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Pro Wrestling Report - Moving to Once Monthly Primetime Episodes

Pro Wrestling Report

Moving to Once Monthly Primetime Episodes

I woke up this morning and as is usual on Sunday one of the first things I do is grab my ipad which is next to my bed and go to youtube and watch Pro Wrestling Report Primetime Time TV (which aired on My24 Milwaukee the night before) - its how I start my Sunday and has become a ritual for me throughout the years.

Unfortunately on todays episode of Pro Wrestling Report Primetime 10 January 2015 Dameon Nelson Announced that Pro Wrestling Report will no longer be on My 24 Milwaukee in its current format and that the weekly episodes of Primetime will now be replaced with a one a month (on PPV weekends) 1 Hour Long edition of Primetime.

Dameon stated that the wrestling business has changed over the years and the way PPV's have been or now presented has also changed (in the fact that they are no longer PPVs in WWE rather special events and TNA are having less PPV events also) and in turn Pro Wrestling Report needs to be able to change with the times also.

The interest in Pro Wrestling Dameon stated has changed since he founded Pro Wrestling Report in 1998 and the boom period they launched in is not  the same in 2015. 

Dameon also stated that for personal reasons also that the time is right to make a change to the product and also the correct time for them personally to make changes in their own lives

 I believe that if someone feels deep down in their heart that they have to make a fundamental change in their life then they should do that people must do what is right for them.

 I support that 100% Dameon and David have given us all such entertainment over the years and given a lot back to us as fans. They provided us with TV show, radio, online for years along with awesome people Linda Kay, Frank Cossentino, Meathead, Rasche Brown, Sara Macdermott, Kal Herro and Matthew Thomas.

They never charged us the fan a penny for any of the content they produced, they did it because they love wrestling and love the business.

PWR Primetime really did change a lot for me personally and this goes back to before primetime was on TV and was on Youtube Exclusively.  

  Iv been a PWR fan since 2009 and they brought out the passion in wrestling for me again, because of them I joined twitter and PWR gave me a platform to talk about wrestling meet new people/fans and have fantastic conversation with people that I never has the opportunity to meet before.

 They made me PWR 2K10 Fan Of The Year on Primetime and without them I must certainly would not of brought a suite and sexy ticket in 2013 and go and achieve my dream of seeing Wrestlemania live in person and meeting so many legends and fantastic people along the way at Wrestlemania 29. 

with Dameon Nelson in New York

With David Herro in New York

With Linda Kay in New York

With Sara Macdermott in New York

At Wrestlemania 29 
So now we move forward to the future Pro Wrestling Report will now on every Monday night on have PWR Live - a weekly wrestling talk Podcast right after WWE Raw where you will be able to hear reaction and opinion and as mentioned above on every WWE PPV (special event) weekend on Saturday PWR will be on My24 Milwaukee with a 1 hour long show.

You can follow @pwrshow on Twitter along with @dameonnelson and @davidherro and be part of the twitter world wide conversation on Wrestling with them.

I'm going to miss seeing the Modern Day Heenan/Monsoon my my ipad screen every week

#ThanksPals! you've been #Tremendous :)

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