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Dolph Ziggler - is Flair the key

Dolph Ziggler - is Flair the key

There are lots of rumours and questions out there at the moment regarding Ric Flair and WWE. There is lots of talk (no evidence as of yet) that Ric Flair will be making a return to WWE in a non competitive capacity maybe as a manger or some have even speculated that Flair may return as GM of RAW.

Personally I like the idea of Ric Flair coming back to be a manger I think Flair with Evolution as their manager was great and really helped all 3 men he managed Triple H, Orton and Batista. I believe Flair helped those men get better and gave those superstars some added presence and credibility with him  beside them.

I would like to see Ric Flair manage Dolph Ziggler, I am a massive Dolph Ziggler fan and feel that Doplh never really has got the opportunity he should have had or did get with the World Heavyweight Championship after getting his concussion to me it will always be one of those “what if “ moments What If Dolph didn’t get that concussion – he could have been Main Eventing Wrestlemania 30 or he could be where he is now.

Flair coming back would be used in a different way to Paul Heyman and Zeb Colter both of whom were brought back in to be mouthpieces for guys that needed mouthpieces (Lesnar, Cesaro etc) Flair I think would not need to be a mouthpiece for Dolph Ziggler as I feel that Dolph can talk and be entertaining doing it, Flair adds his experience (ringside, dirty tricks and Woooooo’s) and as I said above makes Ziggler a more credible threat.

Flair could help Ziggler get back into the mix of things in WWE and maybe Help Ziggler get into the WWE Worldheavyweight  title picture . I feel its what Ziggler needs the fans appreciate this time, effort, skill and everything he does in and out of the ring. WWE top brass on the other hand don't seem to feel that way, but given a chance built properly with Flair at his side, I feel WWE could have a great babyface on their hands and they need one to compliment Daniel Bryan and I see no better fit than Ziggler - a new fresh babyface that the faces like.

 I still think that Ric Flair the man, the character, the wrestler and the personality can help elevate a superstar and that Star is Dolph Ziggler and get him back where he needs to be.

A Star is rising and it has the initials DZ engraved in the middle of it

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