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Pro Wrestling Pride with Doug Wiilliams 20th Sept 2014

Pro Wrestling Pride with Doug Williams 20th Sept 2014

Hello ladies and gentleman I'm back with another blog and after my last blog on Pro Wrestling Pride and their show with Raven I thought I would do another blog regarding my 2nd visit to Pro Wrestling Pride to see Doug Williams.

After the last show Pro wrestling Pride got me hooked, so I had to come back again to see another show. that's now twice in just over a month and I have got to say it was totally worth the price of admission.

Even before I got to the show I walked out of the hotel and met Doug Williams as he was walking to the event he has kind enough to say Hello to me and was a really nice person, so was a massive bonus to meet a great wrestler.

I entered the new venue at Warriors and I thought It was great 2 bars plus two levels a floor level and a balcony level really provided a great environment for wrestling and awesome for the fans to see the wrestling from a different perspective. there was a rowdy crowd in place too ready to watch some great wrestling.

me enjoying a cider at the new venue warriors

below are some of the highlights

In the opening match was Tyler Hawke vs Joel Redmond. this was a great match to kick off the show and both these men wrestled for 30 mins in the opening contest with the manager of Hawke getting involved many times and turning the tide for Hawke as his manager took off the knee brace off Redmond and following that then threw powder into in eyes of Redmond, while Redmond was in a hold this gave Hawke the advantage and then the win. This was a fantastic opening match and really set the tone for the evening. Redmond hit a fantastic move by suplexing both Hawke and his manager witht he apron of the ring into the ring while Redmond had his feet on the 2nd rope!!! (insane move!!)

Hawke and Redmond in the ring

Ultimo Tiger came out to sign the contract for Catch Division Championship vs Dick Riley in the main event of the evening. Riley then comes out and signs the contract then it is revealed that the match is actually a no DQ match!!

Brilliant Smile and Saviour getting ready for action
Darren Saviour and Ryan Smile vs Hunter Brothers was our tag team match for the evening this was my first time seeing Hunter Brothers and I couldn't tell either of them apart!. Saviour and Smile are two quality talents for Pro Wrestling Pride that really pushed in the boat out in this match in terms of athleticism and story of the match. Saviour being cut off from his partner Smile for most of the match with Hunter Brothers  doing everything they could to stop Saviour from getting back to his corner. Saviour was finally able to make the tag and Smile entered and cleaned house on the Hunter Brothers and hit a fantastic dive over the ropes to the hunter brothers. Smile continued to fight off one of the brothers and Saviour got into the ring and knocked the other hunter brother out and then went and did a dive over the rope of his own.

Saviour landed hard on the floor the sound echoed around the venue I was concerned I looked down at him and he looked in a lot of pain thought he had  hurt himself as he lay on the floor, maybe broken his arm or shoulder (but after the match thankfully seemed ok),Smile then hit a 450 splash and both he and saviour got the 1-2-3, that was a cracking match.

the technically brilliant Doug Williams

Doug Williams took on Josh Knott to see who would be the number one contender for the next show both Doug and Josh put on a great wrestling match. I was excited to see Doug live for the first time and he didn't disappoint. he was so crisp in the ring and really gave us the fans a chance to see some fantastic technical wrestling. Doug gives a wrestling match something different his reversal were different and i saw different things that I hadn't seen before he really helped elevate the match and gave the match a different dynamic. A fascinating  match to watch, that doesn't take away from Josh Knott who also wrestling extremely well during the match. the match ended in a draw and the fans chanted for 2 more minutes however it was decided that both men would take on UK Dominator in the 3 way match for the Pride World Heavyweight Championship at the next show in Exeter on the next show on 4th October (if I could be there I would be! if you can get there I suggest you go!!)

Riley and Ultimo Tiger
As mentioned earlier ultimo tiger vs Dick riley in a no DQ match was the main event of the evening, Riley and Tiger fought in the ring, outside on the floor and they even fought up in the balcony. while tiger was at the top on the balcony Riley was below him in front of me and Riley picked up a little child and threatened to hit the child if Tiger dove onto him, Riley let the child go and kid got to safety then Tiger dove from the Balcony onto Riley to the concrete floor and the crowd exploded!! I have never seen that live (only on ECW dvds) and Tiger has got to be applauded for his balls to attempt such a move in a new venue and pull it off. tiger was close to gaining the pinfall until another wrestler in a white ultimo tiger mask came out took a chair from under the ring and smashed Ultimo Tiger in the head with the chair - the sound was incredible and the chair was severely bent after the impact of hitting Tiger head. riley crawled over made the pin and retained his catch division championship.

This show was fantastic Pro Wrestling Pride are really putting on some great shows with compelling wrestling and investment into the characters this is what I love to see a wrestling company going from strength to strength and doing the right things. next show in Torquay is 14th November better get my hotel and train tickets booked!!! :)

Thanks for Reading

Jonathan Orchard

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