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Pro Wrestling Pride with ECW Legend Sabu 3rd May 2015

Pro Wrestling Pride with ECW Legend Sabu

Hello again wrestling fans! I'm back at Pro Wrestling Pride and this is a great card. This was my 2nd time at Exeter Lemongrove and its a great venue. I was on the front row and close to the ring and the venue was packed out again as it had been previously! 

There was such a great atomsphere tonight It Looked like to me that they had another sell out again which looking at the card and the talent on show doesn't surprise me at all.

As always is written from memory and I started writing at 6am this morning! Also everything written is my opinion on what a saw and experienced. Also my  picture quality from the show this time wasnt great i need a better camera for next time!!

Lets get into the show

Tyler Hawke w/C2 Calum Cain vs Titan

Tyler Hawke comes out 1st with his Manager Calum Cain from C2 agenda out next is a new talent to pro wrestling pride Titan! Titan comes out and goes through the crowd and makes his way to the ring and the match is on! Hawke tries to out muscle Titan in a tie up but quickly gets hit to the canvas. Tyler gets up frustrated and takes some advice from his manager and goes at Titan again with little effect!

Tyler then tries to take Titan down with some shoulder blocks but Tyler goes down again.  Tyler then decided to flex his muscles and says that he is stronger than Titan and Challenges Titan to put him on a Full Nelson Submission hold Titan locks in the hold and Hawke can't get out of it so Hawke climbs up the ropes and referee asks for a break which Titan does and drops Hawke on his head. 

Following this the tide of the match turns due to Hawke Manager Calum Cain who is repeatedly getting involved and is choking Titan now on the ropes and putting the match back in Hawke favor as Hawke now goes to work on the arm of Titan an hits and impressive arm breaker

Hawke has control of this match with Cain again on hand if anything should change and Cain continues to interfere and get inolved in order to help Hawke. 

Hawke gets the win by using his feet on the ropes and getting 1-2-3.

Winner  - Tyler Hawke

PWP tag team championships contest - Pretty Marvellous open invitational.

Bristol Boys
Next up is the Pro Wrestling Pride Tag Team Championship open challenge! Pretty Marvellous Danny and Mark Walsh make their way to the ring with the super gorgeous Tara and Danny gets on the mic and says that they will give away a pretty marvellous T shirt to whoever is the sexiest fan in the building! Tara has t shirt in her hands and walks around and Mark takes the microphone and declares that No body's won! Everyone in the building and all the fans in Exeter are no where near their stands so the winner is Tara!! 

Gorgeous Tara
To answer the pretty marvellous open challenge is none other than Bristol Boys. They get into the ring and we are underway Danny and Mark take control initially and are tagging in and out working on Bristol Boys as Danny and Mark look to insert their authority on this match. Looking on from ring side is Tara and she can only watch as Bristol Boys hit a double drop kick to a seated mid ring Danny Walsh. 

Bristol Boys continue to take it to Mark Walsh in the ring and as the Match is continuing Mark is in a lock up and tells Bristol boy to turn around and says 'she wants you' Tara is up on the apron she says something to Bristol boy he walks forward towards Tara but Mark grabs him from behind and Rolls him up for the win! 

Your winners and still pro wrestling pride tag team champions - Pretty Marvellous 

Another great win for Pretty Marvellous here they continue to keep beating whoever is in front of them right now! After the match Mark has a birthday present for Danny and gives him a chocolate cake, which then  Brings out the Bristol boys who make a few jokes about Pretty Marvellous which annoys Mark, Mark runs at one of the Bristol Boys they drop toe hold him into the cake!!!! 

Catch Division championship bout.

Chikara USA star Jigsaw vs Catch Champ Ultimo Tiger

Jigsaw and Ultimo Tiger
I got really absorbed into this match and this was one of the stand out matches I have been looking forward too. Tiger has had some great bouts this year but I honestly think this was his best to date. Jigsaw is an incredible talent and both really had a great match. I probably won't be able to write everything that happened here to do it justice but here goes!! :) 

Kids in the ring 

Ultimo Tiger has a special entrance for this show he has 4 children with him all in Ultimo Tiger Masks they accompany him to the ring! 

The little tigers leave the ring and the bell rings. Now you'll have to bear with me with this match these two are so quick and so smooth that there was some fantastic chain wrestling to start off this match with reversal and counter reversal by both men which resulted in a stalemate. 

Jigsaw then starts to take control of proceedings and gets Ultimo tiger by the head and goes for a suplex but this is reversed and tiger goes for sliced bread as this is reversed also. 

Tiger manages to come back at jigsaw and jigsaw is sent to the outside Ultimo Tiger then does the Ultimo dive over the rope and onto Jigsaw! 

At this point again the crowd are chanting 'this is awesome' and 'this is wrestling' Jigsaw gets back in the ring and tiger comes back at Jigsaw  and goes to the top rope but misses on jigsaw, Jigsaw seizes upon the opportunity and hits Tiger with a combination of strikes and quickly goes into Brainbuster for which he gets a two count - Jigsaw screams at Tiger to stay down. 

Tiger then switches around jigsaw grabs him from behind and picks him up for a blue thunder bomb which gets tiger a 2 count. 

Tiger is then able to hit sliced bread and get the pinfall victory and retain his catch division championship. 

Winner - Ultimo Tiger

all the fans are clapping after this match and Tiger holds out his hand for Jigsaw and Jigsaw bats it away but then says into the mic 'No Handshake this needs a hug! Hug it out!' 

hugging it out
At half time I got my picture taken with Sabu, Ultimo Tiger and Jigsaw! I look Awkward I need to find a pose! (Any suggestions on a postcard!!) 

Ultimo Tiger, Sabu, Me and Jigsaw
Pride Heavyweight championship match.

Big Grizzly Steve Griffiths vs Champion Chris Andrews.

Andrews and Grizzly
We come back from the break and C2 theme hits again and out comes challenger for World Title Big Grizzy. Grizzly walks towards me and as he walks round stops takes two steps forward and is looking down at me like he is going to tear me apart! He gives me a long dead state which felt like eternity Grizzly means business tonight

Champion Chris Andrews comes out next and the crowd is solidly with Andrews for this match which lots of loud boos for Big Grizzly and a lot of 'we hate Bears' chants going through the building! 

The bell rings and Grizzly and Andrews meet in the middle of the ring forehead to forehead these are big bug guys and the crowd can feel the animosity level rising. 

Both men try to hit each other and then shoulder block each other and no one is going anywhere. grizzly then decides to go outside of the ring and take advice from his manager Calum Cain. grizzly walks round the ring and gets back in at the count of 9.

Grizzly and Andrews then start a test of strength with each other and lock hands with both men jocking for position. Andrews gets the advantage but Grizzly kicks Andrews as then is kicking him in the floor and takes him The corner to hand out even more punishment. 

Andrews fights out and then goes for a Body slam attempt but Grizzly weight is too much and Grizzly gets a close 2 count.

Grizzly continues to attack and has Andrews in a camel clutch Manoeuvre until Andrews is able to fight out of it and get back to the ropes and is draped over 2nd rope when Calum Cain gets invoked again and hits Andrews. Andrews is in the centre of the ring and Grizzly goes up to the 2nd Rope and jumps off but his head meets the boot of Andrews!

Andrews is now back on his feet as the momentum of the match is changing and Andrews motions to the crowd and in an incredible feat of strength lifts up Grizzy and gives him a delayed vertical suplex (it has to be seen to be believed!! It was amazing!!) 

Huge Suplex by Andrews
Andrews then hits Grizzly with a running power slam for another 2 count and then Andrews is back on his feet ready to pick up Grizzly for the TKO but as he does Calum Cain gets on the apron and distracts Andrews this gives Josh Knott the opportunity to pass the PWP world title to Grizzly. Grizzly hits Andrews with belt and makes the cover and wins!

Winner and NEW PWP World Heavyweight Champion Big Grizzly

New Champ Grizzly
Calum Cain gets in the microphone as Tyler Hawke joins the rest of the C2 in the ring. Cain talks about how he got here and how this was part of his plan and now he controls PWP

Syntax vs Tommy Taylor vs Mean Tommy Dean

Next is a triple threat match with 3 brand new wrestling to Pro Wrestling pride Mean Tommy Dean is out 1st with Syntax and Tommy Taylor following him. syntax is a unique character who moves very purposely and on his hands and knees and slides out of the ring and under the bottom rope and is on the outside while Mean Tommy and Taylor wrestle inside most of this match Mean Tommy is dominating while syntax is on the outside and Taylor is trying to get himself Into the match. 

Eventually Syntax does get involved in the match and they seem to be training up on Taylor but this doesn't last long at Syntax then gets his pin attempt broken up by Mean Tommy and Mean Tommy and Syntax fight and Syntax ends up on the outside of the ring again. Mean Tommy is in control and gives us a stomach wiggle to the crowd while the crowd are cheering for Tommy Taylor chanting 'sideshow bob' due to his frizzy hair. 

Mean Tommy hits a great DDT to Tommy Taylor and gets pinfall victory!

Winner - Mean Tommy Dean

6 Man tag team - Extreme Rules contest.

The UK Dominator, The Fame Robbie Caine and Keizer

Darren Saviour, John Harding and ECW Legend Sabu

Before I start let me say that again there was so much happening in this match my eyes were darting all over the place! So again will try and get down everything I remember! 

honestly and truthfully out of all the Hardcore/Extreme matches I have seen live in Person this left me at the end of the match with my jaw wide open in disbelief. These men put on and incredible main event UK Dominator, Caine and Keizer  with their natural aggression, intensity and team work which they use all to Great effect. They are the perfect bunch of bad guys! 

Darren Saviour with his great athleticism and charisma and John Harding with his guts, resilience and his ability to take whatever came his way tonight was incredible!!! Along with ECW Legend Sabu this was a great combination of people in a match. 

Keizer, Robbie Caine and UK Dominator make their way out and these men are ready to go Dominator has his shirt off and his baseball bat in his hands as Keizer gets on the mic and says that Sabu had a 'little accident' and tonight's match will now be a 2 on 3 extreme rules match. John Harding and Darren Saviour comes out they get into the ring and go out to pose on the ropes but they get attacked from behind while on the turnbuckles and this match is go. UK Dominator throws John Harding outside of the ring and Robbie Caine is in the corner with Darren Saviour then suddenly the lights go out the music hits and the lights come on and it's Sabu!!! Sabu points to the sky in one hand and throws a chair directly to the head of Robbie Caine the chair flys off his head! 

Sabu hits Caine with a chair

John Harding Sabu and Darren Saviour
UK Dominator and Keizer end up on the outside as well and John Harding goes over the ropes to the outside as does Darren Saviour that leaves Sabu in the ring and he rings back in Keizer and Sabu hits a springboard double  leg drop onto him. Sabu gets Keizer into a camel clutch while Robbie Caine is now out in front of me hitting John Harding and while that is going on UK Dominator and Darren Saviour are stood on the turnbuckle and UK dominator suplexs Saviour back into the ring!!! 

Keizer and Darren Saviour are facing each other in the ring and Keizer hits an incredible inverted DDT onto Saviour! 

Then the teams get into their corners and John Harding ends up in the ring and there is a succession of quick tags between all three of UK Dominator, Robbie Caine and Keizer they end up cutting Harding off from his team. Keizer hits Harding with an insane Death Valley Driver into the corner. Robbie Caine hits Sabu own Springboard legdrop from outside to inside of the ring as had been done by Sabu earlier and Robbie walks towards Sabu and puts his middle finger up to him.

Harding ends up getting a chair and had it in front of his face  but as he turns around he gets blasted with the baseball bat by the UK Dominator the sound of the bat of the chair is incredible!! 

Harding is down and things aren't looking good as then UK
dominator, Caine and Keizer take Harding to the corner and lift his les up while Harding is holding the top Rope Keizer jumps off top turnbuckle and hits a double stomp on the chest of John Harding. 

How John Harding is surviving all this I don't know!

Unfortunately for him there is more to come as the chair lays flat in the ring Domintor and Keizer throw John Harding to the ropes and pick him up and put him on the shoulders of Robbie Caine and Robbie hits and incredible Powerbomb into the chair! 

Darren Saviour hits a double top rope drop kick onto Dominator and caine and Sabu gets back into the ring and is taking it to both men and hits a double DDT onto UK Doninator and Caine! 

UK Dominator is on the outside and John Harding goes to jump through the 2nd Rope but gets smacked one head with a metal tray! John Harding is out and is on the floor in front of me. He has had an insane match.

Meanwhile in the ring Robbie Caine and Sabu are battling and  Sabu has a chair but UK Dominator comes in and Caine and Dominator take control and Caine gets the arms of Sabu and and Caine stands on the apron and has Sabu left arm as UK Dominator goes to hit Sabu with the chair, Sabu moves and it hits Robbie Caine on top of his head! 

UK Dominator about to hit Sabu
Robbie is out in front of me with blood pouring down from the top Of his head and he is looking in a really bad way. meanwhile Sabu has set up a table in the ring and Robbie face gets placed on the table and Sabu goes to the top rope with a chair and hits Arabian Facebuster with Chair hitting Robbie Caine on back of his head and putting him through the table! 

Sabu then gets the pinfall and the win! 

Winners - Sabu, Darren Saviour and John Harding 

There is carnage all around me after this match Robbie Caine blood is everywhere all over the table and he is taken from the ring. John Harding gets himself back into the ring and the crowd chant 'Thank you John' John grabs the mic and thanks all the fans. 

Iv got to say Robbie Caine is one tough Person he really showed his physical toughness and his ability in this match and how the hell he continued i dont know. 

In addition i have never seen someone take as much punishment live as John Harding did tonight he really gave all of himself to this match and did everything possible to win and the fans showed the appreciation as a result. 

Wow what an incredible main event extreme rules match! All 6 men have to be congratulated on making this the best 2nd Anniversary main event! 

Overall this was  Quality, this is why pro wrestling pride is so damm good and the best part is this is only the 2 year anniversary looking at what the future holds with all these great stars and consistent great shows, pro wrestling pride can go from strength to strength. they are going to progress even further and continue to expand. It has such a bright future ahead of it. Ladies and gentleman is pride, this is passion this is wrestling!

Hope you enjoyed the blog!

thanks for reading 

Jonathan Orchard 

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