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Pro Evolution Wrestling Results - November 21st 2015

Pro Evolution Wrestling - November 21st 2015

Hello Everyone and welcome to a new blog this time I'm at Pro Evolution Wrestling. This time this blog is a little bit different as I have a friend with me! My girl-friend asked to come as well, she hears me talk about wrestling all the time and wanted to see what all the fuss was about so since this wasn't far from where we live, she actually brought me the tickets for this one for thanks for the tickets Sarah :) :)

We get towards the Civic Centre and Sarah is surprised by the queue that is outside the building and the amount of fans waiting to get in she looked to me and said wow I didn't expect to see so many people!!

We get into the venue and we get to our seats and head to the bar (for a non alcoholic drink as I'm driving) and the show is getting ready to start. Below are all the matches the results and some pictures I took to go with them.

As a new fan and seeing it for the first time I'm going to say a lot of what Sarah said and give her feedback. Its refreshing to see it through someone who hasn't been to it before and can offer a different perspective and instead of hearing me talk about the matches I thought I would give her views.

 Sarah said she really enjoyed The Magums and thought they were a great team it was the first time for her seeing any wrestling let alone a tag team match so for them to make an impression straight away was great. 

Sarah then advised was glad she wasn't on the front row when UK dominator was walking round as he was getting in people's faces and that she thought he was mean! Having been on the receiving end before I confirmed that he is! Sarah was surprised by the uniqueness of Scotty Essex and thought it was unfair that although he was facing UK Dominator that Dominator had 3 other men at ringside to help him.

Sarah also  thought that the title match between Joel Redman and Wild Boar was her favourite match of the night and she also enjoyed seeing the different array of moves and athletic ability on show from the wrestlers at the show tonight. Mark Andrews was extremely impressive with his match against Justin Sysum too.

At the end of the show Sarah gave me her final conclusion she advised she really enjoyed it, the thought the action was great and it was fantastic action and thought it was great value entertainment too.

Pro Evolution Wrestling Announced that they were coming back next year and she said "can we go again?"

 Pro Evolution you did a good job :)

Please see the match results and some pictures I took below.

Match 1

The Magnums def The Heritage City Hitmen

Match 2

UK Dominator def. Scotty Essex

Match 3

The Bristol Boys def. The Renegades

Match 4

Pro Evolution World Heavyweight Championship

Joel Redman def. Wild Boar


At Intermission I finally gave in and brought The system T shirt!! Sarah seemed to like it!! hahaha

Match 5
The System def. Dan Splash & Mystery

Match 6

Mark Andrews def. Justin “Hammer” Sysum

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