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John Cena Is best for business

John Cena – Is Best for Business

As always everything written below is my opinion as a wrestling fan, im not a "wrestling expert" nor do I clain to be one, just my jumble opinion as a wrestling fan read on and enjoy :)

With the recent issues/troubles that WWE have had I’m not quite sure why anyone is surprised, this needed to happen, it should not happened and it was the right decision. WWE have been through some very turbulent waters over the past few months, Vince Mcmahon predictions in regards to how much money a new TV contract in America were not as much as expected and resulted in him losing $350 million.

WWE has to go back to what works and what sells tickets and what makes money
I was very happy to see John Cena become WWE World Heavyweight Champion at WWE Money in the Bank PPV. A lot of people dislike it, hate it or cannot stand it but as Triple H and Stephanie say it’s definitely best of WWE business right now.
Cena Is versatile someone who is a solid hand and WWE know what they are getting with John Cena a man that sell tickets, puts asses in seats for live events, Sells a tonne of Merchandise and makes the company Money.

David Herro of Pro wrestling Report said it right when he said WWE needed to use Cena for this as
“Punk Quit and Bryan got injured – you have no top babyface”
Cena for me is this solid constant a man that can help and work with a new generation of stars to help elevate them toward the top of the card thus making a stronger, more profitable and better WWE for the future.

If you haven’t listen to Steve Austin Podcast “the Steve Austin Show” you should – Steve had a great episode on some time back now with John Cena and John talked openly about the business, his feelings and what he wanted to help WWE in achieving as a brand. Cena’s main concern in that interview was making the WWE the biggest it could possibly be, to the point of even learning mandarin so that when WWE starts to go into the Chinese Market with TV and PPV he can connect with those fans in their own language – doing this in his own time by the way, I don’t care what job you’re in now that’s dedication, that’s seeing the big picture

Cena I feel can be used as the foil to be able to work with new talents such as Money in the Bank Briefcase winner Seth Rollins, Cesaro or Reigns and help this next generation of stars move to the next level.

At this point right now I believe the fans that are complaining about Cena are missing the point, but Cena gets it perfectly it’s not about Cena it’s about the future stars of WWE.

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