Sunday, 8 June 2014

Finally WWE gives me something to Watch

Finally WWE gives me something to Watch

This past week has been a much better week. I wrote in a previous blog that I felt that WWE was losing its touch both in the business world and also in the creative world of WWE, while business may not be great creatively WWE are trying to get back on track and this last week of television proved to me they are starting to make an effort to get in the right direction.

WWE Payback although going into it I did not think or believe it would be a great pay per view however was I wrong. I enjoyed everything about this PPV a great opening match between Sheamus and Cesaro for The US title, Bray Wyatt vs John Cena being an amazing match between both mean plus The Shield having a clean sweep over Evolution were just some of the highlights for me. A PPV that delivered from WWE and it delivered great matches and overall great entertainment.

Then We roll into Monday Night Raw, now granted John Cena vs Kane I really wasn’t sure about, only because I had seen this so many times and the direction with Daniel Bryan and the prolonged issues around the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will need to come to an end soon and that end looks like it will be WWE Money In the Bank.

However WWE creative Decision to Finally split The Shield and in a surprising move have Seth Rollins be the guy that turned on his fellow Shield Members was a stroke of Genius. I always thought that this would be Dean Ambrose that would Turn. I thought that his character would be a perfect fit due to his unpredictability and issues he had in the past with the other members of the Shield.
Seth Rollins has created something for fans to get their teeth into I said on Monday after it happened “Finally WWE are giving me some compelling, interesting and entertaining TV”

It’s surprising entertaining TV that is going to keep people watching and the more WWE does this the better it will be.

Give people a reason to tune in every Monday for Raw and Friday for Smackdown, make WWE TV Can’t miss TV again.

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