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Hulk Hogan is back in WWE & hosting Wrestlemania 30

Hulk Hogan is back in WWE & hosting Wrestlemania 30

Hulk Hogan finally made his return to WWE in Green Bay  after being in TNA Impact Wrestling since 2010. Hulk Hogan is returning to WWE at the perfect time for the company and also for himself.

Hulk Hogan finished up with TNA a few months ago and there were lots of rumours around whether Hogan would return or not, Hogan stated recently in an interview with regarding his return

"Over the last couple years, there’ll be texts between Vince and I. “Happy birthday brother!” on August 24th, his birthday. Christmas, Thanksgiving. We’ll touch base like that. And then I guess the word got out that I was jobless. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I was thinking of going back to playing music or something. On a Tuesday, I was officially out of work. And Friday morning I was drinking my coffee and I hear my cell phone. And it was Triple H. “Hey brother, just checking on you.” I’m like, “Hey, dude, I’m just contemplating my navel here. I’m officially out of work, I’m unemployed.” And that started us talking. In my heart, I was hoping to come back here. I was hoping to put the period on the end of the sentence and it was the logical extension. It just made so much sense to come back"

Hulk Hogan has been brought back to be the Host of Wrestlemania and to also help WWE promote the WWE Network, a new platform from WWE which allows users to watch every WWE,WCW and ECW PPV in history as well as lots of other content. Hogan is a huge part of the history and having him promote this is great for WWE as one of there most recognisable stars and will help drive fans towards the WWE Network to relive memories of some of wrestling greatest moments.

see the return of Hulk Hogan to WWE below

Hogan returning to WWE is what is right for WWE right now and as fan to see Hogan walking back down to the ring wearing the red and yellow with real American playing is exactly how it should be. Hulk Hogan being the host of Wrestlemania is a great idea I think that this a great position for Hogan to be in and doesn't call for him to have to be too physical in the ring or to have a match against anyone following all his recent operations and surgeries along with back and hip issues.

The hosting position at Wrestlemania allows Hogan to interact with may different talents verbally whether it be in the ring or backstage and be sable to still be part of WWE and Wrestlemania event.

That doesn't meant to say that Hulk Hogan may not wrestle in WWE in the future if the situation called for it in the future.

Hogan being back works for everybody and is nothing but a win/win situation for him, WWE and the fans too.

Welcome back Brother :)

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