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The implosion of Pretty Marvellous

The implosion of Pretty Marvellous
Danny (left) Mark (right)
Pro Wrestling Pride Pretty Marvellous the tag team of Danny and Mark Walsh have been a staple for Pro Wrestling Pride since its inception they have been singles competitors and Tag Team but always been a cohesive unit.
Pro Wrestling Pride Show on 25tH May 2015 in Torquay proved to be maybe the last time we will see Pretty Marvellous as a team in the main event and in a shocking turn of events Mark Walsh decided he wasn’t going to help his brother and left Danny in a 2 on 1 situation vs The Lionhearts and as a result The Lionhearts became new Pro Wrestling Pride Tag Team Champions while Mark should there at ringside with his arms crossed an unwilling  to help his tag team partner. As a result Pretty Marvellous longest running tag team title reign of 161 days came to an end.
Danny Shaking Hands with The Lionhearts
I was there live at the show and I  don’t feel that Danny did anything wrong. I feel that Danny Wrestled as hard as he could and gave as much of himself to the match as he could. Even after the match Danny was willing to shake hands with The Lionhearts and concede that The lionhearts were the better men on the day, Mark refused to shake Lionhearts hands and instead gave double middle finger to Danny, Lionhearts, all the fans in attendance and even pushed the cameraman over.
I  have a few theories as to why this might of happened I’m trying to see things from Mark perspective and try to understand his mind set
Mark Walsh in Torquay
Sibling Jealously?
Could it simply be that Mark was/is Jealous of his older brother? Mark was frustrated many times throughout the match towards his brother did he feel that Danny was trying to take too much of the match for himself? Maybe Mark wants more of the limelight on himself and feels the spotlight should be firmly on him maybe that explains his actions.
 Are there further underlying issues there as well I feel does Mark feel that although Danny has been PWP World Champion in the past that it should have been him instead? It was interesting at this show that Pretty Marvellous came out with no ring girl with them – Was there an issue when Danny left with Tara through the curtain at the previous show in Exeter is that the source of problem? Danny gets the girl and Mark Doesn’t?
Tara with Danny at ringside could this be the cause of the pretty marvellous rift?
Proving himself
Does Mark feel the need to prove himself as a wrestler and to prove to his brother that the can do it on his own that he does not need his brother beside him in order to be successful was this Mark saying “I am going to be the best and no one is going to stand in my way” Has Mark now got the motivation that its me against the world and I’m gong to prove to the wrestling world, that Mark Walsh can Win, be successful and be a champion and not be known as the younger Walsh Brother, is Mark saying to people when you talk about the Walsh Brothers in Future you will say my name 1st and my name only.
Over the next few shows we are going to see where this goes will Mark continue with his change of attitude and cause a greater rift with his brother or is there still a chance that Pretty Marvellous can survive? Only time will tell.....
Mark (left ) and Danny (right)

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