Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Don't Hate Appreciate - Matt Hardy GoFund Me Video

Don't Hate Appreciate -Matt Hardy GoFund Me Video

To watch Matt Hardy Go fund me Video click on the video below watch it through to the end and then read my comments below

Now you've seen it and taken it in here is my perspective and my opinion....

Some people hated this to those people I say Don't Hate - Appreciate  

Matt Hardy takes an issue regarding crowding funding and how its being used by people for things so outlandish and crazy - asking for money for a holiday or the latest games console. 

Matt Hardy addressed this issue in a great way and actually in my opinion addressed wider issues in society in general today. 

There is a lack of work ethic in the world today,not just that there seems to be a lack of people putting in the effort to get the rewards from life. They think its better and easier to take the cheap route and ask someone else to provide them everything they need in life. 

The problem is in 2015 is that everyone feels entitled to everything, whether they have earnt it or not. Everyone feels like they should have what they want. 

Those people weren't taught the basic structure of life and how it works:

1, Work Hard
2, Make Money
3, Save
4, Then Buy what you want

This process seems too long for some people. As an example i will use myself. when I went to America for the 2nd time in 2013 and went to Wrestlemania 29 in New York and also met Matt Hardy at Pro Wrestling Report Shenanigans Party I booked the holiday a year before and myself and my friend that went with me saved for a whole year to pay for the holiday and also spending money.

We worked hard, went without nights out partying and enjoying life because we had a bigger goal in mind and what we wanted to achieve. We didn't have a big idea and not have the ability to back it up by putting our money where our mouth is - we worked hard, made money, saved and then we went where we wanted to go.

That Ethos, that way of thinking and that process seems to be lost on so many people, why I'm not sure its not hard to grasp or understand but the patience levels of people aren't what they used to be either.

Matt Hardy video seems to have certainly divvied opinion with people - I think Matt hit a raw nerve with a certain portion of his audience  but it was a nerve hit needed to be hit - those people that are offended by it maybe need to look in the mirror - you are the people that Matt is talking about.

 Always remember

1, Patience and hard work do pay off

2,Matt Hardy Quote via Ultimate Warrior RIP  " Do The Fucking Work"

Thanks For Reading

Jonathan Orchard

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