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Justin Credible on Steve Austin Podcast

Justin Credible on Stone Cold Steve Austin Podcast

Justin Credible former WWF/WWE/ECW superstar recently appeared on The Stone Cold Steve Austin podcast and talked to Steve about his WWF Career, how he got hired and how the Aldo Montoya gimmick came about and talking Justin Pro Wrestling 101 videos and what he is doing now. Justin Credible also talks in depth about his drug addiction and really gives an honest and frank insight into his addiction at the time and talks about overcoming his addiction and what he did to overcome it and what he continues to do to keep himself healthy. 

you can listen to the podcast (click the link below)

Episode 123 - Justin Credible aka Aldo Montoya

or on iTunes -

In this podcast also Steve Austin talks about and endorses Justin Credible Pro Wrestling 101 videos. these video are where every week Justin takes an aspect of wrestling e.g Staying in shape, working a match, tag teams etc and talks about the given subject and gives his knowledge and talks about his experiences on that subject.

All Pro Wrestling 101 videos can be seen here -

Juston Credible Twitter account

Below are some of the recent Pro Wrestling 101 videos click on the videos to view them

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