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WWE Superstars Lost in the Mid Card

WWE Superstars Lost in the mid card

I have been thinking about the WWE recently and got thinking about some of the superstars that have been with the company a long time that have not been able to break out of the mid card and into the main event picture and be able to bring their skills both wrestling and microphone to a main event level. I want to have a look at some of these guys and see why they haven't moved up further and showcasing their skills.

Everything written below is my opinion as a wrestling fan and is my opinion of why I don't think these wrestlers have moved up the card as much as they could have. As always what is written is why opinion and i have written about 3 Wrestlers who have never won a WWE,World or WWE world heavyweight championship.

the first wrestler I'd like to look at is

Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kiungston came into the WWE via ECW brand and Kofi has had many tag team, US title and Intercontinental title reigns. Kofi was originally billed from Africa and then this was changed to say he was from Jamaica I think this was gone to help get Kofi on the microphone. I like Kofi in ring style it is explosive, crisp and he always had a great match.

I can never recall not being entertained by the match that Kofi Kingston has had. i really thought the breakout moment for Kofi was the feud with Randy Orton in 2009 when Kofi destroyed the car of Orton I thought at the time that this would be the start of the push of Kingston to the top of the card, unfortunately this did not happen. Kofi though still has time and lots of promise and although Kofi has been around a good few years there is no reason why booked properly and given the correct opportunity why Kofi could not be in the main event picture.

Bad News Barrett

Wade Barrett made his debut in WWE on the 1st season of WWE NXT he was mentored by Chris Jericho and Barrett won the 1st season of NXT and went on to become a full time part of the WWE roster by leading a group called the nexus (group of nxt stars) against the WWE. This put Wade in a prime position against stars like John Cena. Wade had title matches against Cena and although Wade managed to have Cena join his group The Nexus, Wade was never able to defeat Cena for WWE championship. since then Wade Barrett hasn't been back in the WWE Main event mix he did miss some time with a long term injury and made his return under the new gimmick of the Barrett barrage and won the intercontinental title, then in 2013 he started portraying a new character bad news Barrett who would appear on Raw or Smackdowm to deliver bad news. Wade Barrett has all the the attributes to make it to the top, great size, presence and ring potential. I really hope Wade can turn this into a great title winning run in the future.

below is a video of Wade Barrett doing the Bad News Barrett Gimmick


Antonio Cesaro Debuted on April 27th edition of WWE Smackdown in 2012. Cesaro has a great look and great ability and immediately he was paired with Askana and the pair  had an on screen relationship until Antonio Cesaro won the US championship by defeating Santino Marella. Cesaro when went on to hold on to the us title for a very long time (239 days in total) following this loss in not sure whether WWE knew what to do with Cesaro and now Cesaro is paired with Jack Swagger and the brilliant and funny Zeb Colter as the group known as the real Americans. Unfortunately they have not held tag team gold which i think is a huge shame, they are great characters and after seeing them live in November 2013 their in ring chemistry and wrestling was fantastic. currently Cesaro is in the elimination chamber and has an opportunity to win the WWE world heavyweight championship although he is viewed by many as an outsider, i hope this is not his last opportunity at the championship as i feel as with the others above that Cesaro could be an interesting champion and something fresh and new.

See the video below of Cesaro wwe debut

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