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Pro Wrestling Pride with WWE,WCW,ECW,TNA star Raven Review

Pro Wrestling Pride with #WWE #WCW #ECW #TNA star Raven review

As always what is written below is my opinion as a wrestling fan, I’m not a wrestling expert and don’t proclaim to be one, what I write is my opinion as a fan,– with that said enjoy this month blog!!!!! 

I realised that in the four years that I have been writing blogs that I have never done a blog on British Wrestling and written about a British wrestling show. Many Times in the Past I have been to local shows in Wiltshire, WWE shows in Cardiff, TNA Shows and even Wrestlemania 29 in New York City but this past weekend was a first for me watching a British wrestling promotion outside of my local area – that Promotion was Pro Wrestling Pride based in Devon.

I had seen a post on facebook stating that former WWE WCW ECW and TNA Star Raven was coming to Torquay on 2nd August 2014 – this was too good of opportunity to pass up.
As luck would have it I had been to Torquay a few months before while on holiday and liked the place, So I checked the Website and Brought myself a Q and A, Meet and Greet and Wrestling Show ticket for the very reasonable price and then purchased my train ticket and was ready to go.

I arrived in Torquay and went into the Q and A event With Raven Which started at 3pm, as I gave my ticket to the chap on the door I walked in and saw tables set up by the ring with Raven and members of the roster from Pro Wrestling Pride roster, there was the pro wrestling pride heavyweight championship on the table and the title holder Danny Walsh sat behind it (more on him later)

The Moderator got us underway and throughout the session I managed to ask Raven 3 questions (I won’t give you the answers as I suspect you can find out what they were by purchased the soon to be released DVD from Pro Wrestling Pride)

Why did you leave ECW when you did in 1997?
What was it like working in Memphis?
Was it True that you were offered a Job in WWE Creative?

Raven at the Q&A
It truly was a great experience and an awesome learning experience to sit and hear Raven talk for an hour you can truly see that he has such a great mind for wrestling and a learnt a lot from the Q&A things I didn’t know and absorbed so much from this wrestling legend.

One last thing about the Q and A  Danny Walsh (the Pride Heavyweight Champ I mentioned earlier) - I thought he was really clever, he was playing the heel so well, not answering questions asked of him and if he did he would whisper his answer to the moderator and then the moderator would have to speak for him. Walsh even left before the Q&A was over and got a chorus of boos from the fans, they were little things but so very effective so kudos for that – Clever Stuff.

danny walsh
At 6pm I arrived at Torquay Town Hall for the show, went and got my seat and waited for the show to begin and met two brilliant wrestling fans Sean and Zahra (thank you both for the conversation,laughs and fun – I really appreciated it!!!)

Sean and Zhara
The show had some great matches and they were entertaining, well paced and exciting.
Some Highlights for me was the UK dominator winning the “Money in the bag” match with guaranteed him a title opportunity, A fantastic 5 man X division style match which all 5 Men really showcased what they could do – with Ryan Smile winning the match. That match got an incredible ovation after it finished and it deserved it, one of the best matches I had seen live and Ryan is definitely someone to keep your eyes on in the UK Scene.

Ryan Smile
Danny Walsh Lost his World Title to PJ Jones and in his match saw something I hadn’t seen in years. A wrestler losing a match due to 3 public warnings and getting disqualified!!! (that was tremendous and I went crazy for for that!!!), Then UK Dominator came down (after title match had been restarted and Walsh got pinned quickly) and UK Dominator cashed in his money in the bag after Jones got chokeslammed and UK dominator become new Pride Wrestling Heavyweight Champion and of course the Main event 6 man hardcore tag match featuring Raven,Darren Saviour and Tiger was brilliant the crowd were so loud and into the match and it ended the night perfectly.

I thought Darren Saviour was really good as well having not seen him before thought he did really well in 6 man match think at some point in time Saviour vs Danny Walsh or Vs UK Dominator could both be great matches. Raven ended the night by thanking the wrestler and the fans and getting all the kids in the ring and sending everyone home happy.

What was the downside you say? Well the only downside for me with this show was the sound system the microphone in particular , I would of picked it up thrown it out the window and started again!! – the microphone cut out & was very annoying but apart from it was a cracking show.

me and raven
This show was ran so well everything went smoothly and It was a joy to be there and it delivered on everything it promised Q and A, Meet and Greet and event itself – Pro Wrestling Pride have to be given credit for putting on a great entertaining family show and giving fans exactly what was advertised – next time you are in Torquay I’ll be coming back – British Wrestling is alive, well and awesome!!!

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