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Jeff Jarrett - Its coming April 7th 2014

Jeff Jarrett - Its coming April 7th 2014

As always everything I write as my opinion as a wrestling fan, I'm not a wrestling 'expert' and nor do I claim to be one or want to be one for that matter,just a guy that loves wrestling with that said please read on and enjoy :)

Remember you can follow Jeff Jarrett on Twitter  @realjeffjarrett and Karen Jarrett at @karenjarrett and link to the video website is  (you can also see videos below)

As many of you wrestling fans are aware and for those of you who are not Jeff Jarrett was the founder of TNA Impact Wrestling Jeff and his father Jerry founded the company in 2002 and took a huge risk getting the company of the ground.

In a big shock to me Jeff Jarrett decided to leave TNA Impact Wrestling on 6th January 2014, Jeff hadn't been seen on TV in quite some time and I was always a fan of Jeff Jarrett on TV and really liked his character of being "the king of Mexico" and being undefeated in his own mixed martial art "Double J MMA" always felt he was great in the ring and I felt disappointed that Jarrett was not inducted in TNA Hall Of Fame.

Thanks to Jeff Jarrett taking that risk there is an alternative in wrestling today. Jeff Jarrett is now setting out to change the wrestling world again but how......that is the question.

I have watched every video since Jeff Jarrett announced that #itscoming. It was good to see Jeff talk about Why he left impact wrestling and what he wants to do in the future. Jeff talks about going to different parts of America, Mexico, Europe, Canada and all over the world looking for the best talent available. Also this is just my opinion but Jeff doesn't come across as bitter and jaded he sounds energetic and enthusiastic about the future and wanting to embrace what is next. 

below is the first video from Jeff Jarrett where he talks Impact and what he wants to do next

In his 2nd Video Jeff Talks about his decision more in depth and what it took for him to be able to leave impact wrestling and what he learnt from the last 12 years and what he can take from that and use it going forward.

In this 3rd video both Karen Jarrett and Jeff Jarrett talk about the future and when the official announcement will be made about #Itscoming will be 7th April 2014!!!!! see the announcement below

I'm not sure what's coming but I'm excited to see what's coming on 7th April 2014, time for change is upon us.......

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