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How I'm not ruining WWE for myself anymore.......

Staying off the Internet for a day to enjoy Wrestlemania 31
How I'm not ruining WWE for myself anymore

I decided this year as it was the 1st year I have been able to have the WWE network and the fact that I live in the UK and had to work the day after that I would not be able to see Wrestlemania 31 live as it airs a 1am but I would be able to see it after work on Monday at 6pm.

So for the 1st time in a long time I decided that I wasn't going on Facebook, Twitter, Internet or any form of media to find any of the results or find out what happened. Also before the event I didn't go on any rumour sites and find out what might be happening. I do this a lot because it saves me time and I get to know what happens straight away, I think im a victim of today's society needing to know everything now, so I decided if I could change that.

I had a conversation with a friend of mine who is a wrestling fan as long as me and we were talking about the days when we couldn't afford PPV and didn't have sky to be able to see WWE PPV and we would get the VHS tape of Wrestlemania (or any of the big 4 WWE PPV) when it came out via Silvervision and pop it into the machine and sit back and enjoy. We didn't know the results, who was there or what happened you could get lost in those shows.

I wanted that same feeling watching Wrestlemania this year - I feel that I ruin surprises in wrestling for myself too much and wanted to see what the great minds in WWE had in store for me and wanted to watch a show as it was intended to be - with me the fan knowing nothing and letting this all unfold in front of me and letting myself get moved by what was taking place and to feel the natural flow of the show.

Im so glad I made the choice, Wrestlemania 31 this year delivered from beginning to end to me one of the greatest Wrestlemaina's in many years and I was seeing it through different eyes. instead of reading about what was going to happen then seeing it, I was experiencing the same feeling I did many years ago as a child that feeling of unpredictability, suspension of disbelief.

1. Wrestlemaina 31 had a cracking ladder match to kick it off

2.  Randy Orton the best RKO he has ever done onto Seth Rollins that will be a moment that will be replayed for a very long time.

3. We had Sting vs HHH which we thought we would never see and on top of that we saw DX vs NWO in the same match! I was so happy I didn't ruin that for myself it was a moment I thought I would never see.

4. Even following that a fantastic segment with The Rock coming out and UFC Contracted Fighter Ronda Rousey joining him in the ring vs Triple H and Stephanie Mcmahon

5. Seth Rollins becomes the 1st man ever to cash in his Money in The Bank Briefcase at Wrestlemania and win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

I am going to continue to do this for all the PPVs I liked not knowing, I liked the anticipation of watching and the surprise involved.

Try it yourself and see what happens maybe you'll feel the magic of wrestling again as I have - I thought I needed to know it all as it turns out its better when I know nothing :)

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