting Gore, Rhyno runs towards Grizzly but Grizzly gets out of the ring and to the floor.

Then the fight goes crazy Rhyno goes to the floor and they start fighting on the floor Rhyno clears some fans from the front row and throws Grizzly into the chairs. both men get up and are trading blows backwards and forwards and now fighting into the bleachers and the seats too, they come back down the stairs and fight all the way across  to the other side of the bleachers they go right to the top again only this time Rhyno gets Grizzly on a facelock then goes to suplex him on the stairs!! Grizzly blocks this and then backdrops Rhyno all the way down the stairs! Rhyno is roiling down the stairs as all the fans are gasping in disbelief.

When Rhyno gets to the bottom he looks in a bad way Grizzly goes to Piledrive Rhyno on the floor but Rhyno reserves it and Grizzly lands back first on the floor hos landing echoing throughout the arena, both men gingerly make their way back into the ring, the crowd at this point are chanting "this is awesome" Grizzly and Rhyno are exchanging blows back and forth Grizzly manages to take advantage and hits Rhyno in the corner with a splash.

Grizzly has Rhyno down and he can sense that it is his time Grizzly is now relentless he takes the tape off his wrists and is choking Rhyno with it, he gets Rhyno over the 2nd rope and chokes him on the rope too, Grizzly he puts his feet on the neck of Rhyno to choke him further, Grizzly is getting more vicious he is doing everything he can to hold onto his title here tonight!

Rhyno manages to fight back for a brief moment hitting a back elbow in the corner, but Grizzly takes advantage again and has Rhyno on the canvas, Grizzly goes and gets a chair and uses the edge of it hits Rhyno in the stomach and then tries chocking him with it. Grizzly then lays the chair flat on Rhyno and goes to jump and sit on Rhyno but Rhyno turns the chair sideways and Grizzly gets a chair to the groin!!

Rhyno hits a massive belly to belly suplex on grizzly for a two count both men get up and Grizzly gets thrown to the corner but this is reversed and Rhyno gets thrown towards the corner, referee Ed Dyer is there but Rhyno stops short of hitting him but Grizzly runs towards the corner and squashes the referee. the referee Ed Dyer is now down and this is the Que for JD knight and Tommy Dean to come out attack Rhyno and help Grizzly. This doesn't happen for long as then Chris Andrews and Eddie Ryan come out and get Rid of JD and Dean.

Grizzly goes for chokeslam on Rhyno but Rhyno gets out of it and hits the gore on Grizzly except there is no referee to make the count Another referee Martin Longley runs in and he counts to 2 and Grizzly kicks out, Grizzly then hits a chokeslam and gets a 2 count.

Grizzly is in disbelief and he is so annoyed that he punches and knocks out the 2nd ref Martin Longley.

Grizzly then uses his world title and hits Rhyno with it he then hits the chokeslam and orginal referee Ed Dyer counts the pinfall

After the match Ken Anderson comes out and hits Grizzly with Mic Check and Rhyno hits 3 gores of Grizzly to end the show!!!!

Winner and still Pro Wrestling Pride Heavyweight Champion - Big Grizzly

I said after Truro show in August that Match Big Grizzly had with Mr Anderson would be hard to top and I think that this match is on a par if not surpassed it a little bit. This Match was totally fantastic great wrestling, brawling in the crowd, chairs, even Rhyno falling down the stairs. Big grizzly is having a standout year in pro wrestling Pride Question is now who is going to be able to stop him?

Grizzly has his Anarchy Uprising by his side also, So anyone looking to take away Pro Wrestling Pride Heavyweight Title from his grasp with have to deal with all of them.

It Has just been announced that Grizzly next title defence will be a 4 way match in Exeter. as of this writing none of the opponents have been announced but there is only a 25% Grizzly will retain going into it, this is looking like bad news for the champ.
Overall I cant praise this event enough every match throughout was tremendous and the men and women put on a show and the fans responded in kind. Great chants from the fans with "This is Awesome" being heard a lot through the evening too. I think the energy of the crowd really helped the noise was massive and I think and feel that the performers fed off of this.

How will Pro Wrestling Pride top this? is the question I have seen online after the show the answer for me is I don't know but the great thing about Pro wrestling Pride is you never know what they are going to surprise you with next! For me this has to be one of the best Live Wrestling shows I have seen ever, truly was an Honor and privilege to sit front row and see how it all happened

After the show I was able to take part in the backstage meet and greet after the show Pro Wrestling Pride are getting known for these I was able to meet a lot of the stars from the show, speak to them, get autographs and pictures with them too, here is a picture below of some of my pictures from he meet and greet, Pro Wrestling Pride do these for all their shows so make sure you get a meet and greet ticket with your event ticket and meet the


Thanks for reading

Jonathan Orchard

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