Tuesday, 30 June 2015

What is Pro Wrestling Pride?

What is Pro Wrestling Pride?

Hello Everyone and welcome to another Blog today I want to talk to you all about a British Wrestling company that I have been going to see regularly over the past year that company is Pro Wrestling Pride.

Pro Wrestling Pride is based in Devon and has been in existence since 2013 and been running shows in the Devon area Expanding out to Cornwall and Somerset also.

Pro Wrestling Pride has a fantastic flow to their shows they pride themselves (no pun intended) on telling a story at their shows, making the matches make sense and giving the audience great story that they can get themselves into but also telling great physical stories in the ring through the matches.

There is a tremendous roster in place filled with great talent these guys go out there and they all work so hard and have a drive and ambition to be the best they can be every single time

From Super Bad Guys C2 Stable (Calum Cain, Tyler Hawke Josh Knott, Big Grizzly) then to  UK Dominator,Robbie Caine, Mark Walsh and Keizer to Fan Favorites Ultimo Tiger, Darren Saviour, Danny Walsh John Harding and others that is a tremendous mix of styles that create the uniqueness that I have been able to see.

Big Grizzly
Robbie Caine

Pro Wrestling Pride in Addition to their own roster also bring in Wrestlers from other companies for shows and stars previously seen in american Promotions for example Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Carlito, Sabu,Jay Lethal, Chris Masters, Mr Anderson, Too Cool, Juvi Guererra, Mason Ryan, Chris Sabin, Bram, Joel Redmond, Doug Williams, Raven, Koji Kanemoto and Many More.

Pride Mix this talent coming in with their great talent and it creates some magic, even if you have never been to a show before you will quickly be able to understand what is going on and find characters that you can gravitate towards and others that you’ll boo out of the building!! :)

Come out and discover something new see the great new and fresh British talent. If you haven’t been to a pro wrestling pride show I suggest you do!

check out their website on Twitter @propwp and also on Facebook search Pride Promotions. You can see below poster for the upcoming shows, come along, get involved and enjoy

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