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Pro Wrestling Pride 24th May Juventud Guerrera

Pro Wrestling Pride 24th May w/Juventud Guerrera

Pro Wrestling Pride back in Torquay and at a brand new venue of St Peters Centre Torquay. I actually quite like the new venue and was bright nice envioment.

As always the show is written from my memory and in case anything has been missed i apologise in advance!! (and for the fact i had cocktails before the show!!)

Duncan J Bugg our ring announcer welcomes us to the show and talks us through tonight's show, He then introduces the referee's Ed Dyer and Martin Longley for the evening and we are ready for our 1st match!!!

.Singles bout
Robbie Caine vs Titan

In my opinion Robbie has a huge intimidating presence and I have seen him since his 1st show in Pro Wrestling Pride and I keep seeing layers to his character and what he can do Robbie showed what he was made of at the last show in Exeter, where he showed his toughness against and ECW legend Sabu.

This is my 2nd time seeing Titan I 1st saw him at the last show in Exeter and he really impressed me he has Charisma and connects with a crowd  well and that's so important for someone who has been in the promotion on only his 2nd occasion if the fans are gravitating towards you that's always a great thing.

These two are going to have a great battle between each other - 2 massive powerhouses going at it this should be good!

Caine and Titan start off and Robbie before the match starts put his chewing gum in the hands of the referee, which the referee deposits very quickly onto the floor!!

Caine and Titan tie up with both men jostling for position and trying to get advantage in the early stages Caine manages to get a headlock onto Titan but doesn't have control for long and titan comes back and gets Caine in the corner and the 2 men are brawling and Titan breaks away and thinks about going for the spear but Caine is too smart and gets out of the way.

As the match continues Caine gets Titan on the ropes and is choking him with his leg and Caine is now taunting to the crowd telling them "I'm The man" but Titan comes back and hits Snake eyes in the corner on Caine and Titan builds some momentum and hots a huge vertical suplex onto Caine, Titan goes for spear again but Caine gets out of the way and Titan hits the corner and Robbie caine lowers his right knee pad and hits the corner and gets Titan right in the face!

Cain gets a 2 count as a result and cannot believe her didn't get 3 He gets into the face of the referee - as Titan and caine get to there feet Titan blocks a punch and then hits a Samoan drop on Caine But Caine gets his foot on the ropes, Titan Goes for the Spear again but Caine cleverly pulls the referee on front of him so Titan cannot hit him.

Titan is then able to hit the spear and get the win afterwards Caine is livid and he shoves the referee over as he goes to the back.

Winner - Titan

 no.1 contender for PWP catch championship - triple threat
Keizer vs John Harding vs Darren Saviour

This Triple threat match for a catch division championship shot at Ultimo Tiger at a future show is what is in the balance here. Keizer is an interesting character he always has something to say before the match and the way he looks with overcoat and gas mask is so unique and different and you can see the anger in his eyes - he is someone I can see being a huge part of the future of pro wrestling pride.

Darren Saviour is technically fantastic in the ring and pulls off some incredible moves. He has a perfect blend of technical wrestling skills along with some high flying, death defying moves and combining those together to best effect.

John Harding has had a great first few months of 2015 for Pro Wrestling Pride the man sacrifices himself and his body so much especially at the last show in Exeter where he got powerbombed on a chair , hit with a baseball bat and hit in the face with a steel serving plate. John has really showed his resilience  and shows his never give up attitude.

The match starts with Darren Saviour, John Harding and Keizer in the ring with Keizer try to tie up together but Keizer decides against it and jumps outside of the ring and while he is on the outside he decides to come back in again and all 3 men go for the 3 way tie up again but he gets out of the ring and walks around by the crowd.

Darren Saviour and John Harding then decide to go after Keizer ont he outside of the ring and then both manage to get ahold of him nd Saviour grabs Keizer arms and Saviour and Harding hit Keizer on the chest and walk Keizer around the crowd and have members of the audience slap Keizer on the chest the last slap by and audience member was very loud!! a great piece of crowd interactivity.

All 3 men end up back int he ring and Saviour and Harding work together to hit a running double kick to Keizer who is on his knees. Following this and a cover attempt by Harding on Keizer, Saviour and Harding decide to go at it with Saviour and Harding exchanging headlocks with each other, however Keizer comes back into the match and with Darren on the outside Keizer throws Darren into the ring post and gets himself back into the action.

As the match Continues Darren hits a double flying neckbreaker onto both men in the ring a stunning looking move, Darren then grabs ahold of John Harding and gets him into a DDT position with his feet on the 2nd ropes Keizer comes up from behind on Darren and hits him with a backstabber with then in turn has Darren DDT Harding!! A fantastic move!!

All 3 men are back on their feet and they are forearm-ing each other Kaizer gets kicked and Darren goes to the top turnbuckle but is stopped by John Harding who looks like he is going to give a suplex to Saviour however Keizer gets in a powerbomb position on Harding and we have a tower of doom with All 3 men going down! Again another incredible move.

Keizer grabs both men and tells them he will break their necks however Darren hits a suplex driver Keizer makes the cover on Harding to Win

Winner - Keizer

 Tag team attraction
C2 Initiative - Joshua Knott & Tyler Hawke

Ultimo Tiger & Juventud Guerrera

A tag team contest between 2 members of the very dominant C2 Agenda  vs Catch Division Champion Ultimo Tiger and WCW  WWE ECW TNA Legend Juventud Guerrea. I had my Tyler Hawke Shirt on always a big fan of Hawke and C2 Josh Knott.

Ultimo Tiger has had a stunning 2015 and had awesome matches most recently with Jigsaw at Exeter but had a great match with Chris Sabin also, Tiger is a brilliant catch division champion and is really bringing Catch Division Championship to prominence.

Hawke and Knott come out followed by tiger and juvi. tiger and knott start off in the ring however knott backs away to the corner and tells the referee to get tiger away from him, the referee does this however knott takes advantage however tiger is then able to go to the middle rope and jump off onto Knott but Knott moves out of the way and runs over to Hawke and wraps his arms around his waist!

Hawke then gets tagged in and juvi comes into the ring too Juvi goes up tot he 2nd rope and takes his mask off! he gets back on the canvas and hawke and juvi tie up and hawke goes for an irish whip but juvi reverses it hawke reverses again and Juvi reverses again it was so super fast and looked great and something a little different which i hadn't seen before which was cool.

Hawke and Juvi go back and forth until tiger is tagged back in and tiger has control again having a side headlock however C2 cheat as usual and there is outside interference which turns the tide of the match and has C2 making quick tags and cutting off Tiger from his partner and making it very hard for Tiger to get to the corner and to get to his partner Juvi and make the tag to him.

C2 maintain control with Hawke chocking Tiger on the ropes until Tiger is able to make his way out and make the tag to Juvi,Juvi takes it to both members of C2 with clothesline and the tide of this match is turning as both C2 members are down and Juvi and Tiger get ahold of the legs of their opponents and they split legs them and have a 4 way submission hold!!

The C2 members manage to break the hold by chopping both juvi and tiger
However Tiger then goes to the top rope and hits a great flying body press onto hawke for a 2 count then hits and incredible Blue Thunder bomb it really look brilliant, Josh knot then hits a massive german suplex onto Tiger and then Juvi comes in and tries to give Knott the cradle pin but knott reverses it and puts his feet on the ropes and C2 win by pinfall

Winners - C2 Josh knott and Tyler Hawke

Grizzly Steve Griffiths
open challenge

Grizzly is The 1st C2 World Heavyweight Champion Grizzly beat Chris Andrews for the Championship in Exeter. Grizzly is huge and possess so much power and has the ability to dominate as PWP Champion for a long time. The Fans chant 'We Hate Bears" a lot  and it is going to take something special to happen for Grizzly to have that title ripped away from his paws! Grizzly so confident after his win  has decided to have an open challenge for the PWP championship.

Big Grizzly comes out with Josh Knott and Tyler hawke his fellow C2 members and the man to answer Big Grizzly challenge is Samie Sahin! Sahin comes out and he is gyrating and this then makes grizzly go to the 2nd rope and do the same thing himself as champion he states that he is better!

Grizzly and Sahin tie up and our match starts Grizzly in the initial stages slaps Sahin and this engrages the man from south africa and he comes at Grizzly even more and Grizzly trying  to stop the onslaught tries to grab Sahin head and hot his head on the turnbuckle however it doesn't affect sahin, so Grizzly tries again and again no affect so he goes for  a headbutt but it seems to hurt Grizzly more!

Sahin goes to the top rope but Hawke on the outside interferes and Sahin comes down from the top and Grizzly gets a near fall and then this turns the tide for Grizzly and he gets a chinlock in on Sahin and keeps working on him Sahin makes his way to his feet only to be cut off by Grizzly again who hits the chokeslam and gets the pinfall victory.

Winner - Big Grizzly

This isn't enough for Big Grizzly who gets on the mic and announces that he is challenging anyone else in the back to a match which then brings out Titan. Titan goes to get in the ring but is attacked by C2 and then are raining punches down on Titan, Titan gets in the ring and struggles to get on his feet but tells the referee to ring the bell. With Titan at a disadvantage Grizly takes control over Titan and C2 are getting involved too, Grizzly hits a huge bodyslam and then Grizzly goes for his chokeslam but Titan gets out of it, C2 run into the ring again and Hawke gets hit by a big spear but Grizzly again manages to hit a chokeslam and gets pinfall victory - however this was not an even fight due to C2

Winner Big Grizzly

 Pride Tag team championship Main event
Challengers - The Lionhearts
Champions - Pretty Marvellous

Pretty Marvellous has been in stunning form defeating Too Cool, Eugene and John Harding, Bristol Boys to name just a few. Marvellous have been in stunning form and Danny and Mark look in better shape everytime I see them, they are really stepping up their game in every area and it shows. These two brothers I believe are at the top of the game right now and are one of the best British Tag teams in the UK today they are Pro Wrestling Pride longest running tag team champions.

There latest challenge comes in the form of The Lionhearts Eddie Ryan and Jason Larusso I have seen The Lionhearts at other shows before and they are a great tag team so I am expecting a cracking match from these teams.

Both teams come to the ring and something does not seem right tonight with Pretty Marvellous with Danny and Mark having some communication issues with not knowing who wants to start the match and Danny starts the match with Eddie Ryan with both men locking up and Eddie getting the advantage - Mark doesn't seem to like this and isn't happy so he tags himself into the match and he goes after the lionhearts i look over at Danny who is on the apron and is not looking happy at all.

The match continues in the ring and Mark does come across and tag Danny while Larusso is in the ring Danny hits a massive vertical suplex and Mark is now looking agitated on the outside and Danny is int he ring however Mark then tags himself back into the match but this was a mistake as he gets worked over by the lionhearts and Whenever Mark gets the opportunity he decides not to tag his brother again until again this decision is made fro him Danny is in the Ring and Mark is on the outside Mark gets on the apron and is screaming at Danny to Tag him and says I'll finish this - except Danny doesn't tag Mark so Mark drops down to the floor and is stood there with his arms folded as Danny gets hit with a top rope suplex and then a splash from the top rope and its all over, Pretty Marvellous Pro Wrestling Pride longest running Tag team champions have lost their titles and new champions Lionhearts

Winner and New Champions - Lionhearts

After the match Danny shakes the hands of the lionhearts where Mark refuses Mark gets into the ring and gives double finger to Lionheearts his brother and to all the crowd as well and tells everyone that he doesn't need them and its all about him. Mark gets out of the ring shoves the cameraman and looks at the crowd in disgust as he walks away through the curtain.

Danny shakes the hands of The Lionhearts and everyone applauds Danny as he goes through the curtain.

This to me was an enjoyable show, it is is what i love about pro wrestling pride they told story throughout the whole night and if you look at the whole picture and setting up things for future shows and setting up future rivalries this has definitely done that. Along with a very fantastic 3 way match which led to Keizer facing Ultimo Tiger for Catch Division Championship on 21st June in Newton Abbott.

Titan after his 1st match win came out again to face Big Grizzly I wonder if this will merit a rematch at the next show?

The biggest surprise of the night was the break up of one of the most successful tag teams in Pro Wrestling Pride history what happens now with Danny and Mark Walsh, Pretty Marvellous looks like that it is over and both brothers will go their separate ways but there is alot of unfinished business what will Danny have to say to Mark about him leaving him in the ring to lose their match? 

Next show for Pro Wrestling Pride is 21st June in Newton Abbott with TNA Superstar BRAM! make sure you get your tickets now!!!

July 19th 2015 - Pro Wrestling Pride presents Heroes and Legends with 4 massive superstars coming to Pro Wrestling Pride Former WWE Superstar Carlito, Former WWE superstar Chris Master, Former WWE Legend Hawksaw Jm Duggan and Current TNA Superstar and former WWE Superstar Mr Anderson.......Anderson. Tickets are flying already and selling out so make sure you go to get your tickets early so that you are safe in the knowledge that you have the opportunity to see a huge night of wrestling and get to see and meet these great superstars.

Thanks for Reading 

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