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PWR TV Debate: WWE "Big Stars" vs WWE Attractions

PWR TV Debate: WWE "Big Stars" vs WWE Attractions
As Always what is written below is my opinion as a wrestling fan. Im not a "Wrestling Expert" and nor to I claim to be one. Simply giving my opinion as a fan and as I see it :)
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I was watching Pro Wrestling Report primetime as I do Every Sunday and this week Dameon Nelson and David Herro went In Depth on WWE change of Direction from "Internet Darlings to Big Stars"
Dameon Nelson Explained that for the purpose of this debate the size of the wrestler is not what we are talking about here but the perception of the wrestler and how that translates across ALL different sections of the audience not just the Hardcore Wrestling fan base. Also that this is not about Wrestling in ring Talent either, We all know as Hardcore fans that Ziggler, Punk and Bryan are 3 of the best in ring performers today but that isn't making casual fans press the buy button for PPVs.
You can watch the show by clicking the play button on the video above
Dameon and David Herro Discussed about John Cena and how he commands attention when he walks in a room and that people not just wrestling fans are in ore of him when they see him and even though might not know Cena is a wrestler will know that "he is somebody"
Maybe CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are not on that level in terms of  recognisability to a wider audience but in their defence I must say this, If Punk, Bryan, Ziggler aren't the answer who is? WWE has gone back to using "Big Time Established Stars" for the PPV events especially recently with the use of The Big Show.
The argument is that Big Show is someone who casual fans will want to see more in a big main event match and will therefore outdraw someone that, The Internet and hardcore fans call "awesome". After being at a WWE House Show in Cardiff Wales This Month and hearing the sell out crowd chanting "Daniel Bryan" nearly throughout the whole match between Orton and Big Show and Show having to apologise at the end of the match for Bryan not being there, it seems the crowd want something different. A lot of feedback from that show and many of the WWE Live Events that Daniel Bryan was not in attendance for, fans were unhappy.
Fans that turn out for Live events, make WWE money and are a huge part of the lifeblood of WWE is their two philosophy's at play here? Is there a battle between the two ideas, fans at live events saying one thing and WWE Executives saying another? 
WWE has themselves to blame for this situation as much as anyone, WWE couldn't and didn't build any new generation stars behind John Cena and with big stars like The Rock, Batista, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho whether retiring or leaving WWE did not do enough in my opinion to build investable characters, especially investable good guys behind John Cena. WWE has an abundance of Bad Guys, but not so many "Good Guy" characters.
Right now WWE is getting less ratings on Raw than When WCW was doing 3 Hours of Nitro......This is a wider issue one "big Man" in a main event is going to change WWE Fortunes. WWE needs to look at the wider issues and making Wrestling or "Sports Entertainment" Characters that resonate with the audience of 2013 and beyond  is the key for me, Developing Investable resonating Characters Creates Interest, Interest Creates Intrigue and Intrigue makes people put down cash to watch a PPV........
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